Fully-Funded Program for African residents and Diaspora

A Fully-Funded Program attempts to bridge the economic chasm due to a poor education system, unsavory business environment, stifling economic policies, and other issues in Africa. 

You are probably aware of the many fully-funded programs in the USA targeted at putting the minority ethnic groups in the country in a more economically propitious environment.

As an African, specifically Nigerian, you need to clinch at least one of these opportunities to give your business, education, craft, or profession a new look.

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The opportunities you can hope to benefit from top coaching sessions in the following fields:

Competitions cutting across many careers,




And expert coaching for start-ups.

As you would expect from such an ambitious scheme, there are different funding for each program and the list of Universities, institutes, or Academies offering these programs will likely be updated to include more opportunities.  

The available global opportunities follow below (note: they are all fully funded):

Journalism for Early Career Journalists, 2021

A fully-funded program, the program has officially commenced and the Fellowship at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) is responsible for culling applications from applicants.

You can apply for this scholarship opportunity before the 7th of January, 2021. 

If you are looking to work in the health sector to provide impactful health care devices for improved health services and quality medical treatment, then this opportunity is for you.

East Africa is a swath of land inhabited by a population that mostly lack access to quality health care delivery or tech-based medical treatment. You can benefit from this opportunity as it is fully funded and also allows you to hone your talents on the job.

The application portal is still open, you should apply now if you are interested. APPLY HERE

Kenyan Standard Chartered Women in Technology Incubator

This institute has indicated its readiness to accept applications for the 2021/2022 session through a missive. The scholarship award is fully funded and the application portal is open until 13th December 2021. So you should apply now. SEE HERE FOR HOW TO APPLY

Global Grand Challenges in Novel Methods of Malaria Control

This is also another fully-funded program with a viable scholarship. The initiative is the spawn of Global Grand Challenges in the attempt to apply discoveries in Molecular Surveillance to eradicating the prevalence of Malaria cases in Africa.

You can apply for this scholarship offer before the application period elapses on the 2nd of December 2021. SEE MORE INFORMATION HERE

Startups ChangeMakers Seed Grant

Have you heard of StartupXs before? They are a business authority that currently provides fully-funded programs through the 2021 ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity.

The program targets the potential change-makers in society who will engage the business ideas they learn in the program to do pioneering work in their home country. If you are interested in this offer then you can apply before 31st of December 2021 at GMT. APPLY NOW

National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Fund

This program hits on the recent pandemic to avail journalists of the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. It is not exclusively for Africans, individuals from all parts of the world can apply for this program.

You stand a chance of benefitting from itinerary support in the range of $1 000– $8 000 US Dollars. As far as this program is available, you are free to apply. 

Also, the administration will make known the time of closure later. APPLY HERE

Africa/China Collaborate funding for African Health and Agricultural Development

You can also benefit from this fully-funded program by Africa-China Reporting Project culling application letters from eligible applicants in the role of initiating impactful projects for African health and Agricultural growth.

Here you are expected to bring your editorial skills to bear reporting relevant content. Also, you can earn depending on the fixed rates available, the highest amount being $3 000 US Dollars. SEE MORE INFORMATION HERE

Clinton Global Initiative for International Students in USA 2021

This scholarship program is specifically for prospective students intending to get post-university education in leadership fields.

As 2020 has been mauled by a global pandemic, the initiative will train global leaders who will engineer positive changes in their community. These change policies will position them to better tackle community issues in the future.

If you want to be part of this initiative, then you should apply for it right away.

It is also a fully-funded scholarship program. You can apply before ET 11:59 pm on the 15th of January, 2021. APPLY NOW

Pulitzer Centre Data Journalism Grant

Pulitzer is a household name in terms of how literary outputs affect the life and living of a country, national polities, and culminates on deploying academic tools in tackling issues in society.

You stand a chance of winning a $10,000 fully funded scholarship award offered by the Pulitzer Center on Crises Reporting. This is a top-notch offer for world-class reporting. The application is still on-going. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Johnson & Johnson One Young World Virtual fully funded Program

Also on the list of the best 40 fully-funded scholarship programs for 2021 is the One Young World initiative. However, this opportunity is a very selective one as only twelve applicants are likely to turn out lucky.

The deadline for this fully-funded scholarship program is the 27th of November 2021. APPLY HERE

The NPR Kroc Fellowship Fully Funded Program

The NPR Kroc Fellowship calls for application for the fully-funded program in the on-going world-class journalism program registration for 2021.

The body intends to create a competent journalist who will make excellent strides in the field of journalism in the coming years.

You can apply for this fully funded scholarship any time before December 31st of every year.  SEE THE APPLICATION PORTAL 

UPG Sustainability Leadership Fully Funded program

Been a futuristic project, the UPG scholarship program grooms leaders on fully funded scholarship programs. You can be a part of this training too.

The program is the joint effort of Hurricane Centre for Science and Leadership and UPG. It officially closes on the 30th of November 2021. CLICK HERE TO  APPLY.

RJI Fellowships Fully Funded Program

This institute currently accepts applications for fully-funded program awards in areas that will improve a lot of journalism in the world.

The official deadline for this application is the 18th of December 2021. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SITE

Fully-funded program for African and African Diaspora Studies

You can latch onto this opportunity in the USA. It is provided by the College of Boston and Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences (MCAS).

