Edgecoin Review | First Education Payment Cryptocurrency? Pros & Cons

Edgecoin Review: although the currency lists on counters, it depends on the hype and verve of promoters for traction and value.

The official website advertises a 29% reward in Gradecoin for holding Edgecoin, which is the right pitch when a crypto developer leverages hype. As it happens, the team behind Edgecoin relies on cutting an impressive image to float their flagship coin.

But then, what happens when the frantic display gutters out? Crypto analytics tend to reflect the pump and holder-base of its promoters. In the case of Edgecoin, probing prospects in the education sector is the business primer. 

Edgecoin requires a more novel approach than merely asserting its authority as a crypto solution to educational payments (which pits it against tokens like Student Coin and the Floki series) if it is to scale through the plummeting coins.

Our Edgecoin Review explains crucial aspects of this project and more. Read on below for details.

N/B: Luke Arliss, Edgecoin Founder and Director; Armon Rabie, Co-Founder; and Charles Douglass, the Chief Solicitor, are a few of the leads in the managerial team.

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Edgecoin Review: About the Coin

Here is a clip from the website explaining Edgecoin.

Edgecoin Review

So, the long and short of it is that Edgcoin is the crypto coin for payments at school. Popular opinion suggests that the project depends on x-y-z schools endorsing the token _ else, it comes across as a paradise of roses). Already, some reviews question the applicability of a crypto coin in schools.

For one, students spend fiat currencies on lots of things (books, various fees, extra-curricular classes, etc.), which recasts Edgcoin in a different light of being an unwieldy tool.

Even so, many people hold forth that the coin can still make headway. Here are a few of the points in favor of Edgecoin.

Edgecoin Review: Incorporates the Metaverse

The company leverages its appreciable holder-base size and ample liquidity pool to boot a virtual space in the Metaverse. 

Its success is such that scholarships are in the offing for grabs. Participants can apply for accredited courses when the World’s First Metaverse University begins operations.

Edgecoin Review: A reliable liquidity pool

There is only one age-long reliable hedge against insolvency, and that is a large liquidity pool. The easier a coin alternates the check-cash line, the likelier it is to withstand bankruptcy (at least, generally).

So, how does this figure in Edgecoin? You need only look at the site’s homepage to view the numbers. Its Liquidity Protocol locks $72298522 away (is this a burner?).

Also, the company provides a 29% Gradecoin airdrop as a spur, binding customers to the timeline as it unfolds.

Here is the height of the promos: automatic entry into a fluctuating DeFi token (Gradecoin) that values 29% Gradecoin to 0.71 USD.

Despite the fixation on schedules, Edgcoin can’t seem to keep up. Below is a glaring instance of a shelved project.

Dreams of Hedge Funds Partnership

The header captures the situation clearly. Why? Because envisioned partnerships with hedging plugs (hedge funds) seem too much for Edegcoin to realize. Instead, the attention drifts towards pumping Gradecoin.

Hedging a crypto coin takes managerial skills on one end and a tech-savvy facilitator on the other end.

Besides other projects yet to boot on Edgecoin, the scheduled partnership for a reliable hedge fund remains on the executives’ dossier. 

Also, such funds would positively impact the buoy of Edgecoin and its iterations on any major listing. But it is not available yet. Everything revolves around the holder base, stake pool, and hype cocoon. 

What does Gradecoin do, anyway?

Gradecoin, a Diversionary Coin?

Our Edgecoin Review does not find any real-time analytics for Gradecoin anywhere. So, what does it achieve for Edgecoin holders?

Some say that Edgecoin flogs the valueless token on the participators in the staking pool, which has a different ring from the purpose described on the official website. You can stake in the pool for a chance to earn 29% Gradecoin (according to the site). But what is the point, though, if the reward only values so much?

Edgecoin Review Conclusion: Is it worth the effort in the long run?

Will holding the coin pay off, after all?

Recent events on the Edgecoin platform don’t align with the typical features of a reliable cryptocurrency. The platform balks on the most crucial piece of its scheduled roadmap: hedge.

So, two options await the holders in the long run.

  1. Either stay with the staking pool for 29% Gradecoin wins, 
  2. Or opt out of the project entirely.

Earning Gradecoins from the pool seems to be the only fledged activity on Edgecoin, without which other projects in the timeline strikes as wishful thinking.

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