Dragon Global Finance | Phases Out to EQT Bank | Website Down

Dragon Global Finance, although currently unavailable, offers SEPA & SWIFT Payments, Card Issuing, Conversions, and bots to clients.

The website was a vague splash of various investment options. A client can earn profits and bonuses by buying into any of the listed multi-currency services on the platform. However, what the company actually does remains unclear. It is one thing to claim mastery of several international money processing duties, but fulfilling the task is another.

Also, Dragon Global Finance conveniently copies a Bloomberg-listed company of a similar name in an attempt to appear legit. Dragon Global Finance does not seem to have any tangible services anyway _ that part of currying traction apart.

So, what does the company do? It merely merges with EQT Bank, another MLM buddy mentioned on the T&C page.

Only the compensation grid is elaborate on the official Dragonglobalfinance.com site, typical of shroud MLMs. So, what’s the big deal for this platform then? Read on below for details.

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Dragon Global Finance: Who Owns the Company?

The owner is Anthony Norman, an MLM promoter with several stints to his credit. Also, he was a front/PR for MLM projects like Wazzub, IQ Legacy (later a subsidiary of Welmont Capital), Sprinkle Group, and other versions of the Dragon Global X brand.

Note that this overarching brand is not the same as Dragon Global Management LLC.

Regardless of the choice of brand, Dragon Global Finance seems to source most of its user traffic from Saudi Arabia. Its other subsidiaries and incorporations (ETQ Bank, for example) happen to operate primarily MLMs as well.

In that regard, the following money transmitting brochure may be a feint given the level of affiliate compensation program from the company. So, clients can supposedly get any of the following professional services.



Mass Payment

Card Issuing

Conversion (as in, currency exchange)

Prospective users will have to go through a KYC protocol (Know Your Customer).

However, nothing proves that the company conducts any of these businesses. Its only active part seems to be the MLM affiliate/member sign-up/register portal. So, before you push the registration button, see the compensation plan below.


Anthony Norman has a crypto redirect, LIQ (Liquid Token), where ROIs and deposits are converted and traded in-platform. Again, his company is different from Robert Zangrillo’s, which owns legit shares in Uber, Facebook, and Twitter. Investors would naturally wonder where the chunk of remittals is sourced from? We will get to this point later.

Compensation Plan

You can buy any of the following subscriptions (profits are payable per week) via the in-platform counter, Likquid Exchange.

  • Twenty-five thousand USD ($25000)
  • Ten thousand USD ($10000)
  • Five thousand USD ($5000)
  • One thousand USD ($1000)

Other perks (on the MLM side) require clients to recruit people and maintain downlines through two referral levels. Accordingly, the first and second levels pay twenty-five percent (25%) and fifteen percent (15%).

Further, members can gain bonus credits by staking on the in-platform exchange _ the credits are called Staking Bonus.

Other Bonuses

Since Dragon Global Finance is into MLM, its loyalty programs accumulate with passing trade cycles.

According to the site (while it was active, anyway), Market Making Algo (MMA) contributes to the chunk of liquidity leverage the company could muster. Doubling on this claim, the company claims to have begun implantation of the MMA for a US-based group’s real estate bond. How does this pay off, ultimately?

Members would have to invest in an algorithm trader _ a bot that runs some kind of hedged portfolios for investors.

So, if you buy at the launch, you get the bot at a subsidized price, which is projected to increase exponentially according to demand.

Are all these things true? See the Dragon Global Finance aftermath below for details.

Company Phases Out to EQT Bank, Website Currently Down

Despite all the promises of ROIs and bonus credits from Dragon Global Finance, the company website has collapsed. It is no longer accessible on the internet.

A series of MLM links connect the current site to a still-available EQT Bank, most of them pulling user traffic from the UAE and UK. What becomes of the pending ROIs? You can take a cue from this pattern.

MLM High Yield platforms shunt the fund channels by creating worthless tokens and encouraging members to switch to a new, hastily created platform, buy the token, and continue their investments. Bare weeks later, the same sites announce a hack and disable every withdrawal button.

The pattern is the favorite of MLM Ponzi, cue Dragon Global Finance phasing out into EQT Bank. 

Dragon Global Finance Conclusion: Legit?

So far, the story of ROI remittals and loyalty perks on Dragon Global Finance has been about goal-shifting and promoting inexistent bot traders.

Although clients understand that the deal is money transmission, currency exchange, SWIFT processing, etc., they have to put up with every whim of the execs. Point in case: Likquid Exchange and MMA.

Also, offering such services would require Dragon Global Finance to possess an SEC license to pass for a legit professional in the mentioned areas. Unfortunately, the company lacks the license.

Dragon Global Finance’s website is currently down, and its ROIs are unavailable. Members will have to think hard about migrating to the next phase (EQT Bank).

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