FRSC Plate Number Verification | Verify Plate Number Online

Use the official FRSC Plate Number Verification Process to confirm the ownership of the Nigerian Plate Number. Are you a Nigerian Car Owner? You can verify your Plate Number online through the procedure in this post.

Due to a certain clause in the Nigerian Constitution allowing the FRSC bloc to issue licensed plate numbers to car owners, you need to always make sure you have a registered Plate Number on your car.

Further, the Federal Road Safety Corps issued an oblong plate bearing the initials of states in Nigeria and a few permuted figures. A car owner in Nigeria will need to acquire one of these Plate Numbers from the FRSC before they can ply the Nigerian roads legitimately.

Did you misplace yours? Would you like to retrieve every detail about it? Then use the FRSC Plate Number Verification online to do so.

FRSC Plate Number Verification: Typical Plate Number Appearance

Using the FRSC Plate Number Verification, you discover that a Nigerian Plate Number typically carries an imprint of the Nigerian Flag below the unique numbers on the plate.

Moreover, at first glance, every Nigerian Plate Number looks the same as the other. But you can always use the FRSC Plate Number Verification Online and their quick link SMS to check the details of your plate number online.

Verify Online

If you wish to confirm your FRSC Plate Number Online, then follow these steps:

  • Visit the FRSC website at
  • Click on the “Verify Plate Number” option at the top of the homepage.
  • The new page has a large blank space. Type in the number 
  • Finally, click on “Submit”.

At this point, there are a few possible results for this FRSC Plate Number Verification. FRSC may reply with Invalid or Valid.

Moreover, in the likely case that the results do not correctly reflect your details, ensure you settle the possible issues at the appropriate FRSC Branch in your location.

Alternatively, to check the FRSC Plate Number through SMS, you can use the following procedure:

  • Get your Mobile Device and 
  • Send an SMS to 33324 in this fashions _ verify plate no “plate number”.
  • Do not separate the command (verify plate no) to avoid getting the wrong feedback

The FRSC means business where it concerns infringing on the rules guiding FRSC Plate Number for Nigerian car owners. You should always check that the vehicle you are driving is duly registered.

There are additional rules by the Road Safety Corpse requiring complicity from Nigerian Road users. Always abide by the road safety rules and use the FRSC Links to verify your Car Plate Number

How to Verify Your Plate Number on the Platform

Apart from cases like reporting special crimes, you can also go to the FRSC office to know the status of your plate number. you can also check it from the comfort of your home just by logging into the platform.

Follow the steps to know how to check your plate number on the platform.

  • You will first log in to the website home page (insert website)
  • Then you sign up as a new user (it is optional, you can even sign up to get a periodic step through the email. You can also sign up to make ny useful consultation at no cost.)
  • After that, you click on verification and then select the “Verify Plate Number option.
  • Input the number that is given to your vehicle by the FRSC with no space
  • crosscheck to know if the number you entered is correct. Then you click on verify.
  • As long as you add the correct number, the verification will be successful and the result will also match your vehicle details.

How to Verify Vehicle Plate Number Through The FRSC Mobile Application

things have been made easy and accessible to people by the advancement of technology. Even the Federal Road  Safety Commission like other agencies in Nigeria has a mobile application provided to enable them to access their services across the country.

however, the mobile application of the Federal Road Safety Commission has many activities that could be easily performed. you can also do some things in this application rather than visiting their offices.

And the verification of the vehicle plate number is one of those things. so, to verify the vehicle plate number, follow this step below.

1. First, go to the Google Play Store on your phone and search for the FRSC app or click this link

id=frsc.plate.number.verification.nigeria to download the app directly.

2. After that, you launch the application and enter your plate number in the space given to you make sure that you enter the number without adding any symbol or giving any space to it, if not, it will be rejected

3. When you are done with it, you click on verify and you will see the result that shows your vehicle information if your vehicle has been registered with the FRSC, but if not, it will show you a null result.

How to Verify Vehicle Plate Numbers Through Text Messages

This idea is provided for those who find it difficult to go through the online portal of the Federal Road Safety Commission. it is very good and safe, and you can do it with any mobile phone, and it doesn’t need any internet connection.

therefore, follow the steps below to know how to verify your plate number through text messages.

1. Go through the text messages icon of your mobile phone and type”Verify plate number (your plate number)” and make sure that you enter this plate number without adding any symbol or space to it.

2. then you send the plate number to 33324

3. they will then send you a message within some time showing you the information of the vehicle whose plate number you sent. and if the vehicle is not registered with the FRSC, it will show a null result.

How to Verify FRSC Plate Number Via the Agency App

we will be glad to let you that the FRSC has provided an app that can help car owners to register their plate numbers without any stress. the only thing required is for you to have the app on your phone so that it can help you carry out the verification.

  • Install the FRSC app on your smartphone. for those using Android, you can download it by visiting the Google Play Store while iPhone users can get it from the Apple store.
  • After that, you have successfully downloaded and installed it, so, you will open the app and enter your plate number in the space provided for “Enter plate number”.
  • Then you click on “Verify” and then you will get a message that shows if your plate number is valid or not.

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