Glo Cheat Code for MB | Glo Free Data, Glo 500 GB Cheat Code

Enjoy the new Glo Cheat Code for MB by getting the service through the steps in this article. Do you run into disrupted network connectivity while browsing with Glo? With this download procedure, you will wave goodbye to insufficient browsing data.

How Is This Possible?

First, the Glo Cheat Code for MB does not run on a preliminary Glo Configuration File. Second, the service is available on all mobile devices and PCs. And last, it requires subtle handling since it’s a Glo Cheat Code for MB.

Also, you stand a chance of getting as much as 500 GB of data using the Glo Cheat in this post. The only handicap you may run into is that the Telecom Company cannot currently offer a costly service. And it makes Glo unstable. Besides this issue, you will have no other problem using this 500 GB Cheat.

Glo Cheat Code for MB: Unlimited Free 500 GB

Currently, you can acquire the Glo Unlimited 500 GB Cheat since it is still available. Because it has been around for a long time, many people believe that the service might be a legit promo after all. But you still need to mask your activity to get Glo Cheat Code for MB. 

Although this cheat code allows you to browse freely on the network, it is still time-sensitive. It stops working the moment you exhaust your subscription period. In any case, you only need to follow the activation process in this post all over to continue using the cheat.

So, how do you start?

To start using this Cheat for Glo MB, you can follow the guides below.

You can access the available 500 GB Cheat using any of these two options:

  • Ensure you have a valid Glo Sim Card (one will be enough)
  • Get on the new Yakata plan(
  • Also, ensure your line is on the EC tunnel VPN
  • Then activate the Glo Cheat Code for MB for as cheap as N 200.

Alternatively, you can increase your chances of getting free MB by subscribing to the Glo Cheat using multiple SIM Cards. You only need to delete all browsing history in the data cache.

The following are relevant to getting the Cheat for Free MB on Glo:

  • Your mobile device should run on at least a 3G Network
  • Migrate to the Glo Yakata tariff plan if you are not using it yet.
  • Download an EC Tunnel VPN
  • Additionally, you need N 200 to activate the Glo Cheat Code for MB.


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Steps for Activating the Free Glo Cheat

Follow these steps to activate Glo Cheat Code for MB successfully:

  1. First, you may need to buy a new Glo SIM Card.
  2. Recharge your Glo SIM (at least N 200 recharge credit) 
  3. The Glo New Yakata rewards you with a data promo of 200 megabytes.
  4. Use your EC Tunnel VPN to select a different server from your current one.
  5. Click on Tweaks
  6. Click on the NG/Glo Yakata Unlimited option.
  7. Then, click on the circular green icon.
  8. Allow the service to load fully for several seconds.
  9. Finally, you can access the Glo Cheat for 500 GB. Further, it allows you to surf the internet and download music while ceding less than 4 megabytes to the Network tariff.

Note: you can check your data balance using these GLO USSDs, *230*1# and *127*0#.

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