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CryptoChrist Review: the company offers a 13% daily profit for minimum deposit of $50 but lacks a Securities and Exchange Commission license.

Operating out of 57 GODSTONE Road, Rotherham, England, the company is supposedly headed by Mr. Connor A. But like most entries on the official website, the CEO and Office Location are likely fake. 

First, you will notice the play on etymology here, banking on subterranean Christian proselytism in the 1000s to sell securities without regulation. Second, the website doesn’t disclose any investment plans besides a blanket reference to crypto, futures trading, forex, etc. Third, CryptoChrist offers zero protection for your investments, and it says so on the website.

 See what else this CryptoChrist Review could learn about the company in this article.

CryptoChrist Review: Overview

Although a few sites mention that CryptoChrist barely registered its domain address five (5) months ago, the company maintains it has been running since 2019. In this period, it supposedly trades the Stock Markets, Binary Options, Cryptocurrencies, and Forex. Yet, there is no proof of trading of any kind on the website.

By its submission, Cryptochrist Ltd currently manages total assets of over $1.078 trillion (as at (sic) June 2020), has an AA rating from Cryptocurrency Trading Commission (“CTC”). Despite the error-fraught syntax of the complete page, this clip would have people believe that CryptoChrist handles roughly $1000,000,000.

Also, our CryptoChrist Review could pick out contradicting reports from the website. After an entire webpage that highlights that the company is unregulated, the site mentions this fake accolade.

“(Sic) and was named Best investment company, USA 2019 by Capital Finance International”

If you want to pinpoint the hotchpotch description above, check the About Us page on the website. This much amateurish from CryptoChrist should be a turn-off for any investor. But the company, unabashed by its lack of license, currently offers earning options for at least a $50 deposit. 

Moreover, the supposed CEO of CryptoChrist, Mr. Connor A, does not have any business records online. Just like Will Smith, the pop-up profile requesting deposits on the website, Connor might be another pun. There is no lack of drama on this one, from brand name to investment packages (myrrh, frankincense, etc.). Yet, this CryptoChrist Review finds no religious affiliations on the platform.

If the volume of CryptoChrist Review posts online determines the trust score of the company, there is none for it online. Impliedly, the company, supposedly managing one trillion dollar-worth of assets, is unknown. Either it is lying about the assets or playing the cryptic broker.

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CryptoChrist Packages

This section of our CryptoChrist Review looks at the investment packages on the platform. Below is how they work.

The investment plan involves three caches, as in

Myrrh _ pays 9% daily profit for investments brackets of $50-$1500.

Frankincense _ pays 11% daily profit for investment brackets of $1550-$10000.

Gold _ remits daily profit of 13% for deposits in the range of $10,500-$100,000.

There is also a bonus reward, an Evangelical Commission. Now, our CryptoChrist Review could not determine whether the offer is an airdrop or a competitive bonus. Also, the company accepts payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money.

CryptoChrist Review: Red Flag

The major issue in CryptoChrist is its lack of regulation. Compared to this, other discrepancies on the site seem minor problems.

 You see the extent of looming fraud in the company by searching its Rules & Terms page. It starts off by deceitfully alienating US regulators from its services.  

As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 (sic) and all other rules, regulations (sic) and amendments thereof.

But elsewhere on its website, it parades zero-risk investment. Scroll down a few lines from the clip above, and you will see CryptoChrist subtly requesting complicity in spreading its investment. It is likely why the company does not publish its affiliate compensation structure on the site. They are keeping to cryptic form by playing the part of daubed crypto traders.

Also, the lack of regulation should give an investor a pause. CryptoChrist limits recruitments to only those interested in their offers, attempting to strip securities of its legal definition. The point is, despite what an investor thinks, prior regulation should be the hallmark of all securities. If by citing private transactions, CryptoChrist wants to sidestep legal procedures, it is committing a security fraud.


This part concludes our Cryptochrist Review on the following notes. Cryptochrist handles clients’ assets privately without an FDIC prop. Its only link to an external entity is a vague incorporation certificate. But that is worthless as per regulation.

Also, the website is amateurishly worded. If you require any proof of rip-off lurking behind those Rules & Terms, learn why a security regulator is necessary. 

Moreover, the company says it offers spiritual services. None is available on the site. Taken lump sum, Cryptochrist, an unregulated stocks broker, offers financial instruments and spiritual help. That is a heap of bizarre items for clients. 

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