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Global Fund Grant Application _ is available to eligible countries globally, including low-income demographics in Africa.

One of the longest contributors to the program in Africa is Nigeria. Its contributions account for about thirty-eight million dollars since it began in 2002. So, it serves as one of the principal government donors in Africa.

Also, Nigeria provides an agency that facilitates the fund request for components in the country or other stated regions, forming part of the Country Coordinating Mechanism Network in Africa.

According to,

Nigeria has made cumulative monetary contributions and pledges that amount to $38.79 million and $81.08 million respectively. It has also committed to a 2020-2022 replenishment, which would make it the sixth (6th) in a row.

You can find the complete stat on replenishment periods on The Global Fund Data Explorer.

See how the Global Fund Grant Application works in this article.

Read on below for details.

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What Is Global Fund Nigeria?

Global Fund Nigeria is part of the Global Fund Grant Application Country Coordinating system that provides funding and agency for the program in West Africa (especially in Nigeria).

It means that Nigeria is a principal recipient of funding from the Global Fund Grant Application drafts, as well as a contributor.

For example, the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria is the single highest awardee of the Global Fund Tuberculosis Public Private Mix (TB PPM). Also, Caritas Foundation, International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Association (ILEP) partners in Nigeria, and KNCV are recipients.

Some of the health institutions in the country have benefitted from the funding earmarked for fighting malaria. This includes the National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) and FHI360, each focusing on stopping the spread of the disease in Nigeria.

Despite providing agencies for the disbursement of Global Fund Grant, Nigeria is also one of the Global Fund Grant Application Eligible countries that face internal networking issues. On the global scale, such networking problems easily spend crucial effort on logistics before it gets to the designated locations.

Currently, the slack in delivery and logistics impacts a huge part of the earmarked funds, including 57% of CI9RM (Covid19 Grants) being hoarded in many states in the country.

Global Fund Grant Application: How Do You Apply for Funding?

According to the Global Fund, the organization does not process requests from individuals. Only eligible NGOs, bilateral & multilateral agencies, government, and health institutions may apply for it via the Country Coordinating Mechanism.

Further, non-government entities that have access to on-ground victims can also apply for the grant. But here is what they will have to do first.

  • Ensure you liaise with the relevant agencies in the country to process the funding request.
  • State the conditions or circumstances of the Global Fund Grant Application, explaining why it merits a priority grant.
  • Ensure that you only process the fund acquisition through the applicable Country Coordinating Mechanism in your country.
  • Then, follow other applicable rules for the Global Fund Grant Application process.

You can learn more about the Country Coordinating Mechanism functions here. Part of its function involves _

Facilitating grants disbursement in oversees;

Control requests from local organizations for the funding, including entities that seek to access the priority grants; and

Nominate the Principal Recipient.

The CCM also performs other duties which are available in detail on the official website.


Although individuals may not access the Global Fund Grant Application portal singly, people living with HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB can apply as a group (not necessarily under an organization).

Moreover, the Global Fund Grant Application Panel typically tracks the fund performance after disbursement. So, the awardees will have to put the grants to good use.

Apply for the grant HERE.

Conclusion: How Does the Global Fund Grant Application Work?

It involves three levels such as _

CCM (Country Coordinating Mechanism),

Principal Recipients, and

Local Fund Agents.

Progressing from the national coordinators to local auditing firms, CCMs and Local Fund Agents (LFAs) facilitate both fund application and tracking.

As we mentioned, the CCMs nominate Principal Recipients who serve as the middle agency for target awardees to access the fund. On the other hand, the LFA works as an auditing firm that liaises directly with the Global Fund to ensure accountability on all three levels.

The Global Fund only supports funding requests for HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria.

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