BNB Business Login | Sign-in to account profile on BNB Business

BNB Business Login: it allows you to access the referral code, profits on the 10 BNB spaced levels, and other options on the BNB blockchain.

With the spike in ERC and ETH tokens, many prospectors in the area of cryptocurrency probe other options, attempting to level the plain for investors. The result is MLM-style reward programs and intermittent airdrops for members.

BNB Business promises a different blockchain service than the typical HODler and peer-to-peer cliché. It attempts to leapfrog the preliminary launch stage by setting a novel profit ladder for members. 

So, you can hope to earn profits (multiples of the 10BNB as seeded deposits per affiliate package).

Caveat: the company is not all it seems. It relies on YouTube media and unoptimized online promotional _ all promoting the one family, unilevel matrix _ for traction, which strikes as an MLM. As such, our article does not encourage anyone to join the platform.

Read on below for detail.

BNB Business Login: Overview

There is no information about the website owners or its operators. However, there is no lack of videos explaining the investments and affiliate compensation levels.

The website strikes as a tableau, advertising BNB mines, freebies, and airdrops for affiliates only.

Regardless, the best offer for most people is the single matrix, also dubbed one family earning ladder. All profits reflect a BNB win, so it remits huge ROIs (according to promoters).

 Like we mentioned previously, the preferred package is BNB Business single matrix. But it hardly suffices for the maze of loyalty programs in multi-level marketing companies.

See how the loyalty programs work in the following section.

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Affiliate Compensation Plan

It proves to be the hallmark of all rewards to affiliates in the program, weighting the recruitments in a member’s downlines with percentage profits.

The two most important models in this plan are the unilevel and binary teams. We briefly explain how it works below.

BNB Business Login: Unilevel Compensation Structure

If you recruit three people (or four, the number doesn’t matter), you begin the lattice. The three recruits make up the first level of what amounts to your downlines.

Each of your recruits can build their first levels the same way you did, adding a second level to your downline. The process repeats for the entries in the second level, which generates the third level for you at the top.

So, the levels count as downlines for members on a higher rung of the lattice. Conversely, uplines are the members above you in the grid, including your referrer.

Also, the payment scheme attaches percentage profits (arbitrarily determined) to the bonuses and rewards accruing on the uplines.

See below for the second common reward program.

Binary Compensation

Unlike the unilevel lattice, this model splits the downlines into two. It also attaches profits and award eligibility on personally generated volumes (PGV) in the downlines.

You can only earn on one leg, team, or side. After that, the grid flushes the remaining entries in the downlines, automatically generating a new binary compensation matrix.

See how the BNB Business Login process works below.

How to Sign-in to BNB Business

  • Go to the official website.
  • Find and click on the Login option.
  • Enter the relevant details and click on Login to BNB Business.

Here is what you can access on the site.

Single Matrix

It allows you to earn profits both ways, instead of only one as in uplines and downlines.

It also defines the affiliate packages (each 10BNBs apart) available on the site.

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