Cryptovil Review | Crypto Bot-Trader, Affiliate Packages, Location

Cryptovil Review: the platform offers crypto bot-trader and trade analytics as financial leverage for all investors on the Cryptovil platform. 

Typically, an automatic crypto/stocks trading bot tips off scam alert signals among MLM investors. Although Cryptovil publishes testimonies and office locations to stamp its legitimacy on Defi communities, it still records downvotes.

Is the platform credible for investment? What does it even offer, to start with?

Our Cryptovil Review examines the investment plans on the platform, Cryptovil bot-trading, and the credibility of the company. You can read below for more details.

Cryptovil Review: Overview

Cryptovil Review: it starts with a familiar MLM undertaking to make lives better through passive crypto/forex earning options. But the enthusiasm typically devolves around investing less to earn more. So, here is what the company looks like.

Cryptovil lists that market heuristics currently favor hedged fund direct investors. It then reveals its solution for such an unfair trade advantage in the following words.

Crytpovil aims to disrupt the crypto trading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models.

Subsequently, the website mentions the clutter of special crypto trading tools it offers. On the whole, the services alternate between trade analytics and high-tech bots.

Also, the company says its bot-trading cache is optimized for safe trading. But there is no way we can independently confirm this claim.

Further, our Cryptovil Review finds nothing about the owner of the platform. As the website merely presents a litany of Cryptovil’s commitment to Defi security, it shows nothing about the Admin.

Although the website includes an About Us category, it still divulges little about Crytpovil anonymous owners. When you click on the category, you will be whisked to an off-hand refrain on the essence of the Crytpovil platform. Moreover, the supposed trade analytics on the website is not accessible.

Besides the scant services above, you can subscribe to a partnership package on Cryptovil. But that is the sum of all that the website lists in its services cache.

Does the company offer any office location, incorporations, or international links? Yes, you can read about them in the next section of this Cryptovil Review.

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Cryptovil Review: Office Locations

Cryptovil lists it’s an offshoot of Crypto BTC Trade Limited. Its office location derives from the parent company’s address is PO Box 4385, Cardiff CF14 8LH.

Our Cryptovil Review finds that the platform is supposedly incorporated by Crypto BTC Trade LTD (company number: 1913204). Hence, all inquiries as to its legal trading rights necessarily derive from Crypto Trade Limited. But that is not all to the matter.

Cryptovil Review: on a different webpage, you can see a US-based office location for the company shown below:

1556 Colonial Dr. Macon, GA 31204, USA.

Note that Dr. is abbreviated with a comma ending on the website. This suggests that the owner(s) of the platform is likely not an American or European. For all its concerted effort to provide an office address, the Cryptovil addresses might be fake.

Moreover, office address and business incorporation don’t serve as a legal license for public trading companies. An office address does not require financial regulation and it counts for nothing in securities trade.

As the trivial address links and lack of Admin Info on the Cryptovil website do not offer substantial proofs, our Cryptovil Review finds no tangible location for the platform and its CEOs.

However, the company website posts its email address ( for contact and more information.

Investment Packages

Previously, we hinted at the affiliate/partnership packages on the Cryptovil website. You can learn how it works in this section of our Cryptovil Review.

Cryptovil offers investments in four-tiered packages/plans. Below is how it works:

Prime Plan ($1499-$1000) _ available for 9hours, the package earns you 10% profit caps per validity period.

Platoon Plan ($1500-$9999) _ available for one (1) month, the package earns you 16% profit caps per validity period.

Advanced Plan ($10000-$49999) _ available for six (6) hours, the package earns you 35% profit per trade period.

Expert Plan ($50000-$100000) _ available for four (4) hours, the package earns you 35% profit per trade period.

All investment plans enjoy 24/7 customer care support.

Moreover, each package carries a referral bonus of 5% per recruitment. Usually, an MLM company offers affiliate compensation structures and matching bonuses to its partners. Our Cryptovil Review does not find such records on the website.

Unverified Admin & Testimonies

Cryptovil lists testimonies of clients who have supposedly traded successfully with the platform.

However, just like the Admin Info, the published testimonies on the Cryptovil website cannot be traced to an external link. They all follow a rabbit hole that leads to the website. 

Also, our Cryptovil Review traced the CEO of Cryptovil, Logan Perez, to Ciervo Trade. Incidentally, he is also the founder of Ciervo. But our link ticks off his profile as unverified.

By all indications, several people answer Logan Perez. A professional Twitter handle would’ve pinpointed the ID of the Cryptovil CEO, but it’s not available on the Cryptovil website.

Moreover, Cryptovil and Ciervo share marked unprofessional wording in their different niches. While Cryptovil offers crypto-bot trading services, Ciervo offers a blockchain. Ciervo’s flagship coin would also launch off its ICO program.

However, Logan Perez-led Ciervo is a blacklisted unverified venture that sullies the reputation of Cryptovil. Our Cryptovil Review also learns that both Logan Perezs have the same profile pics. It is either someone is using a random picture to pose as a CEO of fake crypto brokers, or Logan Perez does not care to reveal his identity.

Other Admin names on the Cryptovil website yield similar jumbled searches as Logan Perez’s.

Cryptovil Review: Credibility

Cryptovil is an unregulated Defi platform. It records low trust scores in peer-reviewed posts online.

Besides the confusion trailing its CEO-laundered image, Cryptovil does not offer any shred of security to investors should their funds sink. Another major red flag about the company is its high-tech bot trading AI. It doesn’t disclose any information about the service, except a vague hint at what it does.

Moreover, there are no trading updates on the website. Presumably, clients can access financial instruments when they register, but then they’ll be paying for an unregulated service they know nothing about. 

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