Dev Racksterli Com | Review, Login/Sign-up, Packages, is the new web address of the Racksterli Company. Get the latest reviews on Dev Racksterli Com Login, Packages, and updates on the website URL here in this post. 

Do you find it hard to login to your Dev Racksterli Com account? Do you wish to get the updated Racksterli website so you can opt to recover your investment capital from the platform? If you want to do any of these activities on the site, read this Dev Racksterli Com Review, Login Procedure, and always refer back to for updates on the Racksterli website. Learn more about the web link here in this post.

Dev Racksterli Com: Overview, Website History

Dev Racksterli Com is an upgraded version of the erstwhile digital investment company. While Racksterli offered high ROIs on its packages, it could not cover the deficit between withdrawals and capital deposits in the company. Before long, investors on Racksterli could not access their accounts because is down. 

Also, Dev Racksterli Com is one of the several prop-up websites that the Company CEO uses to salvage its depleting fan traffic. Now, you can reach the website through the Dev Racksterli Com platform. It further has a “contact us” link in case you have further inquiries.

Moreover, racksterli was accessible through these web addresses:

If you intend to continue your investment or close your account on the platform, use the new racksterli plug, Dev.Racksterli Com.


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Packages: What Dev.Racksterli Offers

Dev Racksterli Com offers investment avenues in three caches:

  1. First, Racksterli Investment Packages
  2. Second, real estate/digital assets
  3. And lastly, Crypto Trade and the Forex Markets generally.

With the first option, you can contribute to the Dev.Racksterli’s capital equity portfolio through investment in real estate. At the time of publication of this post, this investment option is unavailable though.

Also, the company intends to be sufficiently funded to provide crypto-trading options to its hundreds of investors locally and abroad.

However, the only earning options on the platform are the Dev.Racksterli Com Packages and Referral Program. If you wish to earn daily profits from the website, then apply for any of the Dev.Racksterli investment packages below.

Dev.Racksterli Packages

These are the packages on the company and their accruing monthly profits:

  • Standard _ available for an entry price of NGN14, 000. It also offers a $57 cumulative monthly profit and $3 per referral.
  • Premium _ this package is available for NGN28, 000 and remits $118 cumulative monthly profit. You can also get $8 per referral on this package.
  • Platinum _ entry price is NGN56, 000 and the accruing monthly profit is $234. It also pays $10.53 for each referral.
  • Gold _ entry price is NGN112, 000 and the accruing monthly profit is $468. Also, this package earns you $11.58 per referral.
  • Diamond _ pays $1170 cumulative profit per month at an entry price of NGN280, 000.
  • Ruby _ pays $223.6 cumulative monthly profit at NGN560, 000 entry price. It also remits $15.7 per referral.
  • Emerald _ earns you $4, 447. 7 cumulative monthly profits on the website. It also pays $18.4 per referral.
  • Pearl _ earns you $10 993.5 cumulative profit per month at an NGN2, 800, 000 and pays $22.3 per referral.
  • Jasper _ this package earns you $19, 420.8 per month at an entry price of NGN5, 000 000. It also pays $27.5 for each referral.
  • Sapphire _ the entry price is NGN10, 000, 000 and pays $39, 000 cumulative monthly profit. The Sapphire package pays $35 per referral.
  • Topaz _ on this package, you can earn $77, 167 cumulative monthly profit at an NGN20, 000, 000 entry price. You can also earn $40 on a referral.

Possible Issues

You can infer from the figures above that the Topaz Package costs the highest entry-amount and remits the highest profit. Since Dev Racksterli Com allows for low-capital investments, you can invest in any of the low-tier packages for starters. 

Moreover, the racksterli CEO promises to refund capital to investors who wish to withdraw from the company. And as many investors are exiting the company daily, we advise that you wait till the company insures investments against possible foreclosure. If the Dev Racksterli Com goes down like the previous racksterli website, you will lose your money permanently.

How to Sign-In/Register on

To register on the website, you need to acquire a requisite Referral ID. Then you can provide these details as shown below:

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Valid Email Address
  • Your current Phone Number
  • Coupon Code
  • Password
  • (A second option to verify password)
  • Agree to the terms and policy and then click on “Create a new account”.

How to Login to the Platform

Here is the login procedure to the dev.racksterli website:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the red Login icon.
  • On the next page, enter the email you registered with.
  • Enter your password
  • Then click on sign-in/login.

Note: you can click on “forgotten password to recover your password if you don’t recall it.

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