Checkmyfile Login | Sign in to Compare Credit Scores, Easy Steps

Checkmyfile Login: access your credit scores on Checkmyfile, a reliable, trusted, and unrivaled credit review that combines four CRAs.

The company provides one-of-a-kind service to myriads of people in the United States, where mortgage and creditworthiness are trending, serious topics. It uses various means to achieve a user-defined experience bordering on credit score reports.

Also, Checkmyfile provides a softcopy review, analyzing the data culminating from the preprints of the CRA records on the website. You need not worry about inferring the implications of the various reports aggregated from variables like loan terms and applicable rates. The company provides a preview for you.

However, disposing of the information in the review falls within the users’ purview. Moreover, the company mentions that the combined review does not affect a user’s credit score. See this post for the Checkmyfile Login procedure.

Checkmyfile Login: Overview

checkmyfile is a ready reckoner for consulting reports about mortgage loans, credit scores, and so on.

Besides the above tasks, the company provides scores from four popular integrators on its website. The available ones (four of them) are below:



Crediva, and


Also, you do not need too many details to start using the product. All you need to do is to provide your bank details (only the relevant ones like account name, account number, and other KYC requisites) and the applicable fee, $14.99. Then you can access the features.

Are there Free Trials before the subscriptions?

You can also get the reports without settling for the paid account at first brush. How? Here is the reason.

Checkmyfile offers a thirty (30) day free trial. So, that gives you a fair grasp of the available offers you can get on the platform. The free trial is one of the best positive sides to the company for most users.

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Some Prominent Features of Checkmyfile

Before we get to the Checkmyfile Login procedure, we highlight some of the popular features available on the platform here.

Allows you to preview and edit reports

You can use this option to add corrections to the information you provide on the site, process the details, and fix the changes. It helps you to correct any remiss and update afterthoughts on the platform.

Includes a Review

We previously hinted at this aspect. It serves as a quick on-hand reference before consulting the several CRAs for a better credit score.

Note that this does (according to the company) not affect the results you get from Checkmyfile generally. So, you need not worry about it if you want an immersive draft from the featured CRAs.

Sorts Credit Scores into Categories

Reports are not arranged haphazardly on the platform. The Checkmyfile Login steps lead you to an orderly website, where you can compare credit scores from multiple credit reference agencies (CRAs) without misplacing the results.

So, if you want a report on a mortgage, loan, or bank rates (as it affects your credit cards), look for the category on the portal.

Remove Deadweights

What qualifies as a deadweight? Suppose an irrelevant associate delimits your budgets. You can relieve the bounds by removing it (or as many associates as a link to you).

Below is how the Checkmyfile Login works. 

How to Sign in to Checkmyfile

To use the Checkmyfile Login procedure successfully, follow these steps.

  • Go to the official login portal.
  • Click on Login.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Also, enter your date of birth (indicate the day, month, and year).
  • Finally, click on Login/Sign-in.

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