GainBTT Review | Promises BitTorents, Offers App on Play Store, Scam?

GainBTT Review: amidst continued negligence of financial regulation in the UK, GainBTT starts an MLM on the strength of mere incorporation.

But providing a document of incorporation is not enough for people to entrust their funds in a company’s care. It is only a prelim as per regulating financial securities in strict jurisdictions.

For that matter, the UK might not be the ideal regulator for the intricate, looping securities typical in MLM businesses.

Ignoring the regulatory lapse, the organization does not seem to proffer any investment blueprint at all. That would have been the basic detail on the site before any programs boot. Our GainBTT Review does not find the revenue-generating source, regardless (we will get to this point later).

Currently, many crypto traders wonder if they can make a profit from the platform. That is the question we answer in this article. We also explain crucial aspects of buying securities or selling one for an MLM company. See details below.

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GainBTT Review: Overview

GainBTT is typical of most MLM companies that do not publish their roadmap. So, you do not see any information about the company’s history en route to GainBTT.

Regardless, GainBTT appears to draw a chunk of followers from India and Sri Lanka. The stat is in line with a popular denomination, Crores, in the mentioned regions.

Also, GainBTT does not sell any product, software or hardware, or even broker a bid for crypto assets. The prime deal seems to be invest-and-earn from a bot shrunken to app size, the favorite of all anonymously-run MLM plugs.

In this case, though, the preferred exchange token is a cryptocurrency, BitTorrent (BTT), which is also the preferred quote for ROIs. The maximum income, which reflects the returns for the investment period, is 225% (about 4% per day for the validity period).

As a bit of credit, though, GainBTT seems to have a mobile app on Google Play Store. But that is not enough proof of good faith to handle securities.

For one, scammers attempt to clone legit DEX spaces to siphon funds from unsuspecting traders. The publicly available content on Play Store provides an unintended lee for those bilking money from people. In any case, Google does its due diligence.

Moreover, nothing is overtly particular about having an application on Play Store (prior to Google removing it for a scam). The GainBTT app has the typical features of a coupon-retailing algorithm.

GainBTT Review: the app, supposedly based on BitTorrent, promises 100% accuracy with market analysis, seamless transactions, and automatic trading.

Besides merely listing the features, GainBTT does not provide a supporting audit to prop its product. Users will have to take the company’s words, the first sure sign of a scam.

GainBTT App: What the company offers

There is no lack of DEX integrators online currently. GainBTT attempts to broaden your profit margin by providing the best analytics. How will it accomplish this feat?

The company supposedly has an algorithm to analyze results, leveraging twenty (20) technical indicators. Below are the best suits of the app (the first four), as they appear on the Play Store.

-GainBtt is a trading automatic system based on the bit torrent crypto trading platform (sic)

 – 100% accuracy

 – market analysis is based on 20 technical indicator

 – save your time by automatic btt trading routine with gainbtt 

Is any of the above genuine? There is no way of telling for sure, save comparing the features to the recurring antics of MLM.

A hundred percent (100%) accuracy is very chancy for any high-precision bot trader, even with an automatic trading bot. And GainBTT is not the first to promise a feature it doesn’t have, inferring from the lack of audit on the website.

See below for the affiliate compensation plan (GainBTT is an MLM, after all).

GainBTT Compensation

GainBTT Review: we can hazard a guess or two about the revenue source for the advertised ROIs on the website.

Since the company provides software (unaudited as it is), it may well generate percentage profits (if only for the sake of form) via the product or similar undisclosed software.

Or, contrarily, GainBTT does not have any algorithm at that, merely profiting from recruitment deposits. However the scheme plays out, it offers the following ROIs tallied to investment deposits.

90,000 BTT (BitTorrent Token) _ earns you 360% after the validity period.

45,000 BTT _ pays you 300% for the trade period

9000 BTT _ remits 270% to you after the validity period

4500 BTT _ remits 250% for the trade period of the advertised BTT deposit.

2250 BTT _ earns you 225% (it is also the least paying package in the program)

The package allows affiliates to earn a 25% referral commission (waived as an airdrop) by recruiting people to the platform.

Moreover, our GainBTT Review finds that the platform spurs competition for the Manager class by rewarding a 3% bonus to eligible affiliates. There are other rewards and qualifying bonuses besides the ones above.

Is GainBTT legit for investment? Can you make a clean pile from the platform? See below for answers.

GainBTT Review: Verdict

The GainBTT official website does not measure up to the company’s Defi posturing. That is a glaring blunder as regards all MLMs. You can confirm the amateurish wording from the clip below.

You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

This clip is an intro to the company description page. It is revealing that the second line of GainBTT’s About Our Company attempts to stall its purpose. Such a bad faith service is the hallmark of unlicensed MLM businesses.

Besides this issue, GainBTT does not mention anything about the operators anywhere on the website. That is too gross a remiss to pass below the radar under appropriate regulation.

Additionally, there is no evidence of an audit for the GainBTT app on the Play Store. That is another red flag.

GainBTT’s revenue, factoring the above glitches, trickles down to recruitment deposits. If no profit avenues are forthcoming, it makes GainBTT a Ponzi.

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