Carbon Company Loan and Investment Avenue

Carbon is a company that uses intricate fintech networks to facilitate payments, provide investment options, and give loans to people.

Being a household name in financial technology in Nigeria, Carbon has been widely rated for outstanding performance by renowned indexing companies.

About Carbon Company

What you should have in mind about Carbon is that the company is heavily invested in providing loans, enabling customers to pay their bills through their platform, and availing people a chance to invest their money through Payvest.

Since its inception, Carbon has continued to deliver quality services to millions of Nigerians and receives positive feedback for its performance.

The company has recently expanded its business corridors to include outlets in Ghana and Kenya. It also doubles as the first African online lender to launch an iOS app.

According to Koboline rating, Carbon gets 4 out of a total of 5 stars for peak performance.

This rating is awarded for proficiency in management, organizational skills, satisfactory user experience, customer care, and transparency.

The company is a subsidiary of OneFi and was formerly known as Paylater.

Invest using Payvest on the Carbon app

If you intend to make profits on Carbon, then it is time you learn about the company’s investment cache known as Payvest.

You can create your Payvest account for free on the company app, activate, and fund it to start on an investment plan.

Also, it operates on a fixed interest depending on the amount you invest. This can be at least N100, or as high as N1000 000 (one million).

Carbon employs a flexible account strategy. This allows you to withdraw certain amounts from your account whenever you choose.

Another interesting aspect of investing with Carbon is that you can trade and invest at 16% yearly interest, choosing maturation periods of three (3) to twelve (12) months.

Reliability of Carbon Paylater app

You can rest assured that the company offers reliable services using Paylater. Transactions through the Carbon app proceeds on a streamlined service, running investments, and offering loans at the speed of thought.

Additionally, there are only a few competitors with the company when it comes to good returns on investment.

The company operates with fully licensed securities and also helps out with invaluable advice that you would normally pay brokerages to provide.

Getting Loans from the Company

If you wish to acquire loans for running your business, or for private reasons, Carbon can provide this for you.

As long as you are eligible to obtain loans from the company, you can get loans using the company app. This can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Goggle Play Store, or you can check the COMPANY WEBSITE.

You can get loans at middling rates from the company without providing collaterals and the likes.

This is an automated service, you will have to pay back in monthly instalments or you will be debited when the time is due.

Also, the company allows you to apply for bigger loans at cheaper rates after paying back your previous debts. This is amazing.

You can get updates on your credit status for free on Carbon each time you apply for a new loan.

The cart of offers provided by the company is overwhelming. This includes the company’s USSD code, *1303#, which allows you to access the USSD services.


You can do a lot of things using the avenues in this platform. This includes recharging your mobile phone, getting loans, paying utility bills, etc.

The company received awards for Best Fintech Solution in Africa at the 2019 edition of AppsAward Africa. And follows up on this by seeking new opportunities in different African start-up businesses.

Be among the millions of users enjoying the services of Carbon by visiting the company’s official website today.

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