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Dataway: You can overcome data insufficiency while browsing Nigerian telecoms networks by subscribing/buying Dataway Plans.

It offers a lot of internet package values, talking airtime credits, airtime & cash loans, Point of Service (POS), referral gigs, and customer coupon credits. Dataway solves data/money conversion problems in Nigeria, helping internet users to overcome unsatisfactory tariffs.

Sometimes a 10Gig subscription may not be enough for the task at hand, prompting the person to buy more than his budget. Conversely, a tariff can offer more data than is sufficient for a budget, in which case the user has an excess of data. Dataway provides a viable option in either case. For one, you can buy enough data/airtime from the Apply for Data category on the website.

Alternatively, you can opt to sell unused data in exchange for money. All of these processes are possible on the platform.

Don’t forget that the site allows users to pay utilities and any other payments via the media. Read on below for more details about the services.

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Dataway Overview: What to Expect

Broadly speaking, you can expect three things from the platform.

  1. Buy/Sell Unused data regardless of the network
  2. Pay for utilities and other supported mobile payment options via the platform
  3. Refer people to the available tariffs and earn credit.

Accordingly, the various subscriber benefits require members to pay the appended subscription plan. For example, you can opt for the one-time membership fee (at ₦2000.00) or go for the ₦2000.00 per Month tier.

Further, you can expect lots of loyalty perks from the referral cache _ airtimes, credits, resalable airtime/credits, and payment of bills. As it happens, the benchmark referral commission is fifty percent (50%).

So, how can you trust that the site is legit?

According to a PR source on the internet, the company is supposedly run jointly by AMMG Group and Unique Way Enterprises, with an operating CAC index of BN-3175683. However, the Rc Number showed a different company.

Actually, the CAC-registered entities are:

Dataways ICT Services (Reg Number is 3284354 while Entity Type is Business Name)

Dataway Limited (Reg Number is 817591 while the Entity Type is Company)

However, the company mentions MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile as Partners and Providers, showing that the company is not necessarily a stand-alone telecoms agency.

Dataway has offices in many parts of Nigeria, with outlets for reaching a broad community. Also, it supposedly has enough heuristics to ensure timely payment of ROIs (typically in less than a day). You can see some of the listed locations in the clip below.


You can reach the company CS branches via their WhatsApp lines (available on the website). See the data credits and airtime perks in the section below.

How it Works: Buy Data

Note: you can sign up for the affiliate part, which pays ₦1,000 and 1GB per referral, via the online portal or the offline vendor points mentioned on the site. The procedure below explains how to purchase browsing data from the platform.

Before you start, ensure you have the following details ready.

  • Network _ you will have to choose a network from the drop-down menu (it typically shows MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile)
  • Bundle _ you will have to set a data/airtime bundle (select a network first to continue with the procedure)
  • Now, enter your valid mobile phone number.
  • Specify the AMOUNT you are opting for on the site (simply fill in the number in the payment slip).
  • Also, enter your email address.
  • Finally, click on PROCEED.

The available memberships are as follows.

Basic Membership Benefits (2000 one-time payment)

You can get the following benefits under this package.

Earning opportunities

Affordable SME data bundles in the country (500 MB, ₦120; 1GB, ₦240; 2GB, ₦480; 5GB, ₦1200; 10GB, ₦2400)

Fifty Percent (50%) Affiliate Commission and one gigabyte (1GB) of data bonus per day

It allows you to fund your wallet via Providus Bank using a unique PAN (Personal Account Number) without extra fees.

3-4% VTU airtime and data discount regardless of the preferred network

Also, you get a 1-2% TV Subscription & Bill Payment discount.

You also get up to a 2% discount on bets and electricity payments.

Further, the platform allows you to use the vendor/reseller offer on the site.

Members can get WP Plugin and API for affiliate coupon selling.

POS and recharge card printing, with discount options for bulk prints and the processing portal

Besides this membership tier, you can go for the monthly membership option below.

Advanced membership Benefits (optional 2000 subscription, renewable monthly)

Besides the Basic Plan subscription perks, you get these benefits.

Seven Gigabyte (7GB) per month and five gigabytes (5GB) subsequently

Eligible for monthly transaction promo

Eligible for Monthly referral rewards

Also, you get a free ad space (Dataway does not specify if the ads run on their site or the member gets a paid-ads banner space on his own site).

eCom System/eShop

It allows you to access marketing and business widgets.

Eligible for monthly cash promo and contests

Eligible for loyalty perks which include gifts and money

Finally, the monthly subscription qualifies you for a business branding toolset.


Dataway provides several reselling options for people looking to exchange mobile data for money or airtime.

Also, it works for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile network users, allowing everyone to join the referral cycle.

Moreover, you can settle utility bills using the platform.

As per legitimacy, some of the CAC registration numbers peddled online are fake or redundant. You can contact Dataway for due SEC diligence if necessary.

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