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Do you run out of Facebook Data subscription while using the mobile App? Would you welcome a solution to data insufficiency on Facebook? Then use the Free Mode Facebook to continue browsing on FB for free.

What is Free Mode Facebook?

Free Mode Facebook gives you a chance to continue using your FB Account when you run out of data. With this service, you can wave goodbye to those inconvenient times when your data finishes and you still want to do more browsing on FB.

Also, the Free Mode Facebook allows you to choose either of the Data or Free Facebook Mode to continue browsing when you run out of data.

Further, the Free Mode service is available to anyone who has the FB app on his/her mobile device. And this service does not incur extra charges from your local network providers. Why? The reason is that Facebook runs the Free Mode service jointly with these Companies. So when you exhaust your data subscription, you can switch to the Free Mode Facebook on your FB Mobile App to continue using Facebook.

However, there a few limits to the Free Facebook alternative. And the most obvious of these is that you cannot view nor reply with a social media post. Contrarily, this helps to by-pass paying for bandwidths. And since it only supports only texts, you can interact with your Facebook friends and Groups using simple text messages. 

Additionally, without the data-laden videos, voice notes, and other media clips on Facebook, you still engage meaningfully with other users through Facebook Messenger.

How to Use the Service while on the Mobile App

To start using the Free Mode on FB, you can follow the steps below:


  • Go to Apple Store or Google Playstore to download the Facebook Mobile App into your mobile device
  • Then log in to your account on Facebook using the Mobile App.
  • On the Homepage, click on the Go To Free option at the top.
  • As soon as you use this command, the media features and ads will not be visible on your FB any longer.

Second, if your mobile phone cannot access the Google Playstore currently, then you can use the steps below to start using this service on Facebook:

  • Open a suitable web browser on your mobile phone
  • Click on the Google Search Space
  • Enter Free Mode Facebook
  • Then click on the Free Facebook URL on the first page
  • Finally, click on the Use Free Facebook bar to continue using FB in without data.

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