Facebook Hidden Friend List | View Hidden Friend Lists on Facebook

Facebook Hidden Friend List: since user privacy has become the top priority for Facebook irrespective of users’ location, you can hide your Facebook Friend List.

Some airtight securities still have leaks, and most of them are inbuilt vents. It takes a careful Facebook user to spot the loopholes. In this case, there is a way you can see Facebook Hidden Friend List. There were actually two ways you can do this, but the second one is not always reliable.

If you would learn how to view Facebook Hidden Friend List, read this post thoroughly.

Facebook Hidden Friend List: Why Is It Necessary?

Are you wonder why it is even necessary to hide your friend list on Facebook? If yes, read this section for answers.

From non-electronic couriers to emails, reports of tampering and hacks are rife. Often a third party would gain unauthorized access to private mails. Also, people tried to conceal the content of their letters a few hundred years ago, coding them in hieroglyphs.

This time around, people can dispatch messages through the internet. And it implies that privacy rules have become a nuanced topic.

Facebook takes user privacy protection seriously. That is why you have a Facebook Hidden Friend List option on your FB Profile. Regardless, there have been instances of violations like the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal. But on the whole, the official investigation confirms that Facebook had only made cursory breaches.

If the matter narrows down to single user experience, Facebook does an excellent job with the Hidden Friend List option. With this tool, you can flush Notifications by stopping some accounts from viewing your posts. Also, you can go one step further and hide your Friend List. It gives a feeling of security, right? It also allows you to control your account.

But there is more. See the following section for details.

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View Facebook Hidden Friend List

Despite the effort to keep users’ profiles safe, there is at least one crack in the safety lock. Guess what? Many people are using it to access the Friends category of your FB profile.

The leak might only be sheer luck or due to hacks, but it works while it lasts. Now, here is the start. If someone blocks your account from viewing their profile, the person severs all communications with you. Well, not quite all of it.

Suppose you set your Friend List to Hidden to avoid someone intruding, your friends will still be visible to the person through the FB Mutual Friends suggestion. It doesn’t take much thought to know why it works. While managing your Friend List visibility, you need not involve mutual friends. Facebook makes sure of it. People can’t be randomly embroiled in issues between two accounts in their Mutual Friend list.

So, below is how you can see Facebook Hidden Friend List.

First Method: Social Revealer

Here, we explain the first method, incidentally the most reliable one, for viewing hidden friend lists on Facebook. Below is how it works.

  • Using the Chrome browser, access the Social Revealer widget in the Web Store.
  • Install it into Chrome on your mobile device.
  • Then open your Facebook account.
  • Open the user’s account profile that you wish to view friend list.
  • Now is the time to use the Social Revealer. You merely have to open it and find See Friends. When you click on the option, you will see the Facebook Hidden Friend List. (Note that the page will redirect to a different webpage)

The above steps are easy for everyone. But if you want a geeky approach to this solution, try the URL editing method in the following section.

Second Method: Edit URL

Admittedly, this method does not work for most domains. But the fringe users who can access it will appreciate the procedure. At least, by merely editing a URL, you do not have to download an extension from Chrome to see Facebook Hidden Friend List.

Moreover, these steps work on Opera Mini, Chrome, and other web browsers. Learn how it works below.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to the profile that you want to access the Friend List.
  3. Click on any new post (the more recent the post, the likelier a sure result).
  4. Now, copy the address between fbid= and &, write https://www.facebook.com/search/100034868239441/friends in a different tab, and paste the address in the page space, Search/address/friends.
  5. Then click on Enter.
  6. Finally, you can access the friend list.

We acknowledge that the last method is not wholly reliable, although it works for some regions. The more diffuse the user cloud, the more efficient the See Hidden Friend List procedure. Please, note that this is not a hack issue. It could only be a boon chance met in extant locations. Goodluck

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