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Ch131 Free Online TV Shows: although currently unavailable, Ch131 offers categories of interesting TV content like TV Shows, Dramas, etc. It is also popular as Channel 131 and has other alterations for its URL all retaining the Chan 131 roots.

Whichever search results you get for any of these phrases will connect you to the TV Shows on Chan131.

As reliable download plugs are rare recently, we explain the movie download steps for Chan131. We also outline alternative TV Shows free download websites to Chan131. Learn more about the platform in this post.

CH131 Free Online TV Shows: Overview

Because the Chan131 website is no longer available, it is becoming increasingly hard to access. Its fans are catching on to other fast-growing movie platforms like O2tvseries, FZmovies, TVShows4mobile, etc. Regardless, you can still access details of the CH131 Free Online TV Shows on the Internet.

What does the website do?

It allows you to download movies, drama series, podcasts, and any featured media content for free from its website (

Since Channel 131 only offers content in the Movies/TV Show niche, it is an entertainment media-intensive platform. Impliedly, it does not have an e-book extra, unlike the series.

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Online Free TV Shows Niche

As we mentioned previously, Chan 131, short for Channel 131, offers TV Shows and Movies, the movie content coming intermittently. Other categories like Music, Trailer, and Designs, are currently unavailable.

This makes downloading Shows from the website fun. If you do not have to avoid movie download links, you can conveniently reach the TV Show you wish to download. Moreover, Chan 131 makes this easier for users by offering Free TV Shows in two broad categories.

One of the categories features Recently Added movies, while the other features Airing Today (Trending) Movies.

We look at the two caches separately in the following section.

Recently Added Chan 131 TV Shows

Here you can view the recent TV Shows uploads on the platform, with an option to watch them online. Preferably, you can download the contents onto your mobile phone or PC.

Once in this category, you are only a few steps away from downloading the shows. But then the option to stream content before you download.

Airing Today

Like the Trending category in some movie download plugs, this cache offers the current TV Shows in cinemas for free. 

To get shows in this category, you will have to specify the day of the week and then check under the content to access the one you want. If you are undecided on the genre to download, you can stream through the ones on the website. Hopefully, you will find an interesting movie

However, Chan 131 delegates its Online Free TV Shows to go-between movie providers, which may be why it is not available anymore. 

See how to download it from the Channel 131 website in the following section.

How to Stream and Download CH131 Free Online TV Shows

You can download TV Shows for free from the Ch131 website using the following steps:

  • Visit the website’s URL at
  • Navigate to the TV show episode that you want to watch online or search for the TV show using the Search bar
  • Click on any of the server tabs on the TV show page, just below the description. Using Berlin Station as an example, choose between vshare, Vidlox, Vidoza, and Openload.
  • Click the play button when the video player appears beneath any of the selected services.
  • The TV show will begin to play after a few seconds, depending on your network speed.

While I mentioned that the website is oriented toward watching shows online, downloading these shows is very simple. This, however, is dependent on the server from which you choose to broadcast.

After a few seconds of lapse, the movie starts streaming online. You only have to relax and watch it to the end.

P/S: the and web links are inaccessible for now. If you wish to download TV Shows, consider using alternative sites like Fzmovies, O2tvseries, tvshows4mobile, etc.

Chan131 Alternatives

It’s always good to have alternatives for movie download sites as these websites may go offline anytime. The following are the top chan131 alternatives;

  • TVshows4mobile
  • FzTvseries
  • 02Tvseries etc.

Features of CH131

CH131 has good and interesting features that you all would like to know. therefore, the features will be listed below.

  • They have thousands of TV shows and movies.
  • User-friendly interface
  • They make sure that the files are always updated
  • Every show to be Aired is always displayed on the homepage
  • They offer only TV shows/movies.
  • You can watch and download TV shows/movies for free

How To Watch TV Shows On Channel 131

To watch online TV shows on channel 131 is very simple. But to avoid mistakes, follow the guidelines below to easily watch your favorite TV show on Ch131.

1). Navigate to the Ch131 website []
2). Click on the  TV show episode that you desire.
3). Under the description, Tap on any server tabs there. Example [‘Berlin Station’ then select either ‘share’, ‘Vidlox’, ‘Vidoza’, and Openload].
4). After selecting any of the video players and it displays, just click on the ‘play button’.
5). It will take some seconds, and boom! your TV show will begin to play. It’s just a simple step on how to watch TV shows online on Ch131.

Note: To download any TV show or the one you are watching on Channel 131, simply choose the Vidlox server option and on the video player, what you have to do is click on the ‘download icon’.


We will be drawing the curtain here on this topic. You don’t need to wait for your TV shows to be aired before watching them. You can watch your favorite TV shows even before they are broadcast.

The good thing is that you can now download on CH131, Watch TV shows online for free on CH131 and you also know everything that you are supposed to know about Ch131 Free Online TV Shows

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