Canada Visa Lottery Application Form | How to apply for a FREE trip to Canada 2022

Read through this article on how to go about getting a Canada Visa Lottery Application Form 2022, so you can get acquainted with the relevant materials for applying for a visa lottery from your part of the globe.

Besides, there are many ways to get this Canada visa lottery 2022, these opportunities will be discussed in today’s article also we will cover all sorts of available Canada visa lottery applications from 2022.

Canada is a very beautiful country made up of different people from different backgrounds, it a very nice place to get citizenship, work, travel for vacation, business and students.

Canada visa lottery application form 2022

Worldwide, Canada has always been the favorite for lots of migrants due to lots of divergent reasons. Nigerians make up a sizeable number of these people intending to immigrate to Canada, and will therefore find this post to be auspicious to their plans.

Below are the types of available visa:

Types of visa available

The list of Canadian Visa lottery 2022 are delineated below

  1. Tourist Visa form;
  2. Visitors Visa form;
  3. Skilled workers Visa form;
  4. Students Visa form;
  5. Transit Visa form;
  6. Pilgrimage Visa form;
  7. Diplomat Visa form and;
  8. Business Visa form;
  9. Farmworker Visa form;

The Canada Visa Lottery Application Form 2022 is quite an inclusive one which places few restrictions on prospective applicants and as such, invalids, deaf, blind, mute, married people, and so on can apply for it

Steps involved in applying for Canada Visa Lottery 2022

  • Enter the application portal Here
  • Select an evaluation form
  • Fill in your accurate contact information
  • Fill in your personal profile details
  • Work history if any
  • Relatives/friends residing in Canada (if any)
  •  Personal Net worth
  • Canadian job offer
  • Languages you speak; Personal Net worth

Countries Eligible for Visa Lottery 2022 Application

These Natives countries are not eligible to apply in DV-2021 because those countries sent more than 50,000 immigrants to Canada in the previous five years: BRAZIL, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, ARGENTINA,  CHINA (mainland-born), EL SALVADOR, HAITI, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, GUATEMALA, MEXICO and many more.

How To Get Visa Lottery as A Worker, Visitor, or Student?

We have prepared a very interesting online portal here which is named come for a visa. This portal will assist you to ascertain if you want a visa for an immigrant, worker, visitor, or student.

With the help of our article, you will get a guide on some questions based on your response and your current situation, it will be given a full available list available.

How To Check U.S.A, Canada & Australia Visa Eligibility

We will take you through how to check your country’s eligibility to the USA, CANADA, and others this is one of the major reasons why we made this article so you can benefit fully from this wonderful program.

Citizens of other countries are required to have a valid passport or visa to enter the USA, Canada, or Australia. Although there are two exceptions which are the I-551 which is accepted for some countries.

How Long Can I Stay in U.S.A, Canada & Australia without Visa Or After My Visa Have Expired?

A border services officer at the Airpot of the destination country will determine how long you can stay. Although most visitors are allowed a six-month stay from the day they traveled. If the officer authorizes a stay of fewer than six months, they will be indicated in your passport the date you must leave.

How Do I Apply For a Green Card

  1. Firstly, you need to find out if you’re eligible.
  2. To see if you are eligible, file Form I-485 – Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status with USCIS, including all supporting documents and fees.
  3. USCIS will review your application and will set up and schedule an interview with you.

What is the difference between the Visa Lottery Program – Visa Lottery Application Forms

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) makes up to 60,000 immigrant visas available annually, extracted from random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration into the United States.

The DV Program is administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts

Visa application fees are listed below and this applies to one visa. The application fee for the most commonly nonimmigrant visa is $160. This includes Tourist, Business, Student, and changes visa. Though most petition based on visas such as religious and work visas is around $190.

Visa type Cost
Non-petition Based Visas $160
Petition Based Visas $190
E Visas $205
K Visas $265

Fees for non-petition and petition based visas

What is Non-petition based visa? they are visa that does not require an employer or someone from the US to write a petition for the person who wants to temporarily live in the US. You can simply submit the form for this application form DS-160,  online non-immigration visa application, follow the required steps of paying the fees, supporting documents, scheduling the interview, and attending their interview.

Here are the application fees for each US nonimmigrant visa:

Visa Type Fee in USD Category
US Visitor Visas (B-1 visa and B-2 visa) $160 Non-Petition Based
C-1 visa for transits to the US $160 Non-Petition Based
D visa for airline or ship crewmembers $160 Non-Petition Based
F visa for students and academics $160 Non-Petition Based
I visa for media and journalists $160 Non-Petition Based
J visa for exchange visitors (excluding those applicants sponsored by the US government) $160 Non-Petition Based
M visa for vocational students $160 Non-Petition Based
TN TD visa for NAFTA professionals $160 Non-Petition Based
T visa for victims of human trafficking $160 Non-Petition Based
U visa for victims of criminal activity $160 Non-Petition Based
H visas for temporary workers (H-1B visa, H-1B1 visa, H-2A visa, H-2B visa, H-3 visa, H-4 visa) $190 Petition Based
L visas for intracompany transfers (L-1 visa, L-2 visa) $190 Petition Based
O visas for persons with extraordinary abilities (O-1 visa, O-2 visa, O-3 visa) $190 Petition Based
P visa for athletes, entertainers, and artists $190 Petition Based
Q visa for international cultural exchanges $190 Petition Based
R visa for religious workers $190 Petition Based
E visa for traders and investors (E-1 visa, E-2 visa, E-3 visa) $205 Petition Based
K visa for a fiancé or spouse of a US citizen $265.00 Petition Based
Please note that the visa fee must be made at the bank.

Step by step guide on how to successfully apply

With this tool, you will be able to understand the requirements needed to migrate abroad either as a student, worker, or visitor. if are an eligible visitor, worker, or student you are free to apply with this tool.

As You Apply Below remember that it is very important to invest time and effort in reading this article when one is applying for the Canada Visa Lottery 2022 Application, (Use the link found below to proceed with your application). Use the Comment Box For any further questions or suggestions and more.

Good Luck

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