FzTvSeries | Same as MobileTvShows, Download TV Series for Free

FzTvSeries: you can expect only good quality content like TV Series from this platform, which is part of the MobileTvShows/FzMovies bunch.

A sure sign of a reliable TV Series download plug is consistency. Depending on how consistent a website is, movie updates will be frequent. Now, when it comes to TV Series, which involves downloading different episodes, it is better to try a reliable, old platform. One such platform, if not the best, is FzTvSeries.

The platform offers content for all viewer age brackets. For instance, you can download 18+ rated TV Series for adults and also the content for kids. If you prefer a more serious show, try downloading a TV Show documentary on FzTvSeries.

Read this article for more details about this free movie download platform.

FzTvSeries: Overview

You might be surprised that FzTvSeries is back as MobileTvShows. That is a pleasant shocker for most of the fans. For over five years, the platform has been a fan fav for downloading TV Series. There is always that episode that only features on FzTVSeries. So, we are glad it’s back.

Impliedly, the website was invisible on the internet due to a ban. But there is no proof of this. Also, since it is a third-party website, it might have domain-related issues.

Regardless, movie lovers cannot seem to have enough free download options. Guess what? FzTvSeries is one more knob to turn. Enter the site to access an unlimited downloading experience.

Besides the download spree on the platform, there is a relatable interface for a quality UX. So, when watching movies on the site, you will have no problems with ads.

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Why Use This Website to Download?

You might be wondering, “Of all the free plugs out there, why FZTvseries?”

The answer is not far-fetched. FzTvSeries stands out because of the following reasons:

Free TV Series _ while many platforms offer free seasonal movies, they rarely provide documentaries. If you like watching such content, you can get it for free on FZTvSSeries.

Offers Oldies _ being an older version of MobileTvShows, FZTvseries avails users of old TV Shows. Also, some of these shows are easily fan favorites.

Not-so-frequent Ads _ is not one of those sites that pop ads every second. Regardless, you will notice that the site redirects to another platform when you click on a movie. On the second try, however, you will not see the redirection.

Relatable UI _ has a better user interface than most third-party sites.

What kind of TV Series can you get from the platform? See the section below for details.

TV Shows Available on the Website

 Below are the available TV Shows/Movies on FZTVSeries:

The Good Fight

Gossip Girl

The North Water

Departure (Fugitive)

Departure (Wrecking Ball)

Two and a Half Man

Family Guy

The Outpost


 Love Island

Ted Lasso


First Dates

Home Before Dark

Shark Tank

Grown-ish, and so on.

Updates are usually sorted into different movie categories like:

  • Latest uncategorized files (in AVI, MP4, and WEBM)
  • Latest Additions to DB
  • And the Latest Updates series.

FzTvSeries: Limitations

Although you might be nauseous about FzTvSeries content, you can encounter a few problems on the site.

 First, if your web browser does not have an ad broker, you will have to avoid pop-up ads on FzTvSeries.

Second, the back key does not work. The website uses a one-way function, so it is a directional catalog.

Third, the uploaded shows are not as many as those on MobileTvShows.

Regardless, none of the above issues kill the joy of downloading movies from the website for free. Moreover, you can download the mobile app for easy access. But then you will have no adblocker option.

How to Download Movies from FzTvSeries

  • Go to the website at FzTvSeries.mobi here.
  • Either search the shows you want to download using the search box,
  • Or go through the three categories to locate the movies.
  • Then click on it.
  • Finally, click on Download.

Top 3 Best Alternatives to Fztvseries

Well, we would like to let you know that FZtvSeries is not the only website where you can download TV Shows. This is to tell you that there are other websites out there where you can download TV Shows.

Here, we will be looking at the top 3 best alternatives to FZtvSeries which will be listed below.


Todaytvseries is known as one of the best websites to download the latest TV shows from. Their archives are very good, which is going as far as 2000. The good thing about this website is the quality of their uploads.

Their videos are either 480p or 720p. The videos are of high quality, but the file size is small, ranging from 150MB – 200MB. They also make sure that they keep track of series calendars and trailers.


Not everybody knows about Netnaija, but as the name goes, it is a Nigerian entertainment website. They cover almost all the entertainment like music audio, music videos, celebrity gist and gossip, sports videos, movies, and TV shows.

They also offer an interactive forum for users. You can also bookmark the movie category and then check for daily updates. The only problem with Netnaija is their archive. They do delete outdated series or episodes from their server.

The cause might be because they don’t have enough storage or maybe because of copyright infringement. It is important you download immediately they upload the latest episode of your favorite TV show.


GrabTheBeast.com is also one of the good and best alternatives to FZtvSeries. You can also make your download and stream your favorite TV shows and series.

One good thing about this website is that each of their episodes has a subtitle and each series is rated from 1-10. You can see any type of TV series or show on this website as long as the movie exists.

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