The scholarship offer officially ends on the 6th of January 2021, SEE HERE FOR WHERE TO APPLY

Keystone Symposia 2021 Fully-Funded Program

This is a special scholarship program for students who are through with their university education and are looking to further their knowledge in other fields. The program provides fully-funded  programs for the acquisition of useful social skills. 

You can check the website to see the closing date of the application portal. APPLY HERE

2021 Keystone eSymposia for research on the Preponderance of Tuberculosis

This is a digital class for expert coaching in the fields the organization indicates on their official website. You can win substantial amounts for the best abstract submission in this program through their ePoster session.

The portal officially closes by the 18th of November 2021. LEARN MORE HERE

Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator

This is a scholarship program in Ghana. Its funds come from the Catalyst Fund as part of the organization’s vision to provide better means of livelihood for indigenous populations through digital commerce. It also intends to grow Africa’s SMEs come 2021.  LEARN MORE HERE

Fellowship in Journalism Fully-Funded program by Nieman Foundation

The foundation offers scholarship awards for prospective candidates interested in pursuing Harvard University’s Innovative Journalism project for 2021.

The official deadline is 20th of December 2021 . CHECK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Global Health Travel Fully Funded Scholarship Awards

As a resident of a low or middle-income country in Africa, you are eligible to apply for this 2021 scholarship award offered by the Keystone Symposia

Refer to the official website to see more details including the closing date for application. CHECK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

#Blog4Dev Competition Fully-Funded Program by World Bank

This offer is for African newbie bloggers. If you are in this category, then you should consider submitting articles bordering on what the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic portends for people in the coming years. The portal closes on the 30th of November 2021. SEE MORE DETAILS

Logan Non-Fiction Fellowship Fully-Funded Program

Do you want to be part of a non-fiction writing platform to contribute real-life reports bordering on Environment, Health, Politics, Society, and Wildlife? Then you should consider the Logan non-fiction fellowship by the Carey Institute for Global Good. 

By all indications, this fully-funded program is one of the best for Africans. You should apply for this if you are looking for a scholarship opportunity. 

Check the official website for more details about the closing dates for different sessions. APPLY HERE

Thrive Africa Challenge Fully-Funded Program

This program is for those who want to solve the perennial problems of insufficient food in drought-ridden swaths of African lands. Ultimately, the efforts will help to bolster the African ecosystem while blazing the path for progress in Agriculture on the global scene.

You can apply for this program any time before 20th November 2021. REGISTER HERE

TSL fully funded Scholarship Program for Primary/Secondary Students Essay Competition

This fully-funded scholarship program also gives you a chance to travel to Oxford for free. Its target is students in primary and secondary schools in African countries.

The closing date is 20th December 2021. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

2021 Agricultural Greater Good Initiative

This is a fully-funded program from Illumina. The organization provides grants to aid research in the Agricultural sector to make new changes in the field by 2021. 

The official closing date is the 4th of December 2021. APPLY HERE

Villgro Incubator Fully-Funded Program

This opportunity receives funds Villgro, working in their Kenya base to provide unparalleled Medical Device equipment. 

The application portal is still open, so you can apply for this fully-funded program if you want to benefit from it. APPLY HERE

Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Fully-Funded Program

You can finally get a chance to be at Yale University as it offers a fully-funded program for professional staffers who are not living in the United States of America.

The award is very beneficial to Africans. You should apply for the program before the deadline on the 30th of November 2021. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION LINK

IHS Discussion Colloquia Fully-Funded Program

In this fully-funded program, you can get a chance to learn from top-notch institutions on topical issues around the globe.  Also, the program is solely for graduates and you can apply for it as the portal is still open. APPLY HERE

Call for Mentors Fully-Funded Program

This fully-funded program pays for mentorship as per the on-going training of start-up business owners. It is fully funded and you can still submit applications as the portal is open. SEE OFFICIAL LINK

2021 Caine Prize for African Writing

You stand a chance of winning a staggering ten thousand euros if you win the Cain Prize for African Writing Award. You only need to write the best short story to beat the other entries in the competition. The completion ends officially on the 31st of January 2021. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Smithsonian 20221 18th Annual Photo Contest

This is also a fully-funded program for African photographers as you stand a fair chance of getting the prize through this contest. Just give it a try.

 The deadline for this application is the 30th of November 2021. CHECK HERE FOR DETAILS

DFID Global Innovation Fund

This is a top deal fully funded program by the United States Department of International Development.

The DFID offers innovation grants. Application takes place throughout the year. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION DETAILS

Future Awards Africa

The Future Project (TFP), under its vision of improving the GDP of African residents through developing the continent’s human capital, offers awards for fully funded programs.

You can still apply for this opportunity as it is still possible to submit application forms. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Teach A Man To Fish

This is another fully-funded program that can offer you as much as a $50 000 US Dollars award. The program is under the purview of a high-end charity organization. You can apply now but always refer to the website to check for any notice of possible closure. REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE

Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

This global scholar opportunity is a fully-funded program for women in journalism. It works with the IWMF to implement the fund process.

The program is fully funded and the application is still ongoing, so you can apply now. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

2021 USA Social Policy Grant Fully-Funded Program

In this fully-funded program, you can also win as high as $7 500 dollars as the program is the creation of the Horowitz Foundation. It also attempts to reward individuals who produce pioneering work in the field of Social Policies in the United States. 

The official closing date for this application is the 1st of December 2021. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Technology Provider Window for Frontier Technology Livestreaming

Being a fully-funded program from the Department for International Development, this will be beneficial to your project.

You can submit your application to the official web portal of the organization. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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