Cashfx Nigeria | Review, Packages, Credibility, Owner of Cashfx

Cashfx Nigeria is a Forex Trading (FX) company with several business links offering ROIs on capital investments in the company investment packages online.

The company also states that it offers necessary skills for trading on viable FX trading platforms.

What does the platform promise its investors? So far, the highest incentive from Cashfx Nigeria is the 15% return on investments it promises to pay investors on the platform. 

What do you have to do to earn this amount? What are the available packages on Cashfx Nigeria? Read this post carefully so you can learn more about the investment packages, ranks, and get further information about the owner of the platform.

Note: Cashfx Nigeria also allows for extra paychecks when you opt to earn through its referral programs or upgrade to higher investor packages on the site.

The next section takes a look at the parallel working scheme of Cashfx Group. It also considers whether Cashfx Nigeria is part of the conglomerate.

Cashfx Nigeria: Review

Like we hinted at in the previous section, Cashfx Nigeria promises 15% as remuneration to its customers depending on the value of their investment package.

However, recent reviews have come up with disquieting information about the unrealistic profit supposedly coming to customers via the platform. Impliedly, an investor on the Cashfx Nigeria FX trading link will make a cumulative $987 540 on a $4000 investment capital.

Also, the 15% ROI is immediately a red flag for many prospective investors. Why is it so? Cashfx Nigeria not only promises to pay 15% ROI but also commits to the contract every week. This means that you can receive 15% of the value of your investment in Cashfx Nigeria after just a week.

Again, many investors consider this ROI to be presumptuous. Beneath the surface, Cashfx Nigeria cannot deliver on such a contract continuously. You can still earn on the platform, regardless.

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Cashfx Nigeria: Owner of Cashfx Group

There is no information about the owner of this company. The FX Group attempts to assuage complaints due to its anonymous CEO by making these points:

  • It claims to be under the regulation of the Federal Conduct Authority (FCA), London.
  • Moreover, the company purports to be under other regulatory bodies in Dubai and Seychelles.

Besides making these remarks, the company does not provide proof of being regulated by these companies.

A few sources online point out that the company has no license to trade any specific financial securities.

Further, Cashfx Nigeria may be under the cordon of the same investigative arm of the FAC clamping down on Cashfx Group.

Another issue with the company’s mode of operation is that it accepts payments in crypto coins. It leaves the business in the hands of just the uninformed investor and the company.

Possible Issues on the Platform

Despite claiming that the FAC, a principal market securities regulator in the UK, has cognizance of its operation, the organization disavows issuing any license to the company.

The FAC further issues a public statement alerting investors on the potential risks in taking the Cashfx Group trade packages.

Cashfx Nigeria is similar to the previous, more popular Cashfx Group in many ways. Both companies promise high ROIs and operate on the Foreign Exchange Market.

While the Nigerian arm of this group is available, the previous company receives a barrage of warnings from every agency it purports to be under its regulation. This includes the UK-based firm as well.

Additionally, the most apparent issue on the platform is that they do not offer any kind of insurance. 

None of Cashfx Nigeria’s affiliates works with publicly recognized CEOs or legitimate trading firms. It instead gains more traction from its social media presence. Most transactions operate over the counter. And many of its customers rush to the firm because of the Return on Investment it promises. 

Investment Packages on the Platform

Do you wish to invest in a credit market? Well, Cashfx Nigeria offers no products or tradeable stocks. You do not have to do anything on the platform. Just invest in a package and allow your capital to do the work.

The company also allows customers to move to higher investment packages to earn more by investing in higher plans.

How to Start on an Investment Package

If you wish to trade with Cashfx Nigeria, you only need to register for an FX Coaching session. It poses no harm to your investment since you only have to attend webinars. Then you can start on the website through the steps below:

Moreover, you can earn profit from the website by investing in the Pro website. is primarily an academy for FX Training. There are variable investment plans on the platform. You can check the website to decide on a particular plan.

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  1. I found that cashfx is a scam. Also invested on their platform ,after they kept asking me for kyc I got suspicious and did not invest more. They did not give me my investment (50,000 €) nor profits back. Luckily chargebacksecured com helped me get my money back the right way.

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