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Free Litecoin Mining is a software that uses the subsidized Proof of Task faucets for android and iOS devices to reward coins.

The recent proliferation of cryptocurrencies makes Proof of Task rewards a formidable risk. Nobody wants a wild card in his game, especially in a volatile space like cryptography.

However, many applications (all available on the Play Store) can help you turn the odds to your benefit. Instead of PoT, why not opt for Litecoin faucets? Maybe you haven’t heard about it before. So, learn the basic thing about it from the short description that follows shortly.

A crypto faucet awards you small amounts of Litecoin after completing tasks. It is a microcosm of the big turf in crypto (Proof of Task/Work). The word is a play on real-life faucets, which lets out a treacle when faulty.

Please, excuse the above intro if you already know the ropes about Free Litecoin Mining. Even so, you can learn about the best free LTC (litoshi) Mining apps in this article. Read on below for details.

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Free Litecoin Mining: These Software top the Lists

Before we start: as a newbie (ignore this if you already know the ABC of crypto mining), bear in mind that the early stage of Litecoin mining requires dedicated effort and punctuality. There is no way to leapfrog the basics.

So, here are some of the best options in the top-tier results for LTC Miner.


Awesome Miner

Easy Miner

GUIMiner Scrypt




For starters, though, we briefly highlight a few faucets.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto is the basket offer, doling out rewards in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), ETH, etc. You can cover any deficit in your wallet using the software. How does it work?

It typically features PTC ad banners and short links, compensating Fauset tasks. You can access the faucet UI by opting for Ready to Claim. Subsequently, you can scale up the wins by clinching the ready claims (you will see the reward on your screen). Click here to visit the site.

If you want a strictly Litecoin faucet, see the following unit.

Although this option rewards LTCs for completed tasks, it only has one free faucet. You can get more rewards after checking a CAPTCHA and a few other preliminary tasks. Also, there are boosters and props (if you wish to scale up the wins).

8% interest goes to any seeded LTC in the platform. N/B: seed generally refers to all current deposits in the Litecoin wallet.

Fire Faucet

If you don’t want to use the above apps, try Fire Faucet. The process is much the same as the typical task/reward procedure in the long run.

However, the obvious difference is that Fire Faucet includes one task feature (ACP) more than the previous options.

The following sections briefly explain the top miners listed previously. Choose from the Free Litecoin Mining options below.


CGMiner thrives on many fan-loyalty community sites on the internet that enlighten people about new features and add-ons on the website.

It works on multiple operating systems like OS X, Windows, Linus, and Mac. You can still access the software on many other systems without any glitches. 

Also, CGMiner easily trumps other alternatives as a proven Free Litecoin Mining for both geeks and newbies. How does it work? The procedure is still the same as the case for faucets. The app subsidizes the bulk of PoW/PoT, requiring performers to do only a part of the task for a reward.

Bonus points: CGI has a relatable interface with intuitive commands in the user environment. In that way, you can grasp the lay of it without stress. It is also fast.

GUIminer Scrypt

GUIMiner Scrypt serves as a first-stage experience for people starting in the area of crypto Proof of Work. It is a stripped-down GUIMiner software, but without any encumbering features to tackle.

Further, it concentrates on users in a narrow strip of the miner base, running reward protocols on Microsoft-enabled CPU/CGU interfaces.

GUIMiner Scrypt is one of the most voted Litecoin Mining sites, although it may not be a free app. So, you can get litoshi and loyalty rewards from the Litecoin mining cache by doing a few tasks on the platform.

Awesome Miner for Free Litecoin Mining

While other software offers Free Litecoin Mining opportunities in a single protocol that oversees the rig and reward timeline, Awesome Miner combines the entire procedure in one interface. So, it has all the features in one place. All it takes to unlock each Free Litecoin Mining sequence is a click.

Note: you need Litecoin Mining Hardware to mine LTCs in this software, as in the other options in this article. After setting the basics, only two and a half (2.5) minutes elapses until the verification confirms the proof (which means you can now claim a reward in LTC).

Moreover, you can get loyalty bonuses, referral bonuses, and miscellaneous rewards via Free LTC Mining apps. You can try any miner in this post for Free Litecoin Mining rewards. Thanks

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