BNB Business Review | Straight Matrix Maps 1BNB to 17BNB, Legit?

BNB Business Review: offering options like a 1BNB deposit to 17BNB 24hourly profit, the platform incites an increasing euphoria in its wake.

Typically, the excitement is the sort that heralds a Ponzi (we will get to this point later). If you want a bite before the pie is ready, here is a quick one for you.

BNB Business offers you an opportunity to make profits from a particularly beneficial matrix, single grid, and doubly-remitting (you can earn from your downlines and uplines simultaneously).

As soon as it broke on the scene, BNB Business became the crypto equivalent of a money multiplier, advertising BNB increments for the mere task of affiliate recruitment.

Well, can you earn money by working for the company? Is it any good to take the options without a bit of sleuthing?

We answer these questions in this article, outlining the long-term effects of random crypto projects on the investor community. Read on below for details.

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BNB Business Review: Overview

Instead of the hype that ushers crypto to the online trading community, BNB quietens the intros to a series of YouTube videos outlining how to sign up and make profits from the company.

Something like this might’ve been too lean to catch on with crypto traders, but it was spurred by an unlikely prop promo: 24 hourly 17BNB profit for every 1BNB.

Our BNB Business Review could not ascertain whether this leap is the same for all members or not. But that is only because the platform does not provide an English (even the subtitle) video.

It also fixes the user cloud in Filipino-speaking areas, possibly Japanese too. So, you can expect the BNB Business operators are from Asia or at least base there.

For most members, the preferred grid in this model is an unusual bait than the unilevel lattice.

BNB Business Review: who runs the platform?

It is not clear who runs the company. However, Asians seem to be the target audience considering that the YouTube vids are rendered in Japanese and Filipino in turn.

Currently, some members share coupons to profit from the MLM opportunity.

How does the Matrix work?

As with most MLMs, the point of a matrix is to drive up recruitment competition by attaching weighted profits to the levels in the grid.

The typical MLM affiliate compensation uses a unilevel matrix. So, here is how it works.

If you recruit someone, you stay on top of a level containing your recruits. The process repeats for each entry in this level, culminating in downline volumes (DV).

Another compensation is the binary team model.

It splits your downlines in two, paying percentage profits on the lower team side. Residual DV (downline volumes) is the difference between the two team legs, which shuffles over after the profit is paid.

But the part that concerns BNB Business is the novel single matrix profit scheme.

How does the BNB Business Matrix work?

It scales your position through ten (10) people in the uplines on the basic 10 BNB deposit, allowing you to make a profit from them. You also earn similarly from ten places in your downlines.

To increase your earning power, upgrade with 10 BNB. The upgrade makes good for profits ten places above/below your matrix level. Further 10 BNB upgrades correspondingly give your ten levels up/down the downlines.

Note: the specifics tie each 10 BNB increment to migration to a new package. So, you cannot invest between marks.

Moreover, our BNB Business Review finds a stricture in this scheme. Affiliates can only withdraw fifty percent (50%) of profits from their account. The rest of the profits go to reinvestment.

Is it Reliable?

BNB Business Review: instead of a tapering spread, like a pyramid scheme or a unilevel structure, the platform attaches weighted profits to a straight matrix.

It makes no difference, though. The 10 BNB leap between levels/packages sketches a triangle scheme differently. 

So, you can gain from the lot until withdrawals drain the BNB packets juggled in the matrix grids. Then, the model sheds its buzzwords and appears as a pyramid scheme Ponzi _ regardless of how BNB Business overcompensates with the 50% reinvestment.

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