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Crowd1 Login: the Crowd1 Com Sign-in procedure allows you to access various services via a purchase & recommend tool on the website.

CROWD1 operates as a direct sales organization, delegating membership recruitment to users via the affiliate cache. So, you can join the fun by signing up on the Crowd1 Com Login Portal using the affiliate link.

Upon signing in to your account, you can access loads of useful products. The platform has a tiered listing for members, allowing users to contribute to the value chain as entrepreneurs.

What can you do on the site as a user?|

Broadly speaking, users can be part of the following groups on the website:

  • Customers,
  • Members, and
  • Entrepreneurs.

However, active participation invariably requires the member to buy at least one product from the product/service cache, the in-platform C-Store. Every order earns the buyer a bonus _ as long as the person is a registered member.

Speaking of products, what kinds do you expect from Crowd1? See the following section for details.

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Crowd1 Login: Crowd1 Products

There are no specific products on the website, with the cache heavily strewn with games and articles of software.

Although the website mentions that members can develop entrepreneurial skills on the platform, a gaud of games and colorful ads don’t avail users of much use. LIFE TRNDS is one such item on this list. It is about hotel bookings and travel benefits.

Other entries include:

  • PlanetlX Hexagons (also in the background of a seminar wallpaper on the website), and
  • Mindoe.

But the most beneficial yet may prove to be Mindoe _ a trainee program exploring Rhetorics (although the offsetting deal is undisclosed at the time of writing), audience building, and (finally) entrepreneur.

Also, Mindoe seems to be an online 4-minute crash course on average, locked away for members only. Based on the periods and available guides (including 23-minute digs on stress relief), Mindoe might well be the ultimate purpose of Crowd1 as a values aggregator.

Tips: some people wonder if Crowd1 outsources traffic for a listed partner/affiliate sites. For one, the BBC Africa Eye has published on the deluge of affiliate incentives on the Crowd1 website.

To access the packages on the platform, though, you will have to create an account. Below is how the Crowd1 Sign up procedure works.

Crowd1 Account Sign Up

Follow the steps below to create a Crowd1 Com Account on the official Crowd1 Sign-up website,

  • Create a username
  • Enter Sponsor (the username of the affiliate who referred you to the site)
  • Also, enter your first name, last name, address, and postal code.
  • Fill in your city and country of residence
  • Fill in the Country name
  • Now, enter the email and password (confirm email and password).
  • Then tick the three Terms and Conditions boxes (ensure you read the content to avoid extortion/compliancy).
  • Finally, click on Sign Up (or Create My Account).

Subsequently, the Crowd1 Login procedure takes you to your previously-signed membership account. If you don’t have one already, see the available packages in the section below.


The tiers for Crowd1 Starter Packages are:

SoMe(360 EUR) Lifetime Membership _ provides social media convenience tools that allow you to plan, schedule, publish, measure, and analyze posts.

Link Me (360 EUR) Lifetime Membership _ provides a digital business card that links SoMo and Crowd1 details, allowing for streamlining.

Loyalty Points (up to 15,000 loyalty points) _ provides enough bonuses for promotion through the Loyalty Program. Also, the Loyalty Points serve as part payment tender in C-Store.

LifTRNDS _ values at 1310 EUR (1000 EUR, hotel credits; 310 EUR travel benefits)

Minedoe _ worth 1068 EUR

Miggster (available for 12 months) _ worth 69 EUR

Titanium Package (available at 2499 EUR)

See below for the Crowd1 Login steps.

Crowd1 Login: How to Sign in to Crowd1 Com via the Portal

You can search the official Crowd1 Login portal online, (the web service).

  • Enter your username and Crowd1 Login password.
  • Finally, click on the Login tab.

Crowd1 & the BBC Africa Eye: Plagiarized Contents, SEC Warnings

Although direct sales do not necessarily mean an MLM (multi-level-marketing), Crowd1 easily alternates the two sides. You can see the tableau of service links on the site _ hardly worth the appended prices. Some of the courses merely run for barely four (4) minutes, explaining irrelevant stuff like stress relief to would-be entrepreneurs.

As it happens, BBC Africa Eye covered a detailed review on the pay model of Crowd1, revealing that the company is Ponzi.

Also, a Nigerian newspaper (, relying on the BBC Africa Eye coverage, explains the skew incentives for membership participation in the affiliate program.

Crowd1 turns out to be the same in every case: Fraud and Ponzi. The invariable conclusion is that the company relies on affiliate sign-up deposits to cater to withdrawal requests.

Warnings from SEC/regulators in the Philippines, Mauritius, Gabon, Norway, and other countries confirm the precarious position of Crowd1 users. Correspondingly, a section of the website prevents members from using some domain-serviced links on the charade of non-compliance.

The company offers subscription packages to members (including faux software and video games) despite claiming not to do so in the Terms and Conditions (T&C). (See the clip below)


The Crowd1 is witnessing  some overhaul, perhaps adjusting to recent findings about its services. At the writing time, the site displays the following message.

Crowd1 Login

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