DeFinity FI Academy | MLM Compensation in BNB/BSC, Legit?

DeFinity FI Academy: the platform is steep in BNB/BSC swaps on Binance, with execs recouping BNB Business roles.

The company provides tutorials on YouTube, and a fix-it guide on its website, So, the PR is well prioritized by the managerial team, which comprises Toan Nguyen (hosting most of the vids) and a key person with a Defi alias, Blockchain Wayne.

Since both men do not divulge any roles they play in the company, we don’t have much lead on their position in DeFinity FI Academy. Regardless, Nguyen is not taking his first detour to MLM with DeFinity, given his previous PR gigs with PIG (Passive Income Group).

Nguyen became a key promoter for BNB Business (which cued DeFinity), recently creating vids for an in-platform NFT. Also, most BNN Business marketers are the principal fronts for DeFinity.

Is the company all about non-fungible digital art pieces? Does it proffer a sustainable earning avenue? Read on below for the details.

DeFinity FI Academy Review: About the Company Overview

You won’t find any information about DeFinity FI Academy as an investment primer in DeFi. Instead, the webpage,, merely displays patches of instruction manuals explaining how to get/swap BNBs or BSCs on, Kucoin, and Binance.

Moreover, the webpage includes a header for depositing fiat on Binance, except it does not cater to US residents. Is that a clue of some backend deal that a US regulator might ruin? Views vary on the correct answer to this question, though.

Since so few details of DeFinity are available in public space, we depend on the advertised affiliate compensations, referral bonuses, and PR vids for information. Our DeFinity FI Academy Review determines how credible the company is in the long run.

Are there any resalable products?

The company has products, but not resalable ones. Subscribers to the tutorial package only get DeFinity Fi Courses, with the sessions arranged in four (4) phases. The available packages are:

PHASE ONE (provides BASIC EDUCATION in packs 1-2-3),

PHASE TWO (provides INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION in packs 4-5-6),

And PHASE THREE (provides ADVANCED EDUCATION in packs 7-8-9).

Also, a professional class for successfully concluded phase three participation is available as PHASE FOUR, which comes in packs 10-11-12.

There is a qualifying criterion for these courses, though. DeFinity FI Academy requires prospective tutorial package buyers to access the sessions by earning the preliminary Reward Tokens since every subsequent package depends on it.

So, you can only participate by buying into a membership package equivalent to Reward Tokens. See how it works in the following section of our DeFinity FI Academy Review.

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Becoming a DeFinity FI Academy Member

You can join DeFInity FI Academy by buying any membership package below.

10 Reward Tokens _ available for 30 USD (BNB equivalent)

25 Reward Tokens _ available for 50 USD (BNB equivalent)

50 Reward Tokens _ sell for 120 USD (BNB equivalent)

100 Reward Tokens _ sell for 200 USD (BNB equivalent)

180 Reward Tokens _ go for 300 USD (BNB equivalent)

250 Reward Tokens _ go for 400 USD (BNB equivalent)

450 Reward Tokens _ available for 700 USD (BNB equivalent)

650 Reward Tokens _ available for 1000 USD (BNB equivalent)

800 Reward Tokens _ sell for 1200 USD (BNB equivalent)

1000 Reward Tokens _ sell for 1500 USD (BNB equivalent)

1400 Reward Tokens _ go for 2000 USD (BNB equivalent)

1700 Reward Tokens _ available for 2500 USD (BNB equivalent)

Subsequently, you can join the affiliate ranking tiers by generating enough BNB credits in your referral downlines. Here is how it works.

Affiliate Ranks

Crown Diamond _ 5000000 USD equivalent in BNBs in Level 1 and 2

Triple Diamond _ 4000000 USD equivalent in BNBs in L1 and L2

Double Diamond _ 3000000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Diamond _ 2000000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Emerald _ 1000000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Ruby _ 800000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Platinum _ 500000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Gold _ 250000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Silver _ 50000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Bronze _ 5000 USD equivalent in BNB in L1 and L2

Affiliate _ you get the rank on signing into a bonus Matrix (default criteria for other rewards).

Note: the BNB amounts must accumulate from your downlines

Referral Downline Commissions

Our DeFinity FI Academy Review finds several loyalty reward packages for members _ an uncommon feature bonus hike in MLMs.

Point in case: personal recruitment commissions

10% _ for the first three “persona”l recruits (payment is in BNBs)

15% _ payable on at least the first four “personal” recruits (payment is in BNBs)

Moreover, the typical referral bonuses are calculable from a 3×12 grid. 

Here is a brief outline of the 3×12 reward model.

A DeFinity FI Academy member recruits three people to the first referral level (L1). The new members, in turn, recruit three others each, making the second level thrice as big as the first. The pattern continues to the twelfth level, with every tier containing members comparable to the immediate top tier by 1:3.

Besides the above bonus lees, DeFinity FI Academy seeds Super Matrix Bonus as an isolated earning point, riding on an affiliate filling the first five downline levels.

Further, you can get the Leadership Global Bonus and a Recruitment Bonus. But the most alluring off is the Share Bonus, which awards weighted shares to an affiliate depending on 3×12 matrix positions and the Super Matrix Bonus tier.

Is it true, then, that the company is legit? See the following section of this DeFinity FI Academy Review for answers.

DeFinity FI Academy Review: Legit or Scam?

The one issue with this platform is its fixation on recruitment, despite a surfeit of profit avenues ads on the site.

Such working models ensure that the subscribers merely align towards a skew payment draft. It also shuffles the pooled funds back to investors in the top tier. While competition might be the assumed ethic behind this, it typically checks withdrawals by hoarding recruitment deposits as profits from the backend.

In any case, the DeFinity FI Academy operators will have to assuage requests for actual trades run by the platform by providing verifiable audits.

Moreover, earning off an NFT-platform, available as a public subscription wall, requires regulation. But DeFinity FI Academy does not provide any of these things. It is the investors’ call ultimately.

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