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You can get Free Browsing VPN to surf the internet without restrictions, leveraging the VPN internet encryption and data bandwidth.

The software has been around for a while before it topped the trends for internet users. It started as a digital shroud for accessing online data without subscribing to the provider. But currently, the software is quite popular as it is a necessary widget in regions that restrict internet visibility.

You can see previous iterations, which are less efficient than the ones in practice today, to grasp the app history. Although the rest of the world now uses the app, Europeans are the first prolific VPN users, for the most part.

How do you use the software, assuming you know what a VPN is? What’s the best make for you, you decide to get it today?

We answer the above questions in this article, providing Free Browsing VPN options. Read on below for details.

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Free Browsing VPN: Why Use A VPN, Though?

You can use a VPN for one task: to bypass censorship. Some countries ban internet access to some web apps. Dubai, for instance, censors media content that does not align with its digital etiquette protocol, banning TikTok in effect. Nigeria followed suit by putting out twitter access.

Wouldn’t you want to regain control of your internet access, suppose you ever find yourself in these locations? If your answer is yes, then you need a VPN.

How does a VPN help? 

It is essentially a hole through any censorship firewall, allowing you to access information without any restriction. VPN is a Virtual Private Network, after all. So, you have all the options in one simple, friendly ensemble.

Is it difficult to use?

No, the software is not difficult to use at all. All you need to do is turn it on and relax. You get a notification if the sync is successful. Meanwhile, the app resolves any setbacks due to firewall protection.

Is it expensive to use?

VPN is a consumer-oriented service. As such, it provides only the best terms for users.

You can still select a VPN to your liking by comparing the features, anyway. Besides, many Free Browsing VPN plugs offer non-subscription data bandwidth to users.

It is a win/win call if it comes down to cost-efficiency, provided you have the right app. So, do you know the best ones for you, now that you know about the software? Don’t worry if you can’t currently decide on any VPN. All you need to do is read the sections below for details.


The software offers several components in its subsidiary cache, including tiered coverage like Lite, Pro, Business, Handler, Shield, etc.

Also, you get two megabytes (2 MB) free bandwidth, which is renewable per month, on your android device. N/B: Psiphon seems to provide the data only as a free trial, after which a paywall requests the user to subscribe for continued coverage.

Which networks work well with Psiphon?

The software works on all networks, provided that the telecom in question is steady and covers a broad user strip. If you are in Nigeria, you can use the app on your MTN, Glo, Airtel, or Etisalat SIM without any disruption.

Click here to download Psiphon.

Tweakware VPN

While some VPNs may be obtuse and vague, Tweakware combines broad bandwidth and user exposure in its services.

You can access all the available features for privacy protection on the app. Note that plugins enable users to set the best data point on the software. How does it work? To set a coverage, select a country from the displayed list. Then, fix the track on a country, having selected a region.

Tweakware VPN tops the Free Browsing VPN list, though. Why? Because you can also browse from the interphase instead of logging in to a different app to access the internet.

Also, you can import a configuration file for streamlined access that links the software to your preferred network (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, etc.).

Click here to download Tweakware.

Free Browsing VPN: HTTP Injector

Do you want a tweak/hack for unlimited internet surfing on any network? If yes, try HTTP Projector for a change.

It easily offsets many Free Browsing VPN options because it is flexible. Users need not worry about shunted free bandwidth, which is often the issue with subscription-only VPN apps.

Moreover, you can import a configuration file for HTTP Injector in your smartphone and sync the software with your network to maximize your experience.

Click here to download HTTP Injector.

Free Browsing VPN: Windscribe

Do you want tamper-proof protection for your internet activity? If yes, download Windscribe and access the complete package.

It provides one of the best VPN services, racking up above-average positive ratings on Google Play Store. Further, it avails users of servers in choice locations like the United Kingdom, the United States, France, etc.

Alternative VPN Options for Browsing

Besides the popular virtual private networks above, the following VPNs offer excellent terms and free bandwidths. You can still access desirable features on these alternatives (although they don’t necessarily have a browser interface).


HI VPN (free and efficient, especially for bypassing institutional firewalls)\





HA TUNNEL PLUS (integrates perfectly with local area networks)

ANONYTUN PRO (offers far-flung coverage, remotely accessing countries in Asia and Europe)

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