BNB33 Club Review | CEO, Affiliate Programs, Referral Bonuses

BNB33 Club Review: get an insightful review of BNB Club packages, CEOs, Products, affiliate membership, and other services from the company here in this post. This BNB33 Club Review explains the chain of investments and ROIs available on each BNB33 Club Package.

Do you want expert advice on the credibility of BNB33 Club as a digital investment company? If yes, then this article presents the answers you want in a concise and clear conversational style.

Learn more from this BNB33 Club Review.

BNB33 Club Review: Overview

These days, Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Companies proliferate digital platforms for investment. Usually, you can invest as little as $100 in any of the packages in these MLM platforms. 

Like many companies leveraging investment folio on digital assets, BNB33 Club is cryptocurrency-based. It is also like the flagship crypto-coin, Bitcoin. A more detailed overview would be:

That BNB33 Club stake coins tradeable on the Binance Chain while offering investment packages to customers. And this is where it gets tricky doing business with an MLM company such as BNB33 Club.

First, this BNB33 Club Review could not find any digital products on the BNB33 Club website. Instead, the website only allows for affiliate systems where a customer can earn ROIs by working as an affiliate for BNB33 Club.

Second, this BNB33 Club Review could not track any publicly verifiable business history of the joint owners of BNB33 Club. 

If customers assume the CEOs have the expertise for the business they run, how can they protect their investment from potential risk? A few websites are already hinting at a potential sham investment structure inherent in the BNB33 Club ROIs. We will still say more about the ROI in this BNB33 Club Review. Read on below.

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Company CEO & History

Who is/are the CEO of BNB33 Club? The company is headed by Wolfgang Schmidt, with Zhangli Zhu as the Marketing Manager. You can also see the names of the BNB33 Club team of developers on the website. None of these names offers a cue to any reliable business ventures in digital trade and MLM markets.

Further, apart from a few lines of scribbles about the purpose of the company, there is nothing to glean about BNB33 Club Products, CEO, or the company business history. To reiterate the discrepancy, BNB33 Club says that the platform is its first successfully launched project as a team of  tech enthusiasts.

Considering the scanty information about the Company management, this BNB33 Club Review advises you to beware of a potential scam.

BNB33 Club Review: Investment Packages & Products

On visiting the BNB33 Club website, there are no products a BNB33 Club customer may invest in. The company also does not state any possibility of providing investment packages and tangible products to its investors.

Moreover, BNB33 Club iterates entirely in cryptocurrency. So, if you want to earn digital coins online, you can visit the BNB33 Club website.

What about the Affiliate Investment for earning ROIs on the platform? Read the following section of this BNB33 Club Review to learn more about the affiliate/referral earning method.

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BNB33 Club Referral: Referral Levels

This part of our BNB33 Club Review looks at the growth prospects for investors in BNB33 Club. You can learn about the commissions accruing to each referral position in the BNB33 Club Affiliate system.

Also, recall that BNB33 Club offers no tangible products to customers. On the platform, you can only earn as an affiliate.

Instead of the typical triangle scheme, most MLM companies offer, BNB33 Club awards BNBs as fixed percentages on a five-level referral program. A regular MLM Company pays bonuses on the weaker leg of a referral binary team, BNB33 Club pays you a fixed profit depending on your referral level.

Briefly, the company pays 1% for level 5, 2% for level 4, 3% for level 3, and 5% for level 2—the hierarchy peaks at level 1, which tallies 10% profit.

How do you get started on a referral level? Since the main earning avenue on the website is the referral program, the company does not have a login portal. As a newbie, you will have to get a referral link first. You can join an affiliate package for values corresponding to a 0.5 – 50 BNB Investment with a referral link.

Payment Methods

You can only pay or receive payment for transactions on BNB33 through Binance Coin (BNB).

Currently, Binance is working on an up-scale project to boost the compatibility of its blockchain with other coins. Pending when the update improves the decentralized currency status of BNB, ensure you enter transparent contracts only.

 BNB33 Club Affiliate/Referral Earning Option

This section of our BNB33 Club Review looks at the BNB33 Club Affiliate investment cache.

BNB33 Club remits 33% daily profits (as Return on Investments), payable over ten days. Initially, in this BNB33 Club Review, we boxed the BNB33 ROI for later. Now, let’s talk about it.

If the company consistently pays 33% on all investment capitals spanning 0.5 to 50 BNB, the cumulative profit is over 400%. Through this method, you can become a USD millionaire in just one year.

The affiliate system is also a cyclical program that requires you to re-invest after the maturity period of your capital. Afterwards, BNB33 Club credits your wallet with a 10% BNB prop-up fund.

Note that you only receive the bonus after, not before, re-investing in a BNB33 Club Affiliate Program.

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