EverGrow Coin Price | Loses 40% in 24 Hours, Trades 224% in a Week

EverGrow Coin Price: it currently records a 40% dip in the 24-hourly tally, despite a sustained 224% HODler surplus in a week.

EGC, the shortened name of the token, is one of the trendiest cryptocurrencies to rack the internet lately. Its steady rise through the listings, uneclipsed by meme tokens like Dodge, puts it on a par with the Floki series.

While commenting on the opportunities in EGC, various speculators compare the coin stats to BTC’s deflationary value. It highlights the fad for EGC, although the proportion tells against it when paired off with bitcoin.

The development team has not been lax on the project, liaising with ButMart and other counters to hoist ECG on the lists, with the result that EverGrow appears on ZT Global, Bibox, and LBank.

Neither a shuttle to the highest caps on counters nor a fad is enough insurance for reliable crypto, though. So, many traders are going through the reviews online, hoping to get an EverGrow Coin Price stat/prediction. We explain the analytics in this article, including the lead-up to the 40% dip.

Read on below for details.

EverGrow Coin Price: Overview

The first thing that catches on about this cryptocurrency is the surge in traded volume mere weeks from launching. EverGrow does not trade on Binance, Kraken, or Huobi yet. Still, it has all the makings of a sought-after token in any of these platforms.

Why is this the case?

You need only look at the prelaunch hype, backend promotion by the EGC team, and networking between the developers (the EGC Team) and BitMart. The details remain a snippet of the mainstream crypto news. But the following glimpse from Shuan Heng, CoinMarketCap VP, about engaging EverGrow Coin in blockchain investment is revealing.

Shuan Heng, in a series of comments, mentions that the EverGrow Coin Price on the CoinMarketCap counter is currently an untracked listing.

The negative take in the wake of Shuan’s comment notwithstanding, the EverGrow team may only have toned down the hype to non-exchange factors, throwing all supply pitch in the pre-ICO event clutter.

Also, many sources put down the EverGrow Coin Price absent tick on CoinMarketCap to a pre-listing remiss. Even the team admits that this is true.

Pending the listing of EGC on more popular exchanges than its current stead, the team intends to probe utilities using the token besides other projects.

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EverGrow on the Exchanges

EGC has not had the most spurring moments for a booting period since it launched on the troika of ZT Global, Bibox, and LBank.

In this period, cryptocurrencies plummet in the heart-wrenching 40%-60% range, leaving holders in dismay. However, given the projects underway, the stats do not constrain the current EverGrow Coin Price to this 40-60 bearish band.

What we know

  • The EverGrow Coin Price for today is $0.000000671985 (see here for details).
  • Also, the Trading Volume is $964,983.

But these results avail traders of little use, given that the token does not have a corresponding entry for Market capitalization. Moreover, CoinMarketCap has yet to track the coin, which adversely rubs off as a pump primer to buyers.

On the bright side, though

EverGrow Coin has reportedly paid out seven million dollars (7 000 000 USD) to some forty thousand (40000) holders.

EGC Token as a Deflationary Coin, Beware of Burners

A minus 40% record for meme coins that rely on hype does not affect the overall stats as much as it impacts a deflationary coin. That is the case with EverGrow.

Deflation is a decrease in the value of currencies _ crypto or fiat makes no difference. Although it is an intrinsic economic characteristic, non-market factors can cause a currency to deflate.

In particular, crypto management teams burn coin values by sending loads of them to a secure wallet, exempt from any ongoing transactions online. The EverGrow team does the same thing with the EGC Token.

Following the 24-hourly 40% plunge in the EverGrow Coin Price, traders began to pay more attention to the unequal footing for investors holding the coin. Much of the speculations hinge on the cause of the dips (is it prevailing stats or burners?).

EverGrow Coin Price: Prospects for Buyers

Despite the EverGrow Team attempting to list Binance, Kraken, or Huobi, there are no foreseeable bulls for EGC. In this regard, buyers/traders will have to go by speculations to grasp the wheels of business scheduled on the platform, especially about investing the coin.

The situation is better summed by the fact of EGC losing 40% before listing on Binance, valuing in the millionth of a dollar.

Regardless, the EGC Team is poised for a long rewarding business with its growing HODler base, which lightens the tension somewhat. So, you can expect more projects from the company.

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