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To leverage insufficient megabytes when you use Facebook, you can opt for the Facebook Free Mode Data MTN. Besides allowing you to continue browsing on your Mobile Facebook app, Free Mode Data MTN helps you save Data Subscriptions and still have a great time using your Facebook account.

Insufficient data balance can mar the flow of a conversation on regular Facebook Messenger. But with the Facebook Free Mode Data MTN, you can continue using the app without losing your available Browsing Data

The Free Mode Data MTN is also proof of the company’s broad network. It links customers to easy and fast services on the mobile app.

Also, the most appealing part of this service is that you can use it for free! So, allow us to tell you more about this Free Mode of Data for using facebook.com Here.

Facebook Free Mode Data MTN: How It Works & Features

Facebook is not just a social platform for scheduling fun outings and initiating dates. You can also earn on Facebook, organize or become part of a forum on the app, and even employ Influencers to help you promote your Business Brand.

To help you do some of these things easily on Facebook, the company allows you to sign up on the app and enjoy Facebook Free Mode Data MTN. This special promo from MTN ensures that you access every service on the FB Lite Mobile App

However, it denies users access to media content, videos, and even audio clips requiring large amounts of data. But you can still get these features if you have not been using Facebook before. Also, you will not have access to pictures, or gifs, and some mobile devices might not be able to send or receive emojis. 

Although this is similar to the previous Zero Data promo from Airtel Ng, Facebook Free Mode Data MTN surpasses it in some aspects. For one, it allows you to continue using the Facebook Mobile App if only to send and receive plain texts to your FB Friends.


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Features available on Free Facebook Data MTN

Below are the available features on this Free Basics  promo by MTN:

  • It allows you to view and edit your profile picture on Facebook
  • Post updates on your Status
  • Roam the app and add more friends to your Friend List
  • Access to Messenger
  • For customers using Facebook for the first time, the MTN Free Mode Facebook provides options for sending and receiving videos. (It further allows newbies to access external links).

How to Switch to Free Basics Facebook

Unlike the usual switch to Free Mode Feature on Facebook Lite, you can only use the MTN Free Mode Facebook after your Data Subscription exhausts.

And there is a stricture on the features available to specific customers. If you are using the service to log into your existing Facebook account, you have limited options on the app. However, a new customer may view, send, and receive media pictures, videos, and GIFs. 

You can use the procedure below to access the Facebook Free Mode Browsing Data available on MTN service.

Either of these two services will help you access the Zero Data Facebook:

  1. Open your web browser and search MTN Free Basics ( https://www.mtnonline.com/), Or
  2. You can use the USSD *141*43#

For some customers, the Free Mode Facebook Data available is only twenty megabytes (20 MB). Although this will not be enough to post and view videos on Facebook, it will serve you for Chats.

Moreover, this service attempts to put more customers on Facebook. If you wish to enjoy premium features on the platform, sign up/register for an FB Account using Regular Facebook. 

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How to Browse Facebook for Fee on MTN

To browse Facebook on MTN, there are steps that you are meant to take, and also check if the network allows free Facebook. And if it enables, you will have to follow these steps.

  • For you to use, you will have to enter your login details.
  • Then you can change the settings from data usage to free.
  • On the top right part of the home screen page, you will see “Use Facebook for Free”.

You can also log in to your Facebook site directly by visiting http://www.freebasics.com.

How to View Images on Facebook Without Data

For you to see photos on Facebook without data, follow the steps below.

  • First, open your Facebook account
  • Then you right-click on any image that you want to view, and click”Save Post”
  • After that click on the three-dot, on the top right (Menu)
  • Finally, select “Saved” and you can see the picture that you saved.

How to Limit Facebook Data Usage

Many people do so that they can limit the way they spend data on their Facebook. the reason for the large comsummation of data is because of the rich media app, auto-playing video, and high-quantity display.

Therefore, we will tell you how to reduce the usage of data for both people using Android phones and iPhones.

For Android Users:

1. First go to the data server in the settings and enable it. Then it will reduce the quantity or resolutions of your photos and it will disable autoplay videos on your Facebook.

2. After that, you tap on the menu icon on your Facebook app, which is the 3 horizontal lines that you will see on the top right corner of your home screen. Then you tap the setting and privacy on the menu page and in the drop-down menu.

3. All this can be done only when the data saver slider is off, so make sure that it is turned off. The data saver on your WiFi also needs to be turned off because it reduces the number of photos, images, and videos and automatically disables auto-play.

For iPhone Users:

1. Tap the menu icon (the three horizontal lines at the bottom right). On that menu page, tap settings, and privacy, and then in the resulting drop-down menu, tap settings. After that, you scroll down to the media and contacts section and tap videos and photos.

2. Finally, click the autoplay and select WiFi connection under your video settings.

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