Flying Hummingbird Review | Forex & CFD Broker, Credibility

Flying Hummingbird Review: the platform offers spreads, indices, and foreign currencies exchange as items in its FXM and CFD services. Listing investment options in stocks, futures, and various global currency indices, Flying Hummingbird poses as a forex and CFD broker.

Besides the plethora of trade/stock quotes the Flying Hummingbird website presents, over fifty countries supposedly benefit from the company. This network leverages some 100 000 marketers to offer sophisticated financial instruments.

What else does the platform offer? How credible is Flying Hummingbird?

You can find out the answers to these questions in our Flying Hummingbird Review.

Flying Hummingbird Review: Overview

Flying Hummingbird Review: the company publishes a copy of its US-supported SEC license on the website. However, it turns out there’s no proof of Flying Hummingbird being regulated by any firm.

The website discloses nothing beyond a list of investment options, stocks, and a Meta Trader 5 download option. Due to its anonymous admin, the platform already records negative points in scam broker reviews online.

Also, the company nominally operates as a legit NFA partner, but there is a contradictory story to their membership claim. We will get to its NFA membership legitimacy later in this article.

Further, our Flying Hummingbird Review finds that the company provides multiple investment options in six (6) caches. On a closer look, however, the category yields an investment list that is partly rendered in Chinese. 

See the next section of this Flying Hummingbird Review for details of the trade options on the website.

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Flying Hummingbird Review: Services

Flying Hummingbird Review: services listed on the website are derivatives spanning different global markets. In some trade caches, the underlying assets are currencies and gold. Other options are global indices of multiple products. Below is how they appear on the website:



Spot Gold

Spot Silver


Crude Oil

The G10 category supposedly pinpoints clients’ advantage over trade platforms that do not use the service. On its own, the G10 confers profitable financial benefits on traders. But the question is, does Flying Hummingbird offer this service?

Like the other categories, its G10 service is propped by a description of special tools, trade analytics, supports, and 24/7 services on the website. Bar the general knowledge rendered as expert analysis on Flying Hummingbird, there is nothing remarkable about the Investments.

A customer rooting for financial instruments will have to make do with the MT5 on the website. Why? Because that is what Flying Hummingbird actually has to offer. All references to special indexes and stocks only deflect from proffering the requisite trade tools.

Flying Hummingbird Review: the website typically lists the best German and French indices as charts you can access on its platform. But how does it offer these forex/CFD trade instruments? Not really. See the possible issues about the website in the next section of this Flying Hummingbird Review.

NFA Membership Scam

The legitimization procedure for NFA membership uses a rigorous regulatory metric. We will attempt to explain the process here, briefly.

As a prerequisite, all brokers in the US possess licenses from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Subsequently, they become legal intermediaries for FED and forex brokerage. 

Flying Hummingbird Review: the partnership acquisition process also involves large amounts of money. Currently, the total costs stand at $20 000 000. It is based on its high acquisition price and rigorous scrutiny that the US NFA membership is selective.

It also disabuses investors of scam forex brokers that gulp higher investment amounts than they have in reserves. 

While Flying Hummingbird says it has a license and publishes a National Futures Association (NFA) partnership, it doesn’t offer any proof. There is no way of confirming its claims since the website does mention a Flying Hummingbird location. 

Also, the situation becomes more difficult since there is no information about the CEO/owner of the platform. Our Flying Hummingbird Review does not find any proof of the company’s NFA registration.

Moreover, since the website has been used to request fiat forex investment funding from people, it recurrently records high scam scores in reviews.

Minimum Deposit/Entry Prices

Flying Hummingbird Review: clients already report fraudulent activities from a so-called Flying Hummingbird manager.

Although the deposit amount is undisclosed, the operators of Flying Hummingbird reportedly inform customers through phone calls. The exchange follows a typical scam pattern: the caller mentions investments and risk hedged business, then the caller requests funding from the receiver/client.

Also, clients report that the company call often, invariably requesting funds and subscription from registered customers.

However, a legal forex trade broker will request $100-$250 as a minimum deposit. We assume Flying Hummingbird Review only discloses the amount when clients register on the platform. But the credibility of the platform is already marred by negative client feedback.

See the payment method in the following section of this Flying Hummingbird Review.

Payment Method, Other Special Services

Flying Hummingbird Review: the platform transacts fiat deposits through Visa and Mastercard.

Although the company says it will include payment reception through other media soon, only the Mastercard and Visa options are working.

Are there other services you can get from the company? Flying Hummingbird offers a 1:200 leverage to clients. But the service might well be another fuss like the Flying Hummingbird indices.

On the whole, the only legit service from the platform is the MT5 download option. So, how credible is the platform? See the answer in the last section of this Flying Hummingbird Review below.

Flying Hummingbird Review: Credibility

Despite its representation as an NFA member, the company is unregulated. The company connects to the US futures due to its status as a pool operator and trade advisor.

Every Flying Hummingbird claims to be a credible forex broker is false. Flying Hummingbird does not offer anything besides an MT5 download link. On other broker websites, MT5 download links are a trivial feature. This empties the services/investment webpage on the Flying Hummingbird website.

Finally, since the office location of Flying Hummingbird is undisclosed and the company falsely says it is licensed, it is not a reliable broker.

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