Fbdown Net Video Downloader | Rebrands to FDOWN.NET | How it Works

Fbdown Net Video Downloader is a Facebook widget that allows you to download videos (including clipped media) to your phone or PC.

Obviously, it is better than the trial and error hack often offered by APK providers on the internet. With this tool on your mobile device, you need not worry about any glitches while attempting to download videos from Facebook.

Maybe you have been trying unsuccessfully to watch a Facebook video off the platform? Here is a convenient fix: the Fbdown Net Video Downloader.

We explain how the procedure works in this article.


There is a rebrand from the previous iteration, Fbdownloader, to FDownloader. However, it seems to be for practical reasons instead of a merge. So, the tool remains Facebook’s.

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Here is why you need a Fbdown Net Video Downloader

First to last, the purpose of a downloader, regardless of the platform, is to get a video playing on your mobile phone while offline (off-platform).

While roaming a music platform, you can click on any music content, vids, or podcast of your choice and download it to your mobile device. The same goes for most movies download sites you encounter while surfing the internet.

But there is no download option on your Facebook profile, group, or anywhere on your timeline, is there? Of course not.

That is why you need a Fbdown Net Video Downloader. The object of a social media plug is to proffer the best communication links to users/members. And what better way to do this than to use a visual aid?

Now, you might be wondering which of the various vid files might be supported on this downloader? Well, a GIF will not serve, will it?

So, if a user is to get the most out of the offer, he will require options for a full-length, unabridged video downloader. 

Facebook provides its FBDownloader as an answer to this request.

Specifications & Scope

You do not just start using the software on any media file since there are specifications.

As it happens, the Facebook provider website, fbdownoader.net, has this to say about the device.

Facebook Downloader is a fast and free way to download and save Facebook videos as MP4’s.

So, you are signing up for an MP4 download to your mobile device for use offline.

Moreover, merely pasting the video link on the space indicated on fbdownload.net does not always guarantee that you can download it. But there is a fix. Whenever you encounter such problems, all you need to do is wait for the Scan to run thoroughly before requesting the download again.

Rebrands to FDOWN.net

Although this announcement is not quite recent, it comes on the heels of increasing demand for the Fbdown Net Video Downloader in 2022.

On 1 July 2021, Facebook changed the brand from FBDOWN.net to FDOWN.net.

Why is this even necessary? Here is FB’s answer.

This step’s major idea is to emphasize the strength of our growth and commitment by delivering the service quality that meets your expectations.

So, it is mostly about choosing a more binding and revealing brand than altering the functions of the webpage. According to Facebook, both iterations offer the same content.

If you have the previous web address, you can still access the same service on the new brand.

How does the video downloader work? See below for details.

How to use Fbdown Net Video Downloader

Below are the necessary steps for downloading videos from Facebook using FDOWN.

  • Right-click on the video while it plays.
  • Copy the Video link from the options
  • Now, go to FDOWN.NET.
  • Paste the copied video link on the indicated space and click on Download.


Ensure you copied the correct link since the video might take an unusual deal of time to download. Also, always wait for FDOWN to scan the URL thoroughly.

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