Freebay Review | CEO Ruse, Karatbars’ V999 Rebranded Ponzi

Freebay Review: since its foundation in 2020, Freebay routinely does media rebranding of the Ponzi Karatbars  crypto trading platform. As you might expect, Freebay’s alleged partnership with Karatbars kindles Ponzi alerts online.

Currently, Karatbars International is still operational. Also, at the time of the publication of this article, the Freebay/Karatbars duo already share the media spotlight for scam. What’s more in our Freebay Review? 

From the results of deep dives from credible sources, our review gathers that all Freebay media PRs suggest the platform is a Karatbars front. See more about the company in the following sections of this Freebay Review.

Freebay Review: Company CEO, History

Freebay Review: based on informed research, the facts wind up it’s the owner of Karatbars International that runs Freebay. His name is Seiz. But this is mostly a guess.

Different sources point out that while one of the companies represents a typical MLM investment niche, the other serves as an outreach. The creators of the platforms hope to earn from cumulative proceeds, in the long haul. Our Freebay Review also learns that this might be the typical Ponzi media maze of MLMs. 

Is there a shred of evidence Freebay might be Karatbars’ affiliate? Yes.

Our Freebay Review gathers that Freebay broke on the MLM Digi-business scene to relieve Karatbars of some difficulties. Further, the company offers blockchain solutions as an offshore intermediary in Switzerland. The same project is available on Karatbars.

Moreover, the prevalent view on Defi MLM trade communities is that Freebay’s CEO, Jurgen Pulvermuller is only a media feint. The whole media show seems puppet-engineered by Seiz backstage. 

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Freebay Review: CEO Image Laundering

Below is a little peek into the business history of Freebay’s CEO.

Appearing across MLM-niched programs, Pulvermuller represents a level of media influence while pitching Neora and Visalus to the public. He also records other MLM deals while promoting a few other platforms. It’s also alleged that Pulvermuller accounts for other Freebay’s top figures.

Freebay Review: what should’ve been a specimen of good experience marketing crypto channels turns out a slam dunk. Pulvermuller’s V999 token trails queer crypto launching history, like Freebay’s CEO. See the next section of our article for more details.

Freebay’s V999 Token Offer

The top deal so far on the Freebay website is its V999 token. Before it even leaves the counter, the flagship crypto coin already raises some hackles in SEC corners.

Freebay Review: V999 is the flagship crypto token available on the Karatbars International platform. The organization also runs a KBC-supported P-2-P exchanges network. In this way, V999 derives some credence from the success of KBC on the Etherium blockchain.

Also, from our Freebay Review research, it happens that the V999 token’s credulity is sullied by a Florida court case. The Karatbars KBC has come under investigation by Financial Regulators previously. The investigation follows an update from the crypto-trading platform citing a $1000, 000 capitalization.

However, the KBC coin appears to fare better on blockchain techs. After its ICO start on ETH, it currently records growing values on Defi markets. Our Freebay Review confirms that the KBC coin reportedly records fractional ties to the EUR.

While the above circumstances might seem to give Freebay some credence, it leaves much to be desired in terms of financial regulation. Lack of legal license is also why some sources suggest that Freebay is covertly run by Seiz.

No doubt, proliferating affiliate programs will increase the group’s financial capacity. But it also helps them accumulate more funds, in the event they run bankrupt stalling possible cash-out/investment deficit.

See the next section of this Freebay Review for the products on the website.

Freebay Review: Products & Services

Freebay will not be the first MLM platform that doesn’t offer products. It portrays an affiliate earning system cum crypto trade niche. So, you cannot buy tangible products from the company. Regardless, you can trade its V999 token, earn profits, and also get V999 bonuses as an affiliate.

See the compensation structure below.

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Freebay Affiliate Compensation

Freebay Review: here’s a glimpse of the affiliate compensation structure on the Freebay official website.

You can sign-up on the platform and earn V999 bonuses through the following tiered packages:

EVO Academy (yearly pricing value: €480) _ available for €50 per month

Also EVO Expert (yearly pricing value: €1 820) _ available at €190 for all members.

Lastly, EVO Life (yearly pricing value: €4 600) _ you can get this package at €480.

Moreover, Freebay’s V999 token leverages on a Freebay ICO prop-up to source fiat-valued listing. The company uses its increasing pooled funds to support the V999 token as it exists on its exchanges counter.

Additionally, you can only get payments in V999 tokens when you refer people to the website.

Recruitment Commissions

Freebay Review: the available referral commissions on Freebay revolve around four (4) referral caches. Subsequently, you can work through 1, 2, and 3 levels to enter a higher cache.

Below are the available referral commissions on the website:

Sapphire (7%-15%)

Emerald (23%-26%)

Ruby (27%-29%)

Diamond (30%-32%)


To conclude our Freebay Review, we’d like to highlight a few points about the Freebay platform.

According to our Freebay Review updates, KBC runs a steady slope down the valuation notch. It nominally serves as V999 tokens validity bank. If this downward trend continues, V999 might just be another Ponzi project from Karatbars. 

Moreover, the Freebay platform is unregulated. Also, its handlers do not offer any insurance against fraud risks on their crypto network.

Karatbars International casts a dubious prospect on its V999 coin through its botched KBC-Gold conversion hogwash. Previously, Karatbars clients hoped to earn gold equivalents of their KBC token pile-ups. But like most of Karatbars’ offers, the gold promise turns out a scam.

Additionally, our Freebay Review finds that Freebay records very few positive reviews on Defi exchanges communities. More than 80% of V999 token reviews trail back to Karatbars’ failed KBC token. V999 coin bodes dismal prospects for its holders.

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