Facebook Free Mode | Browse With Free Facebook Mode, Save Data

To help you manage your browsing data on Facebook, the company allows you to use the Facebook Free Mode to browse for free.

With the Facebook Free Mode, you do not need to opt for increased bandwidth on the internet. You only have to log in to your Facebook account while you are connected to the internet. It also has the complete features of the Facebook you are used to.

Further, the free browsing option by Facebook allows you to browse irrespective of the network condition in your demographic. In this instance, you merely have to turn on the free mode on FB to start enjoying the service. Some network providers also charge exorbitant tariffs on a small bandwidth. However, with this current service that minimizes data loss, you can always avoid this problem.

Facebook Free Mode Limits

Although the Free Mode on Facebook gives you access to your social media account on FB freely, it does not allow you to view media.

Without the usual Facebook data subscription, you cannot access media posts, snippets, videos, and featured clips on Facebook. But the Free Data Mode allows you to send and receive messages through it. At least, this method will help to manage data that could have been lost to media click-baits on Facebook.

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Coverage & Extent

Does the service have extensive coverage, or is it just available to specific locations? Well, this is Facebook. As the company is a connector industry, its network coverage is vast.

Also, the service is enabled by many network-providing companies in many countries. And as the largest connector platform on social media, Facebook uses its Free Mode to bring people together irrespective of distance.

Moreover, although you cannot view any videos and other media posts on your Facebook Free Mode, you can easily use it to chat with your friends or send urgent messages.

How to Use Facebook Free Mode

  • You can use the following quick step to start using the Free on Facebook:
  • Open your regular data Facebook account.
  • Click on the option for free Facebook at the top.
  • Then the app automatically goes to the Free Mode.

If you do not have the Facebook App installed on your mobile phone or iOS, you can use Google search to find “Free Facebook”. Then open the page and click on the Use Free Facebook bar to start using the Free Mode.

You can also learn some additional basics guide about Free Facebook on any of Nigeria’s foremost Network Providers like MTN or Glo.

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