BNB Stake Review | Affiliates/Products, CEO, BNB Trust Wallet, Credibility

BNB Stake Review: stake with the multi-cryptocurrency BNB Binance Trust Wallet. This BNB Stake Review explains the BNB Stake Products cum Packages, Binance (BNB) Stake, how you can join the Program, and the credibility of BNB Stake Company.

Do you want to learn about the BNB Stake Company in this review? Then stay on this post so you can know about this popular BNB Investment platform.

BNB Stake Review: Company, Owner, & Business History

None of the BNB Stake Review posts online contains any information about the owner of BNB Stake. Also, there is no trace of previous business records in the DeFi digital recess.

Many investors feel reluctant to trade with a Company if its CEO is anonymous. Regardless of this trend, the BNB Stake Company does not publicize the name of its owner. It also kicks off the first of several red flags about the platform in this BNB Stake Review. 

Registered as, BNB Stake is a recent digital investment front from an anonymous owner. The website looks like a bill of sales poster. It shows nothing beyond asserting that an investor can earn ROIs in the order of 112% – 292% on the BNB Stake Affiliate program. 

Newbies to the BNB Stake platform can also learn about BNB Staking in this BNB Stake Review to get a preliminary grasp of BNB stakes. It will further contrast the BNB Stake Company services with the typical BNB Stake using Trust Wallets.

The next section of our BNB Stake Review looks at the available products, if any, in the BNB Stake Company. Then it subsequently explains the affiliate bonuses and the payment method on the website.

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BNB Stake Review: Packages, Real/Digital Products

Multi-Level-Marketing platforms offering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services are rife on the internet. They attempt to build unregulated and censor-free cryptocurrency networks for investors in the digital market. 

BNB Binance is a prominent canvasser for DeFi peer-to-peer networks. But while it provides a Trust Wallet for trading different crypto coins, BNB Stake Company pays ROIs as BNB bonuses to its affiliates.

Also, the BNB Stake Company does not offer any non-digital assets. It may be due to BNB censorship since BNB Stake does not transact with Fiat. As such, you cannot buy tangible products or digital products from the platform. 

What can you earn on BNB Stake through this BNB Stake Review?

Well, you only have to join the Company as an Affiliate member. You will later earn profit pile-ups from the bonuses accruing to your downlines. See the next section of this BNB Stake Review for the BNB Stake Referral Bonuses.

BNB Stake Affiliate Bonuses 

Briefly, you can get these bonuses on the BNB Stake website depending on the Plan you invest in:

8% daily profit (Plan 1) _ caps at 112% ROI after fourteen (14) days investment cycle.

6.5% daily profit (Plan 2) _ caps at 136% ROI after twenty-one (21) days investment cycle.

5% daily profit (Plan 3) _ caps at 140% ROI after twenty-eight (28) days maturity period.

13.71% daily profit (Plan 4) _ remits 193% ROI on a fourteen-day maturity period.

13.1% daily profit (Plan 5) _ remits 275% ROI on a twenty-one-day maturity period.

Lastly, the highest tier plan (Plan 6) will earn 10.24% daily profit. And the amount caps at 292% ROI after twenty-eight days.

Below are the cumulative BNB profits after each BNB Stake Investment Cycle:

  • 2.12 BNB,
  • 2.36 BNB,
  • And 2.40 BNB for Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3.
  • 2.93 BNB,
  • 3.75 BNB, and
  • 3.92 BNB for Plan 4, Plan 5, and Plan 6.

See the next section of this BNB Stake Review to get the BNB Affiliate Levels and their matched rewards.

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Affiliate Levels and Payment Method

Since there are no products investors can sell to make profits from BNB Stake, you can only hope to earn through the commissions accruing to each affiliate level on the platform.

Further, the platform does not specify entry prices for BNB Stake Affiliate; it might be an oversight, but that says more about BNB Stake credibility.

Instead of the typical MLM triangle matrix, BNB Affiliates earn commissions through a linear referral structure. Below are the levels in the BNB Stake platform:

0.5% commission for Level 3 Affiliates

2% to 2.5% commissions for Level 2 Affiliates

Lastly, the peak Affiliate Level 1, for personally recruited Affiliates, pays 5% referral commission.

Moreover, you can join an affiliate program for an undisclosed BNB on BNB Stake official website for free.

BNB Stakes with Trust Wallets: More BNB Staking Options

BNB Stake Review: stake BNBs using the Binance Smart Chain (BSN) network. This section of our review briefly explains the Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) BNB earning technique on Binance. 

Currently, Binance says you can swap BNBs on the BSN-enabled network through your Trust Wallet. Based on this method, you can earn different cryptocurrencies through Trust Wallets instead of doing the proof-of-work task to add data to the Binance blockchain yourself.

How plausible is the Smart chain BNB earning method?

Initially, Binance says the BSN requires improvement. The platform is using a sustainable crypto coin, but its Smart Contract might not be edition-proof. This loophole might cost investors dearly if the blockchain is tampered with.


To conclude our BNB Stake Review, you can infer from the previous sections that the Company operates on unclear digital assets. 

Moreover, the BNB Website says nothing about the Company besides broadly brandishing huge ROIs to entice customers. BNB Stake, like other MLM platforms, offers untenable portfolios, and the Company has no credible business records so far. Invest wisely.


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