COPT Review | 3-4% ROI MLM Uses Proxies & Bogus License | Legit?

COPT Review: the company is the typical MLM high yield stint, propped by an FINCEN registration obtained via bogus profiling.

It offers regular MLM reward cycles and a compensation grid, with special treats for high-tier affiliates. COPT supposedly spots a maximally performing profit portfolio in the crypto markets. Members/partners will have to subscribe to the available packages to access accruing ROIs from the said trades.

Beyond the MLM pay model, however, nothing else is coherent about the platform.

For one, you can check that the website employs proxies as execs, with PRs dominating the feedback.

One awkward moment has a single exec photo filling several positions on the same managerial category webpage. Impliedly, the company is compensating for an unprofessional PR. Perhaps matching facial expressions are the criteria for setting a proxy, given that the position easily alternates from a male occupant to a female.

Learn more about the company in this COPT Review. Read on below for details.

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COPT Review: Bogus License?

If there is one recurring card in the MLM regulation evasion game, it is a fake SEC pass. COPT easily provides an FINCEN index, pinning it to U.S. legally operating firm. However, the said license is only a superficial document, given that COPT used a redundant company’s details to file in for it.

The situation is quite intricate for an MLM primer. It is usually an unregistered platform claiming to possess lots of convertible bonds, resellable products, virtual reality tokens, taxable smart contracts, or an insurance compensation algorithm. But it goes deep here.

COPT hides behind an index that requires redaction and update. COPT passes the qualifying metrics if legitimacy depends on brandishing any license or regulation pass.

Also, the circuitous SEC registration ought to account for the various COPT domain iterations, including spoofing a company’s details in the guise of incorporation.

Additionally, the official site is a mix of proxies, fake testimonials, and a stolen cooperate ID. Impliedly, all of these details are part of the details submitted for an FINCEN MSB registration, contributing to the company’s public traction. Already, COPT draws about twenty-eight percent (28%) of user traffic from the U.S. alone.

 See the following section of this COPT Review for the membership plan.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

According to PRs, you can earn by the hour by joining the affiliate/partnership packages on the platform. Participation depends on a member buying at least one plan.

Even so, the tiers aren’t spelled out on the PR vids, lumping available profits into the typical MLM unilevel lattice. Also, the capped daily returns are in the range of 3% to 4%.

COPT Review: Referral Commissions

COPT members can earn referral commissions on personally referred affiliates and build-ups in the downlines.

It typically works like this.

Your first recruits occupy the first level (regardless of how many they are), while the second level contains recruits by your first level downlines, leading to a compensation lattice.

Payable commissions depend on the accumulated deposits in an affiliate’s downlines. Unlike a binary residual drop grid, the unilevel lattice allows members to earn from an organically growing lattice. Every recruit is eligible to refer people to the site.

The offsetting deal is that payments also accumulate from the members’ downlines, apart from earning commissions on personally recruited members.

You can invest/deposit in tether (cryptocurrency). Below are the percentage commissions, calculable from three levels only.

Five percent (5%) on Level 3

Also, ten percent (10%) on Level 2

Fifteen percent (15%) on Level 1

Is it Legit?

COPT Review: COPT doesn’t seem to provide any sustainable profit options, from proxy execs to a vague clutter of tier-tied ROIs.

Moreover, the company relies on the tampered FINCEN registration to pull traffic in the U.S. That, or a fad for MLM gigs in the U.S. contributes to the membership influx, with most affiliates looking to earn profits from an in-platform crypto exchange.

Point in case: AI cum bot traders

If the COPT has a bot trader, its investment ledger will have to specify the offered asset as public security.

Impliedly, an IPO would require a U.S. SEC license and other legal papers to operate.

Moreover, COPT will have to provide a forensic audit that proves it has an AI algorithm spotting the best orders. The company isn’t legit until it clears these highlights.

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