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Ericsson Careers Login _ offers comprehensive employee benefits and a job-opening portal for people looking to work with the company.

The company works in the field of telecommunications and ICT equipment, selling software and IP tech to African brands.

Also, it provides business solutions to lots of local companies in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Uganda, Angola, Cameroon, etc.

Most of its coverage in the continent is focused in sub-Saharan Africa, with half the total GSM market shares.

Moreover, Ericsson operates out of South Africa, with operators and subsidiary units in Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal.

Over the years, the company has pulled off some notable feats across Africa, deploying HSDPA and envisaging better broadband coverage by being the first to install WCDMA, which predates GSM.

Similarly, the Ericsson Careers Login section has some bushel offers for people who want to work for the company. So, we explain how the procedure works in this post.

Read on below for details.

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Ericsson Careers Login: Overview of What It Offers

As we mentioned previously, the company provides various services that span multiple telecoms infrastructure.

Ericsson also provides some non-cost services from the get-go, offering them as value-added products to thousands of users. You can think of any mobile network software widget _ although being out phased by new and smart tech _, and you could probably get the complete services from any branch (or the African headquarters in South Africa, preferably).

But the company isn’t restricted to third-generation gadgets, although Ericsson kept in tow at a slow pace when the internet IP market bloomed.

The company is currently Africa’s powerhouse for 3G and 4G phones. In fact, it positions to provide 5G Networks for thousands of African users, given its acquisition of Vonage, a cloud-based service provider.

According to the site, Ericsson provides industry-leading solutions like

  • Core Network and Automation,
  • Telecom BSS, and
  • Managed Services.

Moreover, each area offers specific products.

And to cap it off, the company patented over thirty-five thousand (35000) headways into virtual tech.

Ericsson was founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson, with headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here is the part that interests our Nigerian readers.

There are Ericsson Careers Login opportunities for qualified people in Nigeria.

As of June 9, 2022, the Nigerian branch has an opening for a Head of Brand & Communications, with a sub-role for Director.

Also, it lists an e-Commerce Marketing Manager opening, Head of Innovation & New Product Development (Mid-Senior Level), Measurement & Evaluation Manager (Associate), Head of Technical Innovations (Mid-Senior Level), etc., all available since February 24, 2022.

The complete job listing for different African countries is up to four hundred and five (405) vacancies. We only mention some of them below. The Ericsson Careers Login steps are explained later. See details below.

Jobs & Internships at Ericsson

Here are the available jobs that you can apply for within the priority period (typically, when the portal is open).

MFS Business Analyst _ job description says qualification is BA/BSc/HND, 5yrs of minimum work experience, and oriented in Data Science (or Research).

Also, the position involves liaising with Ericsson Area Business workers to deploy tools for delivery projects. That is besides initiating and designing the process as a solution architect.

Integration Engineer _ job description requires the applicant to have primary training in ICT tech with 5 years of working experience. The qualification is the same as in the MFS Business Analyst role.

The position involves analyzing, implementing, and verifying the configuration and integration of node network systems.

RAN Integration Engineer _ job description requires the same academic qualifications as the above roles.

Further, the position involves building support for pre-sales & pre-studies, product configuration, executing text script & code, etc. An experience in GSM/UMTS & LTE configuration will be considered.

Customer Project Manager _ job description requires the same academic qualifications (BSc/BA/HND), with seven years (7yrs) of work experience. The position is available for applicants with a background in Project Management.

Additionally, the position involves drafting a project layout, scope, and resources.

Check the official Ericsson Careers Login website for other opportunities at the company. All you have to do is open the relevant portal, enter the country and job, and click on the search button.

Apply for Internships 

Apart from the careers proper, students can access the web portal for information about the Ericsson yearly internship programs.

It promises many opportunities. According to the website,

“As an intern at Ericsson, you’ll learn so much. You’ll learn from some of the brightest minds in our industry – in a supportive, open environment where you can ask anyone, anything, anywhere around the world.”

Here is how to look up available openings from the careers web category.

  • Go to the Ericsson Careers Login portal _ LINK.
  • Click on the markup field space captioned (search for jobs by title or keywords).
  • Enter the job title you wish to apply for.
  • Also, enter your location in the corresponding field.
  • Then, click on Find Jobs.

See the Ericsson Careers Login steps below.

Ericsson Careers Login _ See Steps

  • On the same Ericsson Careers webpage, click on the Sign In option at the top of the page.
  • It will redirect to login.microsoftonline, a routing portal for Ericsson Careers Login.
  • Also, enter your sign-in details in this format,
  • Click on Next
  • Then follow the on-screen prompt to complete the steps.

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