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Card Pro Free Download: the APK (or APP) iterations, including v8.5, on DarkWeb, allow the user to hack accounts using BVN.

You don’t often come across software attempting to undermine non-human bank securities. Hackers are not only able to bypass bank withdrawal protocols but also comprise biometric data integrity via Card Pro v8.5, v9.5, and v10.

But that’s not all. The tool is not something you get from a public software utility store like Google Play or App Store. It only sells in one place: DARK WEB. However, some daredevil vendors might actually sell download links to people looking to access the BVN hack widget.

So, how does it work? Read on below for details.

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Card Pro Free Download: What does it do?

Some plugs are all for mincing words instead of explaining what Card Pro does straight on. We provide a brief expo here.

Every Nigerian bank user will have to get a Biometric Verification Number (BVN) from his bank. The said BVN is eleven digits, usable on debit points (ATMs) for some authentication processes. Also, it embeds the user’s info in the CBN’s database.

It supposedly serves as a protection against unauthorized access to the owner’s account(s). However, hackers can break through that perimeter via Card Pro.

Card Pro (regardless of the version in use) can bypass OTPs and KYC, preempting withdrawals before the account owner smells anything amiss. If it gets to this point, nothing could salvage the situation. However, here is what you need to look out for to prevent any hacks.

The scammer will try to coax you to reveal your BVN digits using aliases via messages and phone calls. Sometimes, they camouflage as bank officials and attempt to make you panic by mentioning some faults with your bank account(s).

Such frights may condition you to reveal your BVN to the scammer disguised as a banker. However, Consider your bank deposits lost whenever you divulge your BVN to the person.

How You Can Lose Your Biometric Verification Number (BVN)

Below are the most popular methods for extracting BVN info from people (you should never fall for these tricks).

  • A pseudo-official claiming to work with your bank _ attempts to pry the BVN by mentioning faults with your account
  • Scammers spamming your inbox with solicitous messages or panic texts _ eventually requesting your BVN to solve some contrived issues.
  • Via third party websites
  • Unsecure, random Sign-up Portal _ especially airdrops and promo plugs that request the beneficiaries BVN

Any of the above planks can comprise your bank account security.

However, the Card Pro Free Download links are not rife outside the dark web. So, the hacking spree is on a leash for the most part.

Do you want to know what you can do with the Card Pro APKs? See the section below for details.

Besides Hacking BVN to Withdraw Money, Here are other uses of Card Pro

Card Pro Free Download guarantees that you can access someone’s BVN number using only the person’s phone number.

Besides the above use, Card Pro helps hackers bypass bank OTP (One Time Password).

If someone gets your Auto Teller Machine Card (ATM), the person can divert OTP requests to his phone (or PC) while running online purchases with the ATM. Also, the person can do so anonymously, masking their transaction history in anonymity.

Further, Card Pro allows the user to check account balance, buy airtime, pay for online subscriptions, access your transaction history (if enabled on phones), etc.

How much does the Card Pro Free Download App or APK Costs?

The software in question thrives on the dark web. Hence, demands could drive up the price.

Regardless, various plugs may offer the software at different prices if all factors are equal.

Currently, the consensus is on $50 as the bid price for Card Pro online. You can also get the APKs and other versions for less than $50. However, the best deal seems to be the above fifty dollar benchmark.

How to download the v10 or v9.5 APK

You can access the Card Pro Free Download v10 or v9.5 APK through the procedure below.

  • Liaise with an online vendor (preferably use this link,
  • Indicate the specification you want.
  • Enter payment details to pay for the download link.
  • When the link appears, click on it.


Using disruptive and malicious software like Card Pro amounts to a criminal act in any jurisdiction.

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