How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2021/2022

There have been many questions thrown around of recent, regarding how to apply for Canada Visa Lottery. Questions like how to go about applying for Canada Visa Lottery, and lots of other similar questions such as securing Canada immigration lottery. Altogether, it is common knowledge that quite a lot of people have been victims of sham visa lottery for Canada.

Keep reading so you can be informed about this.

What is the Visa Lottery?

Established by the Immigration Act of 1990, the visa lottery program aims to achieve a wider influx of immigrants into the USA from those countries that had been immigrating less into the country.

As records show, there have been an estimated 50, 000 lucky foreigners who live permanently in the US being benefactors of the visa lottery program.

Can I Apply for Canada Visa Lottery?

At this point, application offers for Canada visa lottery 2021/2022 are non-existent. The Official Canada visa website has issued a waiver that clearly states that Canada has no portals for a Canadian immigration lottery. Be aware of this fact as no platform can offer you this visa lottery.

How to easily migrate to Canada?

There are other available opportunities that can get you to Canada, besides Canada immigration lottery program. In these ways, one can live in Canada permanently or as a temporary citizen. The fact is that Canada accepts a projected 30 000 visitors to their country and persons coming to Canada with job offers from companies in the country can easily become permanent residents there.

The easy ways you that can lead you to get a Canadian visa are delineated below:

Canada Immigration Visa Programs

There is a range of programs for Canada immigration aspirants to apply for, and these may be accessed depending on the reasons the interested persons want to immigrate.

However, there are other kinds of Canada Visa you can apply for, such as:

Other types of Canada visa you can apply for?

Does Canada Have a ‘Green Card’ Lottery?

Immigration lottery is also more colloquially known as Green Card and is applicable in the USA under the Diversity Visa program.  This is not the case in Canada.

Canada does not have a Diversity program. However, they have several programs that offer draws every week allowing individuals an opportunity to obtain Permanent Residency which is comparable to the US  Green Card.

Does Canada Offer a Canada Immigration Lottery?

Canada DOES NOT offer immigration lottery, we reiterate. You can be misled by this as some websites wrongly claim that there are available immigration lotteries for Canada; it may well be a scam. However, you can try the over 60 options for immigration into Canada that do not involve immigration lottery or ‘green card’. You can check this out at  This Canada visa site to see when  is the next visa lottery

Is Express Entry an Immigration Lottery?

Although the Express Entry system uses point systems and regular draws, it is rather anchored on merits instead of the lottery.

The Express Entry stream intend to make applying for immigration convenient. You will get a CRS score depending on your response, that is after filling out an application form.

The Canadian Immigration does a periodic Express Entry draw,  which selects students whose CRS score are above a fixed threshold.

Those selected in this process have 60days to submit an application for immigration.  In addition to the main Express Entry, many of the provinces will use your Express Entry profile to see if you are eligible to immigrate to that province.

NOTE: Canada does not offer an immigration lottery, unlike the USA.

As Canada has a truly heterogeneous population and is quite receptive to new immigrants, it is easily the first choice of destination for immigrants from around the globe.

Places like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or Calgary, have multi-ethnic residents and are therefore the targets of millions of people who are interested in immigrating to Canada every year.

The Canadian government has set a unique algorithm that goes through the applications and accepts immigrants who will be of economic importance to the country. The criteria used in this selection also includes who will be invaluable in strengthening the social fabric of the country or meet the humanitarian obligation.

An easy grasp of what this implies is that the process of selection for immigration into Canada is not a porous one, the restrictions are inflexible.

Every year, there are millions of people attempting to immigrate into Canada but just about 30,000 of these will be able to scale through. As a result, Canada is full of people who are desperate to find a way to land in Canada and this provides easy prey for scammers and fraudsters.

My attention has been drawn to a presumptuous program called “Canada Visa Lottery” or “Canada Immigration Lottery.” Such programs do not exist. Period! If you are approached about a Canadian visa, green card, or immigration lottery, please report them to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

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