Digital Profit Review | Crypto/Forex Signal, Supplements, Credibility

Digital Profit Review: the multi-level marketing platform offers tiered crypto investment options and marketer/bot-trader categories. The Digital Profit website also contains a BEpic food supplements package for vendors and buyers. 

In a storied entrance, spanning MLM networks in Forex trade, supplements, and affiliate programs, Digital Profit presents a passive earning portal for clients. The various services, overseen by the Company owners themselves, includes the following items:

Guides/Tutorials for newbies

Trading Signals

FileCoin & derivate crypto trading avenues

BEpic food supplements entailing different health drugs for healthy living

Affiliate Programs (backed by matching bonuses and referral commissions)

And so on.

Our Digital Profit Review briefly looks at these services and attempts to determine how credible they are. Unlike the threadbare scam partnership plans you’d see on low-budget Ponzi MLM websites, Digital Profits appears to be legit. Or is it? Let’s find out in this article.

Digital Profit Review: Overview

Offering vivid options for sophisticated crypto trading involving Futures and b2b transfers, Digital Profit poses as an ace crypto trading platform. But this description seems cropped since you can get several other services from Digital Profit instead of Defi trades.

Digital Profit Review: as we listed previously, you can access the platform’s multiple coin wallets (BTC, ETH, etc.). You can also earn from marketing its food supplements, trading futures, and trading Forex. 

Another remarkable service on the platform is a 1475 encryption math supposedly embedded in Digital Profits b2b and blockchain-enabled trades. We will get to this subject in a later section of this Digital Profit Review.

Briefly, the company offers the following products:

Trade Signals

A flagship crypto token (FileCoin)

Health Supplements

WanderLust (all-purpose discounted leisure travel)  

Crypto Trade earning options (involving futures trade)

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Digital Profit Review: Health Supplements

You can buy health supplements from the Digital Profit vendors for the tallied prices,

We assume that the prices culminate from a value-added market because they would’ve sold for lower amounts in the markets. 


The Acceler8 tabs contain weight-loss ingredients. The packet sells for $69.95.


Its functions derive from its ketosis contents. The packet sells for $99.95.


It contains a mechanism that retards the normal skin aging process. Regener8 is made from a local tea with a formula for skin cure. It sells for $69.95.


Enmeshed with nutritional flavors, chiefly from a genus of African mango, B-Slim trims your shape. It sells for $59.95.


This supplement is an energy juice sold in sachets. It sells for $69.95. 

Digital Profit Review: the PR strategy for marketing supposed health contributes to its credibility. However, the products are not so valuable.

Digital Profit Review: Secure 1475 Crypto Network

Here’s a high-brow cryptographic service from Digital Profit: Secure 1475.

Ordinarily, a crypto trader doesn’t know how this encryption works. But a brokerage would have cognizance of intricate security bits in its control. So what is a Secure 1475?

Digital Profit Review: besides its math/physics aspects, the 1475 encryption is a primitive condition for desired security in a cryptanalytic program. A primitive condition is the fore state of all synthetic processes. Over the years, computer programmers learn to incorporate 1475 encryption in software security.

Digital Finance (Defi) networks contain such encryption. All in keeping with other high-brow investment options in its list, Digital Profits also offers Secure 1475 encrypted networks.

So, when you fund your wallet on the platform, you can expect maximum security. 

Digital Profit Review: the only question that remains is, can Digital Profit make good on its claims?

As a voucher, Digital Profit refers to its FileCoin top 20 crypto coin listing on Coinmarketcaps. But there’s more about the platform than references to coin values. For one, its CEO business history poses a red flag for wary customers. See the next section of this Digital Profit Review for more details.

Possible Issues, CEO Jumble

Digital Profit Review: the platform’s CEO history is a complex story of SEC law infringements and botched MLM ventures. You can get the story below, briefly as we can compile it.

Digital Profit key person, Travis Bott, previously run an MLM platform such as Onyx Lifestyle. The aftermath of his business becomes encrusted with Ponzi flares like:

Citing exit signals on the guise of huge monetary losses, and

Subsequently merging with another MLM company.

Afterward, Travis Bott churns out the Digital Profit platform as a motley recreation of several MLM companies involving separate owners. The joint venture features the previous Onyx Lifestyle owner as a key person. 

The faceted ensemble recruits a health supplement retailer, BEpic, to cover its Ponzi MLM career trails. Given the investor-influx in Digital Profit, the BEpic ruse works to an extent. But it soon rakes up a few issues.

Despite its implied incorporation by Digital Profit, BEpic has a running website currently. However, the website is a typical MLM investment tableau. Once it gets sizeable funds, it will disappear. Digital Profit might be taking on investment appendages to appear legit to the public.

Also, Digital Profit does not offer a credible office location. It initially feints with an address in the USA, then presents an office location in Singapore. This is another trademark of Ponzi scheme investment avenues. Hiding office locations and CEOs’ info allows MLM networks to escape the law when they scam people of their money.

To stall the budding scam issues on the platform, an investor ought to request Digital Profit for a trade license from appropriate SEC firms.

What does it cost to join the platform? See the next section of our Digital Profit Review for details.

Affiliate Partnership Registration

Digital Profit incentivizes investment in higher packages by providing clients low exchange rates on crypto/forex trades. 

Digital Profit Review: three-tiered, the registration cache of Digital profit accepts the following entry-prices:

24K Gold Plated Package

Entry price is $1499.95 ($299 monthly re-commitments).

Black Stainless Steel Package

Entry Price is $799.95 (monthly recommitments: $199).

Plastic Package

The least package, Plastic, sells for $159.95 (yearly recommitments: $99).


We conclude our Digital Profit Review with the following highlights:

Digital Profit is an MLM platform (crypto futures trading, forex signal providers, etc.).

The official website says nothing about the company Admin. The platform also does not publish any trade license or proof of paying ROIs to clients on its official website.

Further, the business history of its media fronts is fraught with failed Ponzi projects and SEC probes. Despite its representation as a high-tech platform, Digital Profit is the subject of deep dives from credible journals covering MLM Ponzi platforms.

Please, tells us your experience transacting with Digital Profit in the comment section.

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