Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography | Eminifex CEO Arrested for $59 Million Fraud

Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography _ An IT Engineer, the Eminex founder envisioned a cryptocurrency alte shopping hub.

His career in cyber tech involves senior security roles in web architecture and infrastructure security, with over thirty years dedicated to the fields. Despite his lofty achievements, Eddy has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on allegations of forgery, wire and commodities fraud, and Ponzi.

Whatever the case descriptor, Eddy’s career is definitely taking a different turn.

Eddy promised twice the deposits to investors in his company _ in what seems a mountebank offer.

US Attorney, Damian Williams, commenting on Eddy’s arrest, discloses that the incident involves commodities fraud while mainstream media highlights the cosmetic tech pitched to prospects to pull off the scheme.

His arrest has triggered a series of inquiries into the background of co-founders in the sham, despite the favorite poster-boys being mainly residents of Long Island (unverified at writing time).

What does popular media know about him? Not much, really, especially on Wikipedia. But we’ve strung likely keywords in this title, Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography, to explain crucial aspects of Eddy’s public life until his arrest. Read on below for details.

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Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography: Before He Became Famous

Eddy has had the best cut from the pie, considering his education and business history. We’ll take them in steps.

He was born in Valley Stream, New York, 50 years ago.

After his high school education, Eddy went to an Ivy League College, Harvard University, completing a course in the IT engineering field.

Numbering among his certificates are _

(ISC)2 Security CISSP (ISC2-CISSP), CompTIA Security+ce, CEH, Website Development and Design, and AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials.

Other alleged qualifications include various roles as Commercial Satellite Dish Installer, Residential Satellite Dish Installer, and MS Certified Systems Engineer.

His best moments in the IT field seem to be achieved as a cyber tech engineer.

The Knot in Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography

At some point, in 2021, Eddy colluded with purported co-founders to start EminiFX, the conduit that helped him siphon up to $59 million from unsuspecting investors.

His modus operandi was to lure potential investors with a two hundred percent (200%) return on investments (ROI), touting automated trades and whatnot. Eddy took advantage of popular ignorance about automation and cryptocurrency to pull off one of the largest high yield pyramid scheme frauds in 2022.

When probed for information about his business, Eddy waves off the perceived curiousness claiming it is a secret. Nothing so far has been established about disclosure and compliance with investment regulators.

You can see the similarity to most crypto Ponzi online _

  • Invest a specified amount in the ROI cycle (either a unilevel or binary team) for profits,
  • Re-invest the profit to unlock better packages in the second cycle,
  • And a last-minute notice of an in-platform token as the withdrawal currency.

CEO Eddy Alexandre’s company seems to have one or more of these characteristics.

As expected, Eddy’s fancy goldmine could not remit the 5% weekly profit promised to an investor in the business, although the rest were not even re-invested.

What did he do with the investments? See the following section for details.

Hundreds of Dollars Spent on Luxuries

It’s the most intriguing part of Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography at this time. He bilked $59 million for a getaway ride in luxury cars.

Eddy allegedly lost millions in protracted funding for his automatic investments, recovering only a very small fraction of it for some time.

Subsequently, he shunts $`14.7 million to a private account, from which he bought a BMW car for $155000, paying $13000 for a Mercedes Benz.

Despite the peek in his misdemeanor, Eddy is yet to disclose details of his spending spree, pending a court hearing. However, he could get up to twenty (20) years in Jail if the conviction falls through.

The worst pitching error in Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography operating EminiFX is the Robo-Advisor. It is a mountebank trailblazer, but it can only go so far in reality.

Recently, Eddy Alexandre is with the US FBI, facing charges of commodities fraud. Keep a tab on this article for updates.

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