Chainmine Withdrawal | Pending Cash-outs, Exit Cue, Hashrates Flunk

The Chainmine Withdrawal button is now a rote request-pending tab, stopping every affiliate from cashing out profits from the company.

In its wake, many promoters are looking for a shunt, attempting to move any shred of BTCs to Binance trustwallet. Obviously, the link to Chainmine is not reliable.

Previously, the company, run by ghost operators, including an image substitute for a CEO, brandished a series of profit margins equivalent to retailed hashrates. Members need only subscribe to a plan to get the BTC remunerations therein.

Going by the way Ponzi works, the scheme sailed for a time on social media, vaguely advertising NFTs while focusing the hype on referral codes. But now, the long winding road leads to a sudden, harsh end since investors can’t withdraw hashrate profits.

If this is not the latest parade of slam dunk MLM feinting at blockchain, it is a Ponzi with a nice ring to it, anyway.

An undisclosed, incognito Chainmine Official zaps into the scene on a blank-page social media handle (merely an image ad) to defuse mixed reactions about the failed withdrawals. But many people are calling out the company for a scam, regardless.

We discuss the circumstances around failed Chainmine Withdrawal requests in this article. Read on below for details.

Chainmine Withdrawal: Ostensible Customer Care Update by CEO Billy Nelson

The chainmine official website mentions Billy Nelson as the CEO. We merely keep to good form by calling the anonymous figure the CEO and owner of Chainmine.

Billy Nelson publishes the response below following the Chainmine Withdrawal complaints. Below is a copy.

Chainmine Withdrawal

There is nothing to go by in this correspondence. For one thing, the recourse to upgrade customer care is more panic reflex than calm response. Scammers often do a runner with this as a prelude. The operator, shroud as Bill, is well set on this path , with loads of screenshots confirming the profit withdrawal straits.

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What’s wrong with the company?

Our site reviewed Chainmine, highlighting the loopholes in their BTC mining pitch, which is merely a ruse. Here is a quick one on the red flags about this company.

Anonymous Operators

As long as the gist is passive income for a mere affiliation, it smacks MLM. The more an MLM evades investors, the more edge it has on the exit cue script (there are precedents).

So, we pointed out that anonymous Chainmine operators are a red flag.  

Who is Billy Nelson?

Our best guess is that Billy is no one at all. He doesn’t exist.

An MLM primer needs a convenient ploy to divert attention from his business track record and create a fictitious smiley portrait. The same person is behind Billy’s icon.

Point in fact:

Unprofessional sentence constructions make Billy out as a non-English speaker, without an inkling of the character in his parody. Also, he has no links to any verifiable associates or proven customers.

Zero Proof of BTC Mining

This part seals our analysis of Chainmine as a profit option. There is no proof of any mining rig run by Chainmine.

A mining company typically encloses a link to an audit on its website, allowing clients to verify that the company is legit. The opposite happens on Chainmine, though.

Conclusion: Chainmine Hashrate hype flunks

 So far, no affiliate could withdraw profits from the platform. 

Before the Chainmine Withdrawal problem, activities on the official website pivoted on purchasing a hash power plan on the promise of high returns on investments (ROIs).

Against the backdrop of failed withdrawal requests, the ROIs turn out as mere MLM gimmicks intended to scam people.

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