Bomb Crypto Review | NFT BOMB Gaming, Discover more about the Site

Bomb Crypto Review: the platform offers an NFT Bomb Game, allowing players to hunt BOMB using tokenized heroes.

NFTs form the principal theme of this crypto investment, with options straddling decors, fight simulations (where the villains are designated monsters), and rewards.

It typically functions like the zero sums gaming battle offline: a gaggle of players dueling over a session with the jackpot going to the ultimate winner.

Also, it adapts obsolete metrics in cryptography to provide lucrative entertainment to clients. There is a lot of lingo and math (possibly related to entropy) behind the gradual energy loss during in-game fighting between members.

Profits, in this regard, are tied to the NFTs and the gaming scores after any number of sections.

Can you make a clean pile from this crypto investment model? Our Bomb Crypto Review tries to find out in this article. Read on below for more details.

Bomb Crypto Review: Overview

The best thing about this NFT yet is the focus on immersive games, unlike the signed virtual art pieces. So, you can Play & Earn crypto tokens from the BomB Games and withdraw the profit in fiat. 

Some heroes are decidedly better-propped than others in the simulation cache proper. For instance, the stats vary for different characters, with preferred fighters wielding more combat ammunition, skills, bigger energy units, and more winning Streaks than others.

According to feedbacks, users can only get the best fighters by luck, which might be an issue since the skewered purview could adversely alter a player’s earning potential.

Who and who makes up the tech team, anyway?

The managerial team comprises Lam Ho, the CEO & Game Director; Thai Wuong, Advisor; Eric Vuong, Advisor; and Wuong Do, also an Advisor. Everyone in this team has a record to match the DeFi project run in Bomb Crypto.

Moreover, the website does not link to any verifiable whitepaper, stalling any hopes of making headway into the company’s business roadmap.

So far, the focus is on the NFT trope and how players can earn profits even while sleeping.

The reception on the public side is low for Bomb Crypto, making it a less than par option for DeFi NFT traders. See the brief analytics below for details.

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Bomb Crypto Analytics

Our Bomb Crypto Review finds a predominantly low trust score and efficiency rating for the platform. The result aggregates users’ feedbacks, the verdict from reviews, and the feasibility of the NFT project. Here is a brief run-through below.

Pending the official disclosure of in-platform trade activities, the following crowdsourced information about the site will suffice. 

The market capitalization is $1448052.5413069 

Also, the corresponding 24-hourly traded volume is $325030.60943461.

The current rank is one thousand seven hundred and fifteen (1715), way down the listing.

Further, the value (pegged) is 1.61 USD, which is supposedly 1.32% all-time down in the last twenty-four hours.

Moreover, it seems that the coin lists on CoinMarketCap and has a reliable tracking index on the platform. The management team regularly updates their Twitter and Reddit handles with NFT updates or scheduled events. 

Yet, the company does not record a single user review on any site, prompting many traders to seek more information about the site before throwing in lump-sum. 

As it happens, there is no capped supply limit for the amount in circulation, implying that buyers need not worry about holds-barred gimmicks once games are full-blown.

So, you can invest tokens to qualify for the games toggle, then compete at the available stakes to earn BOMB profits as a reward.

How do fans react to this NFT investment project? See the following section of our Bomb Crypto Review for details.

NFT Description & Reception on the counters

With a supply of 894,929 BOMB tokens in circulations, the crypto coin lists as a regulatory protocol on monetized NFTs, providing a game cache as an experiment.

The preferred cliché is the world’s first self-destructing currency, and it supposedly highlights possible user experiments running on the platform.


Like we mentioned at the start, our Bomb Crypto Review finds zero feedback about the supposed gaming sections on the platform.

Moreover, the platform seems to have a referral program for traders, spurring recruitment activity with Earn-While-You-Sleep rhetoric.

Despite the slow reception on trade communities, BOMB appears to be trading markedly on Hobit, Switcheo, and Mercatox.

Bomb Crypto Review: So, Can you Make Profits from it?

Bomb Crypto Review: far from the typical NFT and timeshare promo of many DeFi investors, BOMB lists as a hedge against crypto deflation.

(The over 1700th position of the coin on the listings may deter the newbie NFT gamer from buying it)

It is not an ideal cryptocurrency that could raise traders a pile of wins. However, BOMB Crypto has more plans underway _ intending to boost the gaming ecosystems with more rewards and profit avenues in Q1 of 2022. 

The answer is yes. You can earn BOMB tokens but not in handfuls.

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