CBN Loan Application Form 2021 | 5% Interest without Collateral

CBN Loan Application Form 2021: the loan is available to eligible applicants for a 5% interest rate. You can borrow 15 million naira without collateral. 

The loans are doled out under Nigeria’s Agric Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme (AGSMEIS). Reportedly, Nigeria’s apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria, currently offers loans to the tune of ten million (10,000,000) naira to eligible applicants.

Also, the CBN incentivizes the offer through a 5% nominal excess initially laid by following a plenary session of the Bankers’ Committee of Nigeria.

Learn more about the loan and how you can borrow from the AGSMEIS in this article about the CBN Loan Application Form 2021.

CBN Loan Application Form 2021: Overview

The CBN Loan Application Form became available after the AGSMEIS’s 331’st meeting four years ago.

Members of the Bankers’ Committee agreed to keep a marginal 5% of PAT accruing from banks in Nigeria. The object is to support small-scale businesses and start-up stores to drive up innovation in the country.

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Who Can Borrow?

You are eligible for the CBN Loan Application Form 2021 if you meet the criteria below:

  • You will provide evidence of a prior EDI (Entrepreneur Development Institute) training.
  • Also, your loan applications will have to pass through the EDI to the CBN.
  • Subsequently, you will have to attend an interview session in person, where you will provide more details.
  • Before you access the list of requisites for the loan application, you can follow the guidelines below closely:
  • Acquire and fill in the relevant details only in your CBN Loan Application Form 2021.
  • Ensure the application form gets a requisite stamp from the EDC.
  • Also, do not attempt to borrow more than the specified amount (ten million naira)

Typical specifications for the loan include 5% interest rates per year, a half-year moratorium, and three years tenure.

Coverage of the CBN Loan Application Form 2021

According to the AGSMEIS, the CBN Loan Application Form primarily targets the agrarian section of Nigeria’s labor force. There, the loan covers all operational hurdles due to monetary handicaps.

On further consideration, the AGSMEIS broadens the scope of the rev-up initiative to include sections of petrochemicals and the retail end of big industries.

Moreover, the CBN Loan Application Form 2021 is available to ICT start-ups and other minor businesses with CAC registration.

Later, the AGSMEIS, keeping an open scheme, plans to include other branches in its loan program.

Typical Loan Recommendations

Just like most high-toned CBN services, all CBN Loan applications will have an eligible recommendation. Below are the criteria for qualifying as a referral:

Community Leaders

CDA Head


Chairman of Local Government

Religious Heads

Civil Servants (at least Level 14)

The CEO of a big company

Note that the CBN Loan Application Form is closed to duplication. If you apply last year, you are not to apply again.

At a glance, you can see the CBN Loan Application Form 2021 perquisites below:

  • The applicant will provide a CAC registration for his business.
  • Credible Letter of Introduction
  • Applicant’s BVN
  • An EDI verification
  • Guaranty from eligible referrals
  • Passports and specified ID pictures cropped to the right sizes.
  • Moreover, the applicant will be demonstrably taxable.

See how you can apply for the loan in the following section of this post.

CBN Loan Application Form 2021: How to Apply

You can apply for the CBN loan through the following procedure:

  • Acquire preliminary training at the EDI-supported centers in Nigeria.
  • On completion of the training, get an EDI certificate that verifies the legitimacy of your loan application form.
  • After your training, you can acquire an application form from your EDI center, fill it out, and submit it to the CBN through due steps.

As we mentioned earlier, duplicate applications will be automatically be disqualified, while successful applicants will get their loans.

See more information here.

Hints on How to Manage Loan

If you acquire the CBN Loan Application Form, ensure you attend the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). Here is why it is necessary:

The EDI grooms start-ups on the best way to broach a business deal with investors and make good sales.

As per loan management, the EDI also teaches you how to track expenses so that you do not spend your loan without a matching income.

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