Corsair Group | CONSOB  labels Corsair Group an Illegal Company

Corsair Group: the company is currently labeled an illegal platform by CONSOB, cue the already notorious operators.

The story of Corsair Group is an intricate mesh that involves several promoters of previous flunked MLMs. Frank Ricketts, who has a history in the OneCoin rackets, is an active front for Corsair.

After the stint, he began a different scam project that devolved into a cross-continental jamboree, selling AuLives and Cloud Horizon as passive earning options to Asian audiences.

Rickett’s MLM businesses tend to prioritize an escape channel, a ready stash plug if things go awry. He tried Wolf Bank, laced with ECO coin; he also booted the underlying hype in his most recent scam attempt, Corsair Group.

Meanwhile, other members of the OneCoin charade would throw in with Rickett, alternately carting away gains to offshore accounts and booting a different brand for a fresh start. Steffan Liback and a few other members are principals in these projects.

Corsair Group: what does the company do?

Here is a brief overview.

The popular descriptor for Corsair Group services is an international consortium of companies. Well, is that what the company does? People might have different answers to this question. However, the best reply necessarily defers to a recent notice from Italy’s CONSOB, which names Corsair Group an illegal company.

So, the long and short of it is that the platform offers passive investments and high ROIs. See details in this Corsair Group Review.

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Corsair Group Review: Affiliate Compensation Plan

The gist is to seed FLP tokens for ISF coins, with investors earning profits on a five-tiered investment package. Subsequently, the profits from €/FLP are calculable from FLP conversion rates to ISP, although there is no shred of ISF price tracker to augment this plan. Here is how it works.

Platinum _ available for €9900 and remits 9900 FLP

Gold _ available for €4995 and remits 4995 FLP

Silver _ available for €1995 and remits 1995 FLP

Bronze _ available for €995 and remits 295 FLP

Starter _ available for €295 and remits 295 FLP

Also, the affiliate ranks are as follows.

7 Stars _ goes for ten personally recruited affiliates, with three in the six (6) stars tier; fifty million (50000000) Generated Volumes (GVs) in accumulated Ecovo investment volume

6 Stars _ goes for ten personally recruited affiliates, with three in the five (5) star tier; ten million (10000000) GVs accumulated in Ecovo investment volume

5 Star _ goes for five personally recruited affiliates, with three in the four (4) star tier; two million (2000000) GVs accumulated in Ecovo investment volume

4 Star _ goes for four personally recruited affiliates, with three in the three (3) star tier; one million (1000000) GVs accumulated in Ecovo investment volume

3 Star _ available for three recruitments in the two (2) star tier; also generate 250000 GVs in Ecovo investment volume

2 Star _ recruit and maintain two affiliates (membership tier is unspecified); also invest fifty thousand (50000) GVs in Ecovo volume

1 Star _ goes for two affiliate recruitments and ten thousand (10000) GVs accumulated in Ecovo investment volume

Referral Commissions

Corsair Group Review:  the members participate in a weighted profit grid, earning percentage bonuses from the referrals in the cumulative downline.

It typically pays via an MLM unilevel. An affiliate recruits members to the first level, with the recruits subsequently referring other members to the second level. The pattern continues infinitely, making the complete structure seem like a payment lattice/grid.

The weighted profits are as follows.

Senior Executives _ pays 12% for Level 1, 8% for Levels 2 and 3, and 5% on Levels 4 and 5.

Executive _ it pays 12% for L1, 8% for L2 and L3, and 5% on L4

Senior Associates _ it pays 12% for L1 and8% for L2 and L3

Junior Associates _ it remits 12% for L1 and 8% for L2

Independent Associates _ it remits 12% on Level 1.

Moreover, the same unilevel structure above determines matching bonuses for affiliates as a rating metric (on a range of 1-7 Stars).

You also get Infinity Bonuses, Rank Achievement Bonuses (rewards are in FLP)

However, it is worth a peek beneath these bonus fests, and as well since the Italian CONSOB (financial regulatory body) already notified the public that Corsair Group (and five other companies) are illegal.

Also, CONSOB withholds internet visibility from the six companies under investigation, banking on the Decreto Crescita, a Growth Decree referenced in the publicly available script ( Corsair Group is among the companies on CONSOB’s list. So, how does the news sit with investors?

Conclusion: Legit or Scam?

Corsair Group Review: regardless of the proliferation of cryptocurrencies by the platform, there isn’t any worthwhile profit option for anyone subscribing to the hype.

Add the internet ban in Italy after due diligence by the country’s regulator (CONSOB), and Corsair has all the makings of a Ponzi MLM. The company’s bonus heap is already a scarecrow tip to investors.

What does the company do about its depleting public image?

Well, Corsair Group does NOTHING about it _ besides being obtuse and clogging the MLM bonuses with another infeasible project. Corsair Group intends to produce some of the world’s major exports of Advanced BioFuel, which remains an in-platform news clip to date.

Besides, what chemicals project stalls on mere security regulation?

The cliched FLPs merely reinforce the bandwagon that an XYZ coin could equal a non-fiat dollar because Corsair has enough investments to prop the token.

Perhaps realizing the folly, promoters began announcing a different profit redemption route. Instead of withdrawing the ISF value of FLP, the current preferred channel is CSR (1 EUR is 100 CSR, according to the PRs).

Whatever turns up, Corsair Group will have to clear every issue with SEC agencies before presuming to broker profit from either crypto or petrol derivatives.

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