Forsage BUSD | Forsage Review | BUSD/BNB, Legit or Recycled Ponzi?

Forsage BUSD is currently a crypto ecosystem offering high-end returns on BNB/ETH/Tron investment through Defis running Smart Contracts. The same offer was available a year ago when Lado Okhotnikov scammed investors with his MLM Forsage platform. 

Is this Forsage the same as before? Is it a scam, or is it a truly decentralized blockchain for earning cryptocurrencies online? See the answers to these questions in this article. 

Besides claiming to pay you for investing your money or recruiting people to the Forsage BUSD niche, the brand dismisses every claim that it is a Company. We will get to these points serially. Read this article to learn more about Forsage and what it’s all about.

Forsage BUSD: Company or Not?

Since Smart Contracts became rife on ETH/BNB blockchain and other pockets of P-2-P networks, several MLM platforms have scammed people with it. How is this possible?

First, understand that Smart Contracts are computer programs. They execute electronic binders using conditional events. 

In this way, two traders on a Defi platform can do business without the help of a broker or legal practitioner. Since Smart Contracts will send or withhold crypto coins depending on a set of programs, traders trust that their transactions are secure.

However, some MLM organizations issue crypto tokens tallied to either BTC or ETH, while promising that all exchanges are run via Smart Contracts. In truth, they are actually managing the platforms, and the Smart Chain spin is only a disguise for scamming people. This is where Forsage BUSD comes in. 

According to its website, Forsage BUSD is entirely pictured by the descriptor below:

“…a self-executing smart contract instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic, logical or pre-determined operations automatically via computer programming in order to serve a specific purpose.”

Forsage BUSD further asserts that it is not a CEO-managed outfit liable to legal actions if it defaults on payments. You can see where this is going.

Forsage BUSD does not admit it is any real entity, but it presumes to offer Spillovers and Airdrops as referral prop-ups. This is the typical MLM Ponzi front.

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Forsage BUSD: History

Many bloggers are taken in with the Smart Contract story on Forsage. But several outliers voice their doubts about the website all the same. There is a reason for this. Forsage, within one year of existence, has disappointed investors in all its previous services. See how it happened.

In its previous iteration as an ETH-supported MLM platform, Forsage lost legal rights in the Philipines on July 1, 2020. Because its digital securities depend on its solely managed tokens, they are not truly subject to market changes.

Recently, Forsage cites an expansion policy and upgrades its scripted transactions network to include BUSD in its ETH, Tron, and BNB dossier. None of these trends strip it of MLM trade qualities though. For instance, the website shows that you can earn through an affiliate program.

Moreover, the Forsage BUSD is a revamped program by its anonymous owners to attract partners using typical Pyramid schemes. You can learn why this is so in the following sections.

Forsage BUSD: Entry Prices/Cryptocurrency (BNB)

As we mentioned earlier, Forsage promoters say that the platform adjusts for increasing trade volumes by introducing BUSD (a stable coin). Likely, this is another excuse for carting away crypto coins from people. 

Further, the Forsage website tallies important crypto coins to BUSD in a 1:1 ratio. If this match is certain, then you can enter the trading niche on the platform using the methods below:

Ensure you have the threshold BNB token in your wallet to enter the Binance Smart Contract.

As BUSDs derive fiscal value from the BEP-20 coin, having requisite BNBs allows it to minimize fluctuations.

Subsequently, you can buy into any advertised Smart Contracts on Forsage BUSD, Forsage Tron, or Forsage BNB.

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Products & Other Services

The Forsage website promises mostly Defi-run crypto exchanges managed through Smart Contracts. As such, you cannot buy tangible products from the platform. Instead, you can work as an affiliate.

Other services you can get from the platform include a partnership offer that returns fixed ROIs on the matrix model. Also, you can earn profits from the FXM token cache. Moreover, Forsage offers a BUSD stable coin that is supposedly acknowledged by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Note that the alleged endorsement might’ve been inferred from the general acceptance of the role of Stable Coin. It may not necessarily refer to Forsage BUSD stable coin, particularly.

Matrix Marketing Structure

Here, you can earn from the platform using the following matrices:

An xXx Matrix

xGold matrix 

Forsage 3x

Forsage 4x etc.

The Forsages 3x and 4x matrices offer you twelve units with increasing profit rates to reflect the volume of your investment. Other cycles have weighted binary teams. xGold, for instance, gives you varied points/places accruing over four (4) downlines.

The affiliate page on Forsage official website is a maze of referral levels and bonus structures. See how to register on the website below.

How to Get Started

To register/join the Forsage BUSD platform, you need at least ten (10) BUSD to start the Forsage 3x & 4x cycle. As shown on the website, both matrices run in tandem.

Subsequently, you can opt for other higher-tier investment packages on the website. But as you may expect, they will be expensive.


Forsage says it is not run by any administrative team. However, it sports every vestige of an MLM company offering pyramid awards through its referral packages.

Further, the platform immediately detaches itself from any legal binding conducts towards your investments. Although it is hyped as a reliable Defi network, how credible is its services cache? Swaps across blockchain networks can be risky, especially when there is no independent way to ascertain its integrity.

Additionally, all the talks of Smart Contract are only an alibi for possible fraud acts. In this way, the platform can close at any time since it is impossible to link its activities to any real locations.

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