Farmcrowdy | Important Information about This Investment Avenue

Farmcrowdy is the first Nigerian enterprise that fully focuses on pushing investment opportunities towards the agricultural sector.

Farmers are encouraged by the Farmcrowdy app which allows them to invest in stocks that may not be available in their locality. Since then, Farmcrowdy witnesses a steady stream of investors on the platform.

The platform was founded in 2016 and has been functional in availing indigenous farmers the necessary tools for their farm work.

Investment Opportunities Using Farmcrowdy App

You can use the Farmcrowdy app to invest in current stocks in the agribusiness.

There is a myriad of opportunities available on the app. Once you sign up, you only need to trade or fund agricultural products from the comfort of your home.

Of course, this fetches good income for those who are trading on the app already. You can learn how to do this too.

Also, you do not need much technical knowledge to understand how the Farmcrowdy app works. It is just as easy as other trading apps also have the prospect of availing you considerable income.

Further, you can find links to download the app HERE or you can download from Apple stores. 

How Does Farmcrowdy Operate

Farming can be a complex endeavor. It takes planning, surveys, and gathering the necessary tools before the actual farming starts. 

Because of this, Farmcrowdy allows for at least two months’ interval to watch the market value of the goods that will be produced.

 The following are the necessary stages:

  • Recruiting farmers based on nominations from an existing union or community leaders.
  • Carrying out surveys on suitable lands and selecting crops for maximum yield. 
  • Taking care to provide logistics in the chosen location.
  • Reinforcing the local farming techniques with modern innovations in agriculture
  • Helping farmers improvise by providing experts and plant specialists to oversee the progress of the techniques in use.
  • Making sure that farmers have access to mechanized farming equipment and machinery
  • Providing improved seeds for optimum yield
  • Speeding up activity by recruiting field hands who will see to the marketing aspect, allowing farmers to concentrate on the farm.

This enhanced farming technique by Farmcrowdy helps to mitigate exploitative bidding, thereby securing the market value of your investments.

While activities are in full swing on the farm, you will be constantly updated by Farmcrowdy about the progress of work.

You will have access to videos or current images as proof of the on-going project. Also, you can read the chronicled reports to catch up on the project.


This investment platform attempts to improve the status of local farming. At the behest of concerned investors, Farmcrowdy supports the growth of agribusiness using multiple avenues.

Farmcrowdy is a subsidiary of Leadway Assurance. The company has been in affiliation with several ventures since its inception in 2016.

Being heavily inclined towards agriculture, the company has worked closely with Cox Enterprises, Syngenta, Agricultural Services Training Centre (ASTC), and a few others.

The company adds a new side to agriculture and traditional farming. Now, you can earn huge profits from agribusiness without having to visit a farm yourself.

You can always hope to earn huge returns on investment using this platform.

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