Glo Yakata Data Cheat | Activation USSD Code: *230#, How it Works

Glo Yakata Data Cheat: you can enjoy free unlimited browsing data on the internet with the Glo Yakata Data USSD, *230#. What’s the big deal about the Glo Yakata Data Cheat offer? For a start, it gives you longer data time for free.

When the promo picked track on the internet, it quickly gained traction among data-using businesses. Also, the Glo Yakata Data Cheat is available for individual users. The only tip-off is to learn how it works. And that is what this post will teach you.

To reiterate a major feature of this data cheat, Glo Yakata Data is for free.

Glo Yakata Data Cheat: Cheat, Promo?

The blogosphere around browsing data hunts usually confuses Data Promos and Cheats. However, the two words mean different things.

You can speak of a cheat if a data package is available through a leak or VPN. On the other hand, a promo is a value-weighted data package from a telecom company. The Glo Yakata Data Cheat is an example of such a Promo.

Globacom Telecoms always incentivizes its customers with free data promos. When it’s not free, it costs far less than its value. The company adds a Glo Yakata prepaid package to its promo cart. The package avails you of free data depending on your eligibility status.

Further, the Glo Yakata package is available to all customers. It’s a blanket user-defined package. This means that any customer of Globacoms can enjoy the Glo Yakata Data Cheat. Another eye-catching side to this package is that it works on all SIM cards.

Moreover, Glo already carves a niche among telecoms in Nigeria for its bevy of data promos. Customers are often able to get data leaks through special data leaks through the company.

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Glo Yakata Data Cheat: Pre-requisites

Accessing Glo Yakata Data Cheat is an easy-link process. It merely delineates several requirements from a customer. Once they’re met, the Glo Yakata plan becomes available.

Again, the Yakata promo from Glo is for all customers. The eligibility criteria draw the only line between the promo benefactors and those who can’t access it. To ensure you have the precise requisites for getting the data, read the following list thoroughly.

 A mobile phone (preferably Android)

Get a Glo SIM

Check through Glo Tariff Plan to enter the Glo Yakata cache.

Getting the data package involves a Glo Yakata tariff migration as a prelim. You can learn how to enter the Yakata tariff plan in the following section.

Glo Yakata Data Cheat: Tariff Plan Migration

Some people using other networks might balk at having to migrate the Yakata tariff. But it is necessary since it provides exciting add-on values. For instance, the tariff is replete with data promos and free voice calls.

How does it work?

All new customers are nominally using Glo Yakata Data. Customers already using the Glo SIM before it incorporates Glo Yakata can enter the tariff using the steps below:

  • Insert your Glo SIM card in your mobile phone (android phone, preferably).
  • Then dial *230#.

Subsequently, you can enjoy additional data values such as:

6GB/month valid for half a year.

A half-year 36GB data pile-up due to monthly data promos from Globacom

Also, you get more than twice the value of your recharge credits for all local/international calls.

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More about Glo Data Promos

Glo Yakata Data Cheat is only one of the frequent data promos you stand to gain from Globacom. As you continue using the network, you get to access other packages. Moreover, they may include free calls and low-cost data cheats.

This article only focuses on the Glo Yakata Data USSD, *230#.

The Glo data request follows a simple format. You only have to select from a list of items on the display. When it’s been processed, you can get your data request.

Leran more about Glo Data Plans from the official website.

Unsubscribe from Yakata Tariff

Network Providers offer varied tariffs to customers. Sometimes a customer might prefer to enter a different tariff plan from his/her current package. The same applies to the Yakata Plan.

If you find the promo insufficient for your internet browsing, you can opt for other top-value Glo data services. However, you can also unsubscribe from the Glo Yakata plan depending on convenience. Below is a short procedure for unsubscribing from the tariff.

Ensure your Glo SIM is in your mobile phone (preferably android phone)

Then dial the USSD, *220#.

You will get an alert confirming your withdrawal from the service shortly. 

Check Account Balance

Keep track of your Glo Data usage with the Glo account balance USSD code.

It always helps to know what’s left of your data subs. In this way, you can curtail your data usage to last for the period you want.

Follow the steps below to use the service:

Insert your Glo SIM in your mobile phone (preferably android phone)

Then enter the USSD, *2301#.

Finally, click the dial button.

You will receive your Account Balance info in a flash message from Glo.

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