Drip Network Login | Is the BR34P to DRIP Project Legit? Faucets & MLM

Drip Network Login: the portal allows you to access DRIP reward faucets and affiliate compensation plans in the in-platform BR34P token.

While the major focus is on the flagship coin being deflationary, a membership reward schema features prominently on the site as well. A self-regulating token embedded in a binary exchange core (BR34P to DRIP) is not the usual route of most MLMs. So, most non-enthusiasts are atypically receptive to the coin because of its Dev teams’ Defi portfolio.

Also, many reviews on Reddit and Medium tend to coopt DRIP Network in a series of the best blockchain crypto currencies in vogue yet. The unanimous takes are all well for a fledgling project. But how does a company with less than a year’s activity intend to pay 365% ROIs?

MLM has damaged the blueprint for any enterprise that offers affiliate compensations. The same thing happens here in DRIP, except that the only redemption is for DRIP Network to build a different reputation from MLM.

Is it Ponzi all over? We highlight some crucial parts of this platform at the end of this Drip Network Login post. You can read on below for details.

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Drip Network Login: About the Company


Top to down, the official website is very thorough about the project, although everybody on the execs and dev team is subsumed in the alias, Forex_Shark, and team.

The same site mentions that the official in-platform coin is DRIP, which is of the BEP-20 token cohorts. Citing Binance Smart Blockchain as the best prop, DRIP Network attempts to market its token as censorship-resistant, deflationary, and DeFi.

Also, DRIP Network recommends exchanges on only one counter: Fountain Contract. Waiving a 10% tax on orders is the first clue to an attempt to curb censorship, besides which Fountain Contract positions the company to provide the highest liquidity and the lowest prices.

Membership participation is quite immersive, and it offers options to Trade, Stake, and Liquidity Farm.

On the whole, DRIP Network only booted last year without presuming to cater to millions of users on the backend. So, that’s a relief from the hallmark tall-tale business roadmap of MLMs. Cue the whitepaper contract, and you could say that the company provides necessary info on the public side.

Who Owns the Company?

It’s uncertain who the owner is, except the aliases Forex_Shark and BB.

The above names are obviously not enough to go by as per verifying a company execs’ background.

Moreover, some YouTube uploads mention a development team behind Drip Network. But so far, nothing is forthcoming about any team member and his contribution to the whole.

See the compensation plan (which kick starts the MLM side of the company) below. We explain the Drip Network Login procedure in the subsequent sections.

Affiliate Compensation

Well, the process of placing sold on a DRIP token is circuitous, requiring affiliates to convert cryptocurrencies to BR34P first before changing to DRIP.

At the start, we mentioned a 365% ROI as a withdrawable cap for members _ albeit with the addendum that DRIP Network might not pull off the feat. It turns out that the primer is Faucets and Reservoirs.

A Faucet gives a performer some captcha tasks that reward small pools with cryptocurrencies when completed. The pooled treacle cues the crypto jargon (Faucet) for the Proof of Work task. Affiliates engage in the staking contract for 1% passive rewards.

Further, DRIP Network pays out via a Reservoir, supposedly a non-inflationary minting tether.

How the 1% daily income Works

Are you familiar with an MLM reward grid that shuffles the accumulated funds in referral downlines up to the top-tier investors? If yes, then brace for a nearly similar process here.

DRIP is a deflationary token by definition, but not while it has a functional Reservoir minting protocol. So, where is the catch?

The best explanation so far is taxing.

It happens on a four-fold front:

  1. 10% for Deposit in Faucet
  2. 10% for Withdrawing from the Faucet
  3. 5% on compounded accruals (a feature named Hydrate in the platform)
  4. 0.99%-50% tax range for bulk withdrawals

We’ll talk more about this in the conclusion. Meanwhile, you can read the Drip Network Login procedure in the following section.

How to Login to Drip Network

Here is how to access the Drip Network Login webpage.

  • Go to the official sign-in website (preferably click on the sign-in option on the Drip Network website homepage).
  • Enter your login email address and password.
  • Also, enter your referral code (if it is necessary).
  • Finally, click on Login.

Conclusion: Is the Project Sustainable?

Many people seem to have the following reservations about DRIP Network.

If a 1% daily profit depends on taxable deposits (in the faucet pool) accumulated over the compound interest period, doesn’t it equal Ponzi?

In the event of withdrawals surpassing deposits, how does DRIP Network guarantee that the Reservoir doesn’t hike inflation by minting DRIP tokens?

Our conclusion focuses on the proffered arguments for the program sustainability of the DRIP token as a wealth primer. So far, no resolutions are available.

Most people staking their money in the reward pool look to profit from a compounded yield of prior ICO deposits. It winds down to consenting to a pyramid scheme ultimately, with the pay model (a skewed draft) depending on deposits to meet cashouts/withdrawals.

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