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You can use the Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone for Free Mode Facebook browsing offline. It is part of a Facebook Inc. expansion-wise policy that attempts to connect Facebook users through Facebook Lite Free Mode on iPhone and a similar free service for Android Phones too. Download the Free Mode Facebook for iOS devices here.

If your iPhone is consuming too much data and you want to cut down on the data loss, then use this Facebook Lite Free Mode on your iPhone to experience a better time on Facebook.

Further, this popular Facebook Lite Service by the company helps you to focus more on plain-texts commenting/chats on Facebook without wasting your megabytes/data on media content. Henceforth, you can always browse with Facebook Lite and only switch to Regular Facebook when you wish to view media posts on your iPhone.

Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone: How it Works

The Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone allows you to access the available features on your FB Mobile App when you exhaust your Browsing Data

Many Facebook users run across incompletely-loaded videos when they try to view a post. This usually happens when they do not have enough data balance in their subscription plan

However, the Facebook Lite Free Mode for iOS mobile phones and PCs is the answer to this problem.

With Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone, you can conveniently alternate between Free Mode Facebook and regular Facebook. Also, local networks help to leapfrog data loss while using this app. This is because local Network Providers are in affiliate promotional contracts with FB.

On the contrary, Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone limits your access to viewing media contents on Facebook. Since it operates on short-length bandwidths, it only allows you to write and read only-text files or documents on the mobile app. 

Despite the seeming handicap due to the absence of videos and media clips on Facebook Lite Free Mode On iPhone, you could still have fun sending and receiving text messages through the Facebook Lite Mobile App.


Free Mode Facebook Lite Login | Login Using Facebook Lite Free Mode

Facebook Free Mode | Browse With Free Facebook Mode, Save Data

How to Download And Use the Facebook Lite

Do you want to download the Facebook Lite Free Mode on iOS and your Android phones? Here, you can use these two procedures below:

  • Download the Facebook Lite Free Mode on iOS from Apple Store and install it on your iOS device. (https://apps.apple.com/)
  • Now launch the Facebook Lite Mobile App and Login into it.
  • Find and tap the feature for Got to Free Facebook
  • When you click on the Free Mode icon, you will instantly have access to the Facebook Lite Free Mode.

As you know, this Facebook Service will not display videos and GIFs. You will not see other data-consuming media contents you normally view on Facebook.

Alternatively, you can short-cut the download process using the web browser on your mobile device by following these steps:

  1. Use the default web browser to search for Facebook Lite Free Mode online. (or you can use any reliable browser installed on your mobile device)
  2. Find a search result bearing Free Facebook links.
  3. Click on it
  4. As you already have a Facebook account, you can log in to the Facebook Lite Free Mode with your Username and Password.

You can also download and use the Facebook Lite Free Mode On Android Phones using the procedures above. But this time, you have to click on Android phone options on Google Playstore instead of Apple Store.

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