Cash Forex Group Review | SEC Regulation, Forex Algorithmic Trader?

Cash Forex Group Review: it is variously accoutered as a forex broker spanning Lagos, Nigeria; Seychelles; Dubai; and recently, Panama City, Panama. The bulk of its operations involves forex training/education and an investment cache where an algorithmic trader churns out two-figure ROIs.

Previously, our website reviewed the CashFX Nigeria forex group. Although at the time CashFX Nigeria, being a tributary of the mainstream Cash Forex Group, only focused on forex education, it recently offers earning options to customers. 

This Cash Forex Group Review looks at the company services generally, regulation (if any), and the prospects our findings of the company holds for Cash Forex Group clients.

Note that the promised ROI from the company seems doctored in several locations.

While the kick-off monthly caps were definitely 15% ROI, Cash Forex Group promoters now deny the amount. Said promoters reiterate that the company invariably offers 11% (10%) ROIs.

But here is the bottom line: all PR gimmicks from the company’s promoters never manage to tackle the question of Cash Forex Group’s unregulated services.

On the whole, Cash Forex Group and its permutated names in different regions record negative reviews on different credible platforms. See the reason for this in Cash Forex Group Review.

Cash Forex Group Review: Overview

Cash Forex Group Review: the eye-catching service from the platform is a vaguely-referenced algorithm for vantage forex trading systems.

All remittals due to clients come from the bot trader owned by Cash Forex Group. As the undisclosed trading program has cognizance of all investor funds (since it trades for them), it requires an SEC regulation. 

However, there is no evidence of Cash Forex Group having a license anywhere on the website.

Our Cash Forex Group Review does not find any trade stats as a token of bustling forex investments on the platform. Instead, all web pages merely highlight forex earning opportunities for clients.

The Cash Forex Group website starts with the usual trope among unregulated forex brokers, claiming it intends to make lives better.

Based on its observation, asset management as a topic of investment is poorly handled in society. The group will change this narrative through its intercontinental CashFX Academy.

To prove its competence, Cash Forex Group includes a copy of a Nigerian trainee’s testimony on the website. But just like the company’s alleged regulation, all published testimonies are so-so if they cannot be independently confirmed. 

Is there any evidence of Cash Forex Group regulation? Our Cash Forex Group Review finds none anywhere. The website offers some, though. See the next section of this Cash Forex Group Review for more details.

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Cash Forex Group Review: Unresolved Securities Issue

The prevalent view among reviewers is that the company is unregulated.

Given the reach of its program in different continents, Cash Forex Group currently offers a few regulatory agencies as proof of its legitimate brokerage. They include the following agencies:

Financial Conduct Authority of London (FAC)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa,

And Financial Services Authority, Dubai.

Moreover, there is another regulation from a regulatory financial sector in Seychelles.

First, the countries supposedly regulating Cash Forex Group services never take such a task seriously.

Second, the company does not have any license from UK’s FCA. Perhaps cringing at its deceit, the website wrongly spells the name of the UK regulatory agency.

Third, the company does not have statutory rights to broker any securities in South Africa.

What’s left? Nothing, except an alleged office location in a fringe island, while brokering for countries in Europe, America, and Africa.

Cash Forex Group Review: as its unregulated services continue to trickle down to Africa and much of America, the company offers no trade license. It has none in the US and none in Nigeria.

Also, forex brokers cannot enjoy the benefit of unlicensed itinerant markets, despite the global network of the forex markets. In this case, Cash Forex Group not only plies such track but does so without a monitoring SEC jurisdiction.

Further, despite its supposed transparent trades, the Cash Forex Group does not provide any activity stats. What you’ll see on the website is a table that shows the most traded currencies in the world.

Note that the implication of these undisclosed trade charts is a Ponzi scheme underlying the payment structure of the platform. As a brokerage, the platform does not mention any leverage, stocks, etc.

See the affiliate packages in the next section of this Cash Forex Group Review.

CashFX Affiliate Ranks

Cash Forex Group Review: the group is a conglomerate forex broker. Due to its algorithmic trading program, Cash Forex Group offers multi-level marketing options cached in partnership/affiliate sections.

Subsequently, affiliates are sorted in different ranks depending on cumulative trade volumes. Our Cash Forex Group Review finds these terms on the affiliate rank category: PV, personal volumes; GV, Group Volume.

The affiliate ranks are as follows:

Affiliate _ available on buying a CashFX Investment plan

Executive Rank _ own at least 1K investment package, 7000 Group Volumes, and three personally recruited members. 

Manager Rank _ own 1K investment package, 25000 Group Volumes, and two personally recruited affiliates in this suits: Executive affiliates, any other member in a higher rank.

Director Rank _ own 100000 Group Volumes (culminating from downlines) and recruit two members in at least the manager rank.

President Club _ besides the prerequisite 1K investment package, you will need three recruits in at least the Director rank to make this rank. Also, generate 500 000 Group Volumes.

Ambassador _ available for the following prices/tasks: 2000000 Group Volumes, and three personally recruited members in at least the President Club.

Global Ambassador _ available for the following prices/tasks: 5000000 Group Volumes, and two personally recruited members in at least the Ambassador rank.

Cash Forex Group Review: after meeting a PV and GV criteria, clients can earn 15% ROIs per validity period on the platform.

See the next section of this Cash Forex Group Review for the available membership package on the company website.

Affiliate/Membership Packages

Cash Forex Group Review: membership packages reflect the investor’s funds. For example, you can see the investments and their pegged amounts below:

100, 000USD for the 100k Package

50, 000USD for the 50K Package

30, 000USD for the 30K Package

20, 000USD for the 20K Package

10, 000USD for the 10K Package

5000USD for the 5K Package

2000USD for the 2K Package

1000USD for the 1K Package

500USD for one 500 Package

300USD for one 300 Package

CashFX Proxies

Our Cash Forex Group Review finds that the company is nominally run by Huascar Lopez. However, there are pockets of doubt that he is only one of many proxy CEOs for the company.

Also, Huascar Lopez leaves little trails of his history handling multi-level marketing projects on the internet. Given that the Cash Forex Group website offers no information about the company CEO, nothing disproves the claims that proxies run the different media of the forex company.


Cash Forex Group Review: the crux of ROI remittals on the platform is a matrix cycler reinforcing 20% of withdrawal fees into cash outs. It bears all the features of a Ponzi scheme.

Also, when MLM companies refer to matrix units as referral compensation models, it often involves propping investment volumes with deductions from investors’ funds.

Moreover, the Cash Forex Group Company is unregulated. It does not disclose any career details of so-called experienced forex professionals or its algorithmic trader.

Additionally, there are no trade stats on the platform, despite Cash Forex Group posturing as a forex broker. Its 15% ROI is an unsustainable portfolio and it doesn’t have legal rights to offer such services in the first place.

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