EmpiresX Review | EX Robot and 1% Daily Profits, Legit or Scam?

EmpiresX Review: the company offers trading strategies, pivoting on an EX robot trader, and promises 1% daily profits on weekly cash-outs to investors.

It impresses with the following MLM-style boast on the website. We are here to revolutionize. Frankly, EmpiresX is not the first multi-level marketing company trying to offer passive earning for the public. Antares made the same claim with its synergy trading, which proves to be another MLM decoy.

However, our EmpiresX Review assumes a neutral ground. So it gives EmpiresX the benefit of the doubt until we determine how legitimate the company is. For starters, if you are meeting an MLM for the first time, ensure you do not fall for its revolution trope. 

As it happens, EmpiresX records negative reviews online already. You can learn more about this company by reading the rest of this article.

EmpiresX Review: Overview

Here, you encounter the typical anonymous backdoor operator offering passive earning options without any insurance. The EmpiresX official website, colorful as it is, is fraught with inconsistent facts. If you visit the About Us page, you can see EmpireX mentioning (under the Know where we are section) it is active in fifty countries.

We are active in 5 continents and more than 50 countries, with a montlhy (sic) growth of 30% and expectations of 6000% in 2023.

Now, go down to the Why Should I choose EmpiresX section, and you will see the following.

We are present in more than 16 countries, operating close to you.

Either EmpiresX is inventing the stats, or it can contrive a difference between present and active as used in this context. Cue the company trading with world-class professionals when it cannot get its stats straight. You get the first slip about the platform.

Our EmpiresX Review could not find the name of the CEO of the organization on the website. However, it appears the company is run by the duo of Flávio Gonçalves and Emerson Pires. Reportedly, Flávio was a front for a few stints operating from Brazil.

At least, his previous MLM job at Technology2u sold an AI trader, like the current EX bot. But without an audit or proof of bots trading on the site, how can EmpiresX sustain its payment structure? See possible answers in the following sections. The next part of this EmpiresX Review looks at the affiliate packages.

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Affiliate Program

The affiliate program here is simple. As an investor, you will have to activate a robot with a $200 deposit at a minimum. Cash-out requests in the first investment cycle attract a 20% processing fee. Below is how it works.

7th Rank _ is available for $5000. Also, you will have to recruit seven (7) or investors.

6th Rank _ is available for $4000. Further, you will have to recruit six (6) or more investors.

5th Rank _ sells for $3000 investment and recruitment of five (5) or more investors.

4th Rank _ sells for $2000 investment and recruitment of four (4) or more affiliates to the company.

3rd Rank _ available for $1500 and recruitment of three (3) or more affiliates to the company.

2nd Rank _ you get the level when you recruit two (2) or more investors to the platform.

Rank 1 _ sells for $500, alongside at least one recruitment to the affiliate program.

Merely queuing for a passive earning option with the company earns you the following percentage profits per day.

$200 Deposits _ pays you 0.6% daily profit for the validity period.

$400 Deposits _ pays you 1% daily profit for the validity period.

Unilevel Referral Commission Caps

Our EmpiresX Review could find the following details about the referral commission payments on the platform. It works on a unilevel scheme. 

Every personally recruited affiliate enters one level lower than the referrer. That is how EmpiresX pays out commissions down a nineteen-level lattice of personally recruited affiliates down each team. You can earn percentage profits cut from your downlines, irrespective of your referral level. However, after the nineteenth (19th) level, you will have to withdraw profits.

Typically, MLM structures flush spillovers to one side of the two binary legs using a two by two matrix. EmpiresX only offers a unitary framework. So, no spillovers in this scheme. Briefly, here are the percentages for the different levels.

1% for Levels 5-19

2% for Level 4

3% for Level 3

4% for Level 2

EmpiresX Review: Legit or Scam?

This part of our EmpiresX Review explains some possible red flags about EmpiresX as an investment company. 

First, if you can ignore the sloppy wording, despite EmpiresX being a pace-setter in its field, you would still have to deal with security fraud. Why? Because the company is handling a trader as a go-between for the public without an SEC license.

Second, the company does not provide any audit for its invisible robot trader. How does an investor ascertain his funds are with a robot? It raises concerns about the rhetoric of MLM. For instance, some go with the off-shore mining pitch, while others prefer a bot trader. To muddy any legal probes, such scammers throw Defi and P-2-P as validators for offering unregulated securities.

Third, there is no proof of stock, crypto, or futures trading on the website. The charts from the EmpiresX backoffice might well be another contrivance, like the contradictory stats mentioned previously.

If the company could stumble at these threshold requirements, it cannot run sophisticated software for crypto trading. It leaves only one option open: Ponzi. As long as this company fails to clear the above scam flares, it ticks the eligibility card for Ponzi.

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  1. EmpireX has claimed to be taking part in trading strategies. But the that after reading the review in the site link I will drop below. I realized it’s a scam. The platform came out from ponzi scheme and I won’t recommend you trade with it.
    However, if you would know more about the EmpireX, I suggest you sit back and go through this Review.

